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Murder in the Kildare Gardens (group novel)

Novel By: rsjakovac
Mystery and crime

A group of people worked to write a murder novel about a suspect named Marilo. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 7, 2013    Reads: 75    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   

Chapter 1

You said that I need to tell you my story or I will be in these hand cuffs forever. It was midnight by the time I finished my college homework. I want to be a lawyer. But, frankly, there is a lot of homework… I lived off campus in a small apartment. This, is my story.


It all started when I was in the Kildare Gardens. It is mostly just a bunch of gardens that the people of our apartment share.

Well, anyways, I had a little notepad and I was taking notes on 'wildlife' for the stupid biology class my parents signed me up for. So far I had written:

'Bugs: Bees, dragonflies, butterflies, and ladybugs.

Anything else: NO!'

I was failing. I always had a knack for biology, but never wanted to pursue it as career. I know that there is a difference between bugs and insects and that there was much more 'wildlife' in the gardens.

'The Gardens' I usually call them. Kildare just sounds too violent to me. The gardens are so peaceful. Kildare sounds like 'dare-kill' which happens to sound like 'dare to kill'. I hope I never get dared to kill.

Just because I was a college boy who was there, you think I did it. You also thought Marilo was a 'suspicious' name. It's my parents' fault that I'm named Marilo.

Anyways, I was sitting there spacing out like I always do. Then I got up to go to my apartment. I had walked all the way through our 'maze' (which is just a bunch of bushes for the kids) to get here. It is the biggest portion of the garden. It always reminds me of the time my parents took me to an actual maze.

We were in the UK and that is pretty far from my home in California, US. Everybody drove on the left side of the street and right side of the car!

We just moved to California a month ago. We moved from Mississippi. That explains my southern style accent. So at the time we still lived in Mississippi.

Anyways, we were at this maze and my parents put me in the kids' section because I was only five. I started wandering around and somehow 'escaped'! I made it into the super hard adult section and got lost. I finally gave up and just sat there for hours, crying. Until some nice person walked by and took me back to the kids' section, where my parents were searching for me and were about to call the police.

Oh, so where was I? Oh, ya… So, I was walking through the 'maze'. I tripped and fell. That is why there was blood on my hands and my knees where all scraped up. My palms burned like when I fall off my bike and crash into the hard, hard sidewalk.

My eyes searched around for what had tripped me. I guessed just a twig, but there weren't any suspicious twigs in sight. So I kept on walking and decided to take a detour. I turned right. Right was just a longer loop that led to the same place. I am lucky that I turned right. Left is where I would've died.

I didn't know that at the moment, I just love midnight walks. But, frankly, that saved my life. My never being tired and my lack for wanting to sleep had finally paid off. I thought it would pay off with some late night party, where I was the last one to leave (I do like that, though). It didn't pay off that way though, it saved my flimsy little life that was soon to become one of the suspects for 'America's top killer suspect'. I would be on the news, and I would be in some new TV crime shows, and I would be asked a lot of stupid questions like these ones.

Ok, now you want me to stay on topic. You want me to tell my story without useless flash backs. Too bad, so sad… All I am is flash backs. There are no ripples on my face, but there are still flash backs.

My next move also saved my life. I realized that my shoe was untied so I kneeled down to tie it.

I did the little swirl to make the knot.

I did my one bunny ear.

I did a loop around my bunny ear with the other lace and,

Bang! Bang! Two bullets whizzed over my head. Just then, I realized. I was not alone. I got up and ran for dear life around the loop. My eyes darted from side to side as I heard the gun shots shooting at someone else. When I had finally finished the loop the gun shots had stopped.

Then I saw something hideous that I never want to see again. There was someone in staring at a person, a bloody dead shot to death person, on the ground. The dead person was right in front of my back door and was holding some flowers. The killer darted away as I stared like an idiot at the body.

I was so idiotic because I didn't see who it was. Until about a minute later. It was Christina Downs. It was my girlfriend. It was our one week anniversary.


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