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Wife of a Deputy Prison warden is kidnapped by a prison convict.

By: RomanceLover2016

Chapter 1, Bobbi Riggs, beautiful, attractive, blonde haired, blue eyes, married wife and mother, married her high school sweetheart John Riggs, has two children, a 4-year-old daughter named Sarah Riggs, and a 6-year-old son named Matthew Riggs, they live in a house in a town called seattle, a few feet from the seattle state prison, where John Riggs worked as a deputy prison warden, Until something happened to Bobbi. The Fallowing Chapter might have some sexual content that might not be good for small children.


Bobbi Riggs, is in the kitchen of her house, washing the dishes in the kitchen sink,after her husband, John Riggs went off to work, and their two children, Sarah and Matthew went off to school, until someone started sneaking up behind Bobbi.

Chapter 1.

Bobbi Riggs was in the kitchen washing the dishes in the kitchen sink, She was humming to herself, when prison convict, Darren Glen Webb had came in the house through the back door of the house, he had been in seattle state prison for kidnapping and rapeing six women, he sneaked-up behind Bobbi, he slowly move his hands on her arms, he put his chin on her shoulder, after moving her blonde hair back, he was by her ear.

"you're arms are so smooth, and you're also so beautiful too", Darren whispered in Bobbi's ear until she fell into a hypnotic trance, she laid her hand back and closed her eyes.

"you like it when i'm touching you, don't you?", Darren asked as he whispered into Bobbi's ear.

"Yes", Bobbi answered in a hypnotic trance.

another hour later, John returned home, Darren went back to prison, another hour later Sarah and Matthew returned home from school, Bobbi, John, Sarah, and Matthew ate dinner, they went to bed.

The Next Morning, The Riggs's Family ate breakfast, after breakfast Sarah and Matthew went off to school, John went off to work, while DarrenWebb was doing yard work outside the house, and Bobbi was inside the house, another hour later, Darren Webb saw Bobbi Riggs get out of her house, started walking toward her car, Darren Webb smiled at her, as she looked and saw him looking at her, she got into the driver-side of her car, closed the car door, put her key in the ignition, she pulled out of the drive-way, and drove off, Darren Webb watched her drive down the street and around the corner, Darren Webb looked around to see if no-one was looking, he put his rake up, he went inside the house, another hour later Bobbi Riggs returned home, she turned the car off, got her key out of the ignition, got out of her car, closed the driver-side door behind her, she walked on the front porch, she went inside the house, she closed the door behind, she put her purse on the coat hanger that was by the door.

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