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Wife fakes her kidnapping to teach her husband a lesson.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 4,



Peter Anderson gets worried about his wife, Delia, until he gets a ransom note from her kidnappers, While in another house, Delia's elderly mother, Ruth Larson was about to get a strange phone call from her daughter.



Chapter 4.

Meanwhile Peter Anderson was getting worried about his wife, Delia. and wondered where she is.


"Something's wrong, Delia would never leave the house without leaving a note, I think someone might've taken her against her will", Peter said to himself.



Suddenly an envelope had slide underneath the closed door, he went over to the door, he picked-up the envelope and opened it, he saw a folded-up note inside the letter, he picked-up the folded-up note, and unfolded it, he was shocked when he saw that it was a ransome note.



"Mr. Anderson,

We Have Your Wife,

If you ever want to see her alive again,

wait by the phone,

we'll call you to tell you what you should do,

Don't Call the Police,

Or you'll never see your wife again".




Peter was shocked after reading the Ransome note, he decided not to call the police, Meanwhile in another House in another town called Springfield, Delia's Elderly Mother, Ruth Larson was in the kitchen of her house, washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, and was humming to herself, when her telephone ringed, Ruth put the last dish in the drainer to dry, She dried her hands up, She walked from the kitchen to the living room, she picked-up the phone reciever.




"Hello?", Ruth asked until she heard a voice from the other end of the phone




"Mom", Delia answered from the other end of the phone, she sounded upset.




"Delia, what is it, is something wrong?", Ruth asked until she heard someone whispering to Delia in the background on the other end of the phone.



"Mom, i'm ok, just tell Peter that I'm ok", Delia answered until she started crying on the other end of the phone.




"Delia, why are you crying?", Ruth asked until the person on the other side of the phone started whispering to Delia to hurry up.




"Mom, I've got to go", Delia said as the phone got hung-up.




Ruth was shocked about what she had heard, she wondered what was wrong between her daughter and Peter.

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