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Wife/Mother, drugged, and kidnapped.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Mystery and crime

Denise Amber Palmer, Beautiful, Attractive, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed, Wife and Mother, she works at a local Bank, she's married to her high school sweetheart, Phillip Palmer, They have two children, a 4-year-old daughter named Elizabeth Palmer, and a 8-year-old son named Andrew Palmer, The Family Lived In a house in a town called NorthPort, Until something happened to Denise Palmer.

The Fallowering Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That Might Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...



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Something is about to happen in a town called NorthPort.

Chapter 1.

On a clear sunny day in NorthPort, at a house in a suburban neighborhood, Denise Palmer was in the house when she looked out of the window, and saw her husband, Philip Palmer talking to another man, she went out of the front door of the house, started walking toward them, until the second man that Philip was talking with, saw Denise walking toward them.

"Hi, Denise, this is Keith Greene, I've hired him to do some odd jobs around the house", Philip said.

"Hi, Keith", Denise said.

"Hi, Denise", Keith Greene replied as he looked at her.

he watched her go back in her house, he went back to his apartment, The Next Morning, Keith Greene was outside in the front of the house, when Philip Palmer came out of the house, he saw Keith Greene watching him.

"Leaving the wife alone in the house?", Keith Greene asked.

"get back to work", Phillip Palmer answered.

Phillip got into his car, and started pulling out of the drive-way in front of the house, he drove off to work, after he was gone, Keith Greene looked around to see if anyone was watching, he put the rake down on the ground, he started walking toward the house, at a house across from Phillip and Denise's house, their neighbor was coming out of the house, he had a tied-up trashbag with him, he put the trashbag in a trashcan, he looked-up and saw Keith Greene coming out of the house, he had Denise with him, she was heavily-drugged, her wrist's were taped together, Keith Greene took her toward his car, he opened the back door of the car, he carefully laid her in the back floorboard of the car, he closed the back door of the car, he got back in the driver-seat of the car, he pulled-off from the drive-way of the car, he drove down the street. he turned the corner and continued driving. About an hour later, Phillip returned home, he was shocked to find out his wife, Denise was gone, he looked all over the house for her, he started getting worried about her. he turned on the Tv, and he was shocked about what he had heard on the news.

"Registered Sex Offender Garrett Glen Webb had escaped from prison and is on the run", The Newsman said.

Phillip was shocked about what he had heard, he hoped that his wife, Denise was ok, Meanwhile at a house in a neighborhood, Denise's elderly mother, Ethel Mayfield was in the kitchen of her house washing the dishes, she was thinking about her grown-up daughter, Denise, when her telephone ringed.

"Now who could that be?", Ethel said to herself as she started walking toward the phone, and picked-up the reciever.

"Hello?", Ethel asked until she heard another person talking in the background.

"Mom", Denise answered until Ethel was surprise to hear her Daughter's voice.

"Denise, are you ok?", Ethel asked.

"I'm ok Mom, tell Phillip that I'm ok", Denise answered.

"Denise, what are you talking about?", Ethel asked until she heard the voice talking to Denise from a background.

"Mom, I've got to go, Bye", Denise answered until she started crying.

Ethel heard the phone being hung-up, she wondered what was going on between her daughter and her son-in-law, Meanwhile back at Denise and Philip's House, Philip was getting worried about his wife and was wondering where she could be,


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