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Murder in the Kildare Gardens (group novel)

Novel By: rsjakovac
Mystery and crime

A group of people worked to write a murder novel about a suspect named Marilo. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 7, 2013    Reads: 14    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

How I Died (Chapter written by PiratePrincessSarah)

Christina Downs' POV

You know what the best thing about being dead is? You can't feel your pain. That pain that is suddenly jolted through your veins and makes your body come to a pause and the whole world comes to an end. That feeling I absolutely dread the most, it's as if you've been frozen in ice for so many years and suddenly an unknown numbness walks into your fingers and just doesn't go away. When that came to me I finally realized one thing, my heart stopped. I'm just saying that if I wanted to die it wouldn't have been like I did.

The thing is though, it was much unexpected. Why, I was just strolling along in the midnight weather, enjoying everything about it, when suddenly a shot of pain went through my whole body just by one of tiny bullet. My life was a very nice one, particularly that week, but it was cut short by that stupid thing. I will never understand the person who'd invented the gun, but with all my will power alone, I shall murder him. Yet again, he's already dead, so I can just walk up to the guy right now and punch him in the face. It was because I of him I'm here, on a cloud watching my boyfriend's world go by in a flash.

How I got here was the stupidest thing that I have ever done. First thing, it was the week of my anniversary. Such a lovely thing, when a guy and a girl celebrate the hardest part in the relationship of being a girlfriend. People have told me countless of times that it was really worthless for celebrating just one week of being together, but to me he's everything. It was my idea though to celebrate at night. He wanted to go out for the day and enjoy the sun with me, but I'm those types of people that loves to party when the moon is full. I guess that is what people call Goth or Emo, but give me a break. I'm not, that's all I have to say.

My day happened in a massive blur. I was just having class after class in this joint, no time of breaks. No time for doing practically anything you want, all I heard that day was 'you must write this' and 'you must do that'. It wasn't until three in the afternoon that I got a break from everyone else.

The sun just sat there giving off the warmth for this day. I hate the heat, it makes everything smell funny plus whenever someone wants to hug a person in this weather they always end up in their sticky arms. God, that feeling I'm actually glad I can't feel it anymore, that feeling makes me think back to when I was a child. You know what I mean, whenever the child eats anything like ice-cream or something along those lines they always get it along their mouths and hands, wiping it on everything they touch. It's a disgusting feeling that I will never, in my life time, want back.

Anyway, I'm getting off track here. The heat was affecting me so I was outside under a tree. The shade was like a giant umbrella, the sun droplets patted the top of it while I was fry, or in this case, covered. Now, you may be wondering why I wasn't inside with the air conditioning? Well, the answer is very simple; I'm one of them Eco people. Always have been, always will be. I'm against anything that will harm the environment, not animals though. I mean, I know they are cute with their huge bubbly eyes and all that jazz, but food is food. I love food, especially pork and as you may have expected, it was very awkward when eating meat in front of a bunch of vegetarians.

Yes, I was a very odd person.

However, odd comes as an understatement compared to this guy. He was so weird, his tall muscular frame stood out from everyone else in this place. I think I heard his name, Marco or something. I asked my friend who he was but she just said that he was a new guy that pisses her off. Everyone pisses her off though, so I was not surprised at all. However, there was this vibe about him that didn't seem right.

All in all, this guy was incredibly strange.

When night fell, everything changed. The first thing that anyone could see was that it was a full moon, which isn't a bad thing, but incredibly creepy when you're alone. Hey, I believe in werewolves and all that so of course I'll be scared. Faint shadows were made out in the dim lights of the indoor of the grand place. The gardens were such a lovely sight at night though, the white roses stand out in this place it was unbelievable.

Naturally, this made me have an idea. My boyfriend loves it when I have a bunch of flowers in my hands and just stand there, no movement and all. All statue like. Anyway, I start picking some until I heard a noise. I look at the tree, raising a brow as I don't see anything. Shrugging, I start to pick some more flowers from the bushes. Rustling feet walked over to me, stopping for one moment as the person bent down to tie it's shoe laces. It was all peaceful until…


An inky blackness invaded my vision as I fell towards the ground, my body became numb. I felt like ice, not shaking but I couldn't feel my body at all. My life was over from there, my reason was undiscovered.

Until today that is. I'm just watching him pass to his next class, his face looking rather depressed. Chuckling, I jump to another fluffy thing in this sky, laying down on it. I know why I'm here.

To kill that idiot who shot me on my anniversary night. I shall do it somehow, someway.

Although, with all this stuff going on down there, I think I shall leave my plans until later.


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