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wife fakes her own kidnapping to teach her husband a lesson.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Debbie Mayfield, Beautiful, Attractive, Brunette Haired, Blue Eyes, Married Woman, She's married to her High School Sweetheart Peter Mayfield, after they graduate from Collage, She works as a Kindergarten Teacher at a Local Elementary School, and He works at a local Law Office, they live in a house in a shaded tree neighborhood in a town called Buddington, Until Debbie decided to fake her own kidnapping with the help of her fellow Elementary 3rd grade Teacher Greg Sanderson.

The Fallowing Might Have Sexual, Nudity, and Violent Content that might not be good for small children. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1.

A Sunny Clear Day, A Gentle Breeze was blowing, The Birds were singing as they build their nests, in Buddington, at the house in a shaded tree neighborhood, Debbie Mayfield was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, when her husband Peter Mayfield came into the kitchen, and was getting a cup of coffee,

"Peter, I have something to tell you?", Debbie asked.

"Can It wait Debbie, I'm running late", Peter answered.

"But, Peter This is Important", Debbie said.

"Look, Debbie, I got to go, We'll talk later", Peter replied as he left the house.

"I want to have a baby", Debbie said she sighed and continued cooking breakfast.

Debbie ate her breakfast, washed the dishes in the kitchen sink, She got ready to go to work, She went to work as a Kindergarten Elementary School Teacher, at Recess, Debbie was sitting in the Teacher's Lounge, and saw her co-worker Greg Sanderson, Until he noticed that Something was wrong with Debbie,

"Debbie, what's wrong?", Greg asked.

"Oh, Nothing", Debbie answered.

"Come on, Debbie, you can tell me, whatever you tell me it'll be between us", Greg said.

"Ok, It's about my husband, he just doesn't listen to me, he just goes and leaves", Debbie replied.

"Oh I see", Greg said.

"I'm at the end of my rope, I don't know what to do", Debbie said.

"I know of something", Greg replied.

"Oh, like what?", Debbie asked.

"A Fake Kidnapping", Greg answered.

"Ok", Debbie said.

Debbie and Greg started their fake kidnapping plan, Greg was going to be her kidnapper, Until they went off to their seperate classes, After School was over, They went to their Seperate Homes, That Evening Debbie and Greg were having Dinner, they went to bed, Meanwhile in Greg's Apartment, Greg was getting ready for his part in their fake kidnapping, The Next Morning Debbie was washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, while Peter was getting ready to go to work, Meanwhile Greg Sanderson was sitting in the driverseat of his dark blue 4-door Chevrolet car, That was parked on the side of the sidewalk in the shaded tree neighborhood, He was watching Debbie and Peter's House, Until he saw the front door opened, He saw them walk out on the front porch, He saw Debbie kissing Peter good-bye, He saw her waving good-bye to Peter, She went inside the house after Peter left, Greg drove the car up on the driveway in front of Debbie and Peter's house, he put on a black ski mask, black gloves, he got a hand gun, and put it in his pocket, He got out of the driver-seat, he walked on the sidewalk, on the front porch steps, on the front porch, he opened the front door, he walked through the living room, up the stairs, down the hallway, he looked though a keyhole on the master bedroom door, and saw Debbie, He opened the closed bedroom door, Sneaked-up Behind her, He Grabbed her, and Covered Her Mouth with his gloved Hand, Until Debbie started screaming,

"Don't make a sound, or i'm going have to hurt you, do you understand, nod if you understand?", Greg asked until a scared Debbie slowly nodded her head.

"Good Girl, now change into something else", Greg said.

"Ok", Debbie replied as she changed her clothes.

Greg grabbed her, took her out of the master bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, through the living room, out the front door, out of the house, Greg forced Debbie to sit in the driverseat, while he sat down on the floorboard of the passenger-side of the car, he forced her to drive off, Meanwhile Peter Mayfield returned home, He went inside the house, and was shocked to find that his wife was gone, he started searching for her, But he couldn't Find Her, He decided to call the Police, Until he saw a note that Debbie had wrote, he started reading the note.


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