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Scarlett finds herself caught in a kind of horror movie she never knew existed. The real kind.

As she struggles to survive in this house of murder and despair, she finds herself recklessly falling for one of the men. Can she really love the same man she fears? Love knows no boundaries, but the one Scarlett loves may be stricken by what he is. She only prays he'll have the heart to keep her alive. But when she finds out that terrifying secret about him, how long will she really be able to cling to life? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 17, 2010    Reads: 154    Comments: 10    Likes: 3   

I stumbled frantically through the pouring rain, disoriented and screaming. I knew there was no way out of this vile prison. I didn't care. The torrents of rain, blood, and tears rushed around me. The world was upside down, inside out. Nothing was right.
Scarlett water swirled in pools around my feet, making me cover my mouth and nose to keep from vomiting. This muffled my useless screaming. It was reaching no one but the monstrous men who were pursuing me. All the rest were lifeless, gazing at me with their unblinking eyes and unnaturally pallid complexions.
Dwelling on this would most definitely cost me my life, which could be a welcome alternative. I can't imagine hell being much worse than this. The men's boots sloshed horribly through the puddles of curling blood and fresh rain.
I nearly ran into the twenty foot tall, solid wall of brick rising from the depths of my personal nightmare. I spun around, pressing my palms against the cool surface of the wall.
"There's nowhere to run, girl." One of the men barked out, his voice sharp and uninviting. The other tried to sooth me, cooing out sounds that I guessed were supposed to be coherent words.
I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out the world around me. Putting up a fight would most definitely result in a painful end.
"Come on Rick, she's harmless. Look at the cowardly way she's shrinking against the wall. It'd be like killing a baby bird." I squinted through the veil of rain between us, trying to make out the face of the man who had just defended me.
"Well we can't let her go." The first man, who I assumed was Rick, snapped. His anger rose with each passing second. Time had never been so painful.
"Let's take her back." The nice one suggested cautiously. "Maria will know what to do."
"Right. Maria will fix everything." This had apparently irked Rick even more. Personally, I thought a woman might be a nice change.
"You selfish bastard! Think of all the things she's done for us!" The nice one shouted, clearly defensive. I kept my mouth shut, willing them to hurry up. The rain was soaking through my skin, and at this rate I'd be waterlogged until I was thirty.
"Fine!" He reached through the watery curtain and grabbed my arms with his huge, strong hands. The rough skin gripped my arm firmly and, struggle as I may, would not let up. "You know she's gonna be pissed at us, Jay."
"Yeah, I know." Jay reached out, obviously aiming to take me. "I'll take the fall. She likes me better."
"Fuck you, I'm her favorite."
"Whatever. Let me take her in. I don't think I can stand another round of scouring for the injured."
"Pussy." Rick spat but pushed me eagerly forward, where another pair of strong hands caught me as soon as the others let go.
"Alright, are you going to walk or am I carrying you?" My voice, despite the abundance of liquid around me, was stone dry. I wasn't physically able to scream. I could barely choke out a breath, never mind form a coherent sentence. With a sigh, Jay released one of his hands. Confused, I turned to look at him. Instead of an answer, I got a blow to the back of the head, and the horror show around me slipped into obscure darkness.


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