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Wife fakes her kidnapping to teach her husband a lesson.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 5,



Brandon tells a valiumed-drugged Delia that he loves her, he takes off her wedding ring from her finger, he puts it with a letter written by her in another enevlope, he sends it to her husband, Peter, while he was thinking who could've taken his wife, Until Brandon starts caressing and seducing Delia.




Chapter 5.

Meanwhile back at Delia and Peter's House, Peter was thinking who could've taken his wife, he was also wondering whoever has her is going to do to her. suddenly he heard a doorbell ring, he went to the front door, opened the front door, he saw another enevlope, that was sticking out of the mailbox of their house, he took out the second enevlope, he opened the enevlope, Peter was shocked when he saw his wife's, Delia's wedding ring, he also saw a letter written by her too, and it was folded too, he got the wedding ring out of the enevlope, he put it down on the table, he took out the letter, he unfolded it, and started reading the letter.




i've decided that it's over between us,

i've met someone else,

he's so handsome, he asked me to run away with him,

i've agreed to run away with him,

here's my wedding ring,

good-bye, Peter".




Peter was stunned after reading the letter, he started getting scared for her, Meanwhile a heavily-valiumed-drugged Delia was laying on a bed in a bedroom that had one window that was boarded-up and a door that can open on both sides, suddenly footsteps were coming from outside the closed bedroom door, foot shadows were on the bottom of the bedroom door, the doorknob started to rattle and turned, Brandon walked in the bedroom, he saw Delia still laying in the bed, he walked up toward her, he sat down on the bed beside her, he smiled at her.




"You're so beautiful, i love you so much, I want you to be my wife, i'll show you how much i love you", Brandon whispered.




Brandon sat right by her head, he started moving his hands on the sides of her face, he started moving his hand on her brunette hair, he sat back down beside her, he started caressing her cheek, he started caressing her chest, he sat by her stomache, he slowly lifted up Delia's shirt, he started moving his hands on her stomache, he started moving his hand on her legs, he leaned over and he kissed her on her lips and her neck.





"You're husband does'nt love you anymore, he didn't even want to be with you, but i love, and i want to be with you, will you be my wife?", Brandon asked.




"Yes, i will be your wife", Delia answered.





"Good", Brandon said.




Brandon left Delia alone, after he was gone, Delia started crying.


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