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Wife fakes her kidnapping to teach her husband a lesson.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 3,



Peter Anderson is about to return home to find his wife, Delia, Missing, while in an apartment far from Arcadia, Delia is tied in a chair, until Brandon injects her with some valium, that'll make her do whatever he wants.



Chapter 3.

About an hour later Peter returned home, he went inside the house after pulling the car up the drive-way, he stopped the car, got out of the car, he went inside the house.


"Delia, I'm home", Peter called but there was no answer.



"Delia, are you here?", Peter asked still no answer.



Peter started getting worried about his wife, Meanwhile in an apartment far from Arcadia, Delia was tied in a chair, and was suffering from the after effects of the choloform, when Brandon came in the room, he looked at her, he walked over toward her, he inject a syringe on her arm that had valium in it, Delia started feeling a little woozey.





"Now you will do what i say, do you understand?", Brandon asked.




"Yes, i understand", Delia answered.




"good", Brandon said.



Brandon left Delia alone.

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