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Scarlett finds herself caught in a kind of horror movie she never knew existed. The real kind.

As she struggles to survive in this house of murder and despair, she finds herself recklessly falling for one of the men. Can she really love the same man she fears? Love knows no boundaries, but the one Scarlett loves may be stricken by what he is. She only prays he'll have the heart to keep her alive. But when she finds out that terrifying secret about him, how long will she really be able to cling to life? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 20, 2010    Reads: 69    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

I woke to the same haphazard sunlight as I had that first day. The pains in my neck were dull, and my body felt as if I had been sleeping for too long. Dazed and confused, I took in the room around me, hauntingly familiar. How did I get back here?
The voices I could hear in the hall - yes, voices - were those of the three people who had captured me. My head spun with confusion and betrayal. We had been at the station just a moment ago, it seemed. I wracked my brain, searching for memory of something, anything that would've gone wrong to send me back to this horrible place. The voices were drawing nearer.
"All I'm saying is if she's too weak, I'm going out tonight and getting someone else." Jay pushed open the door, cutting me with his caustic words. I glanced to the bed, spotting me in a sitting position. "Well hello there sleepyhead. It's about time you woke up."
"What happened?" I hissed under my breath, distraught by the fact that he would do this to me after what we'd been through. Why would he take me back here?
"Well, Rick and Maria left to find feeders. Then, before I could even touch you, you passed out again." He sighed, clearly annoyed. I was stunned. Completely speechless. How could it have possibly been a dream? There was no way. Everything was so vivid, so real. The promises he made…well, I couldn't have made them up, could I? Yet it was true. As I looked into his eyes, there was no trace of the love I thought I had seen. How strange and disorienting this was!
"I'm…hungry." I breathed figuring that would buy me a little more time before…well; I didn't even want to think about it.
"Fine. Eat quickly, though. I'm hungry too." A sinister grin spread up his flawless face, and my heart sank. Fantasies are a drug. The high is wonderful, taking you to an alternate reality where your wildest dreams come to life. But the crash takes you sinking back to the pain of reality, which in my case will never match the reckless daydreams I conjure.
Jay came back in, interrupting my contemplations with a plate of food. It was smaller this time, and he tapped his foot impatiently while I ate. The food was tasteless to me, meaningless in that the life would soon be sucked out of my body almost entirely.
The tray soon lay upon my knees, completely cleaned of food. I didn't look up from it until I heard the ominous click of the door locking.
"I hope you ate well." He chuckled, slowly stalking over to the bed. "Stand up." My throat became too dry to beg, so I stood, making him snicker. "Good girl."
His hands encircled my wrists, pushing them behind me until my palms touched the sheets. He leaned in, trailing his lips down my jaw, down my neck, down my collarbone, until his face was buried in my shirt. My breathing hitched. I couldn't take much pleasure in the experience, knowing the torture I was about to endure. He slid off my blouse slowly, dropping it beside the bed.
"Mmm…"His nose brushed my chest, apparently smelling the blood flowing rapidly through my veins. "…very warm." He slid back up until he was at the nape of my neck, feeling for my pulse. I imagine it wasn't hard to find. The rate my heart was going could hardly be healthy. His cold fingers pressed lightly on the point of my pulsation, while his other hand explored the area around my bra.
"This will only hurt a bit." He chuckled, deadly fangs grazing my skin as he did so. Sharp agony shot through me, producing a murderous screech as Jay, the one I thought I could trust, dug in his villainous teeth. It was like being stabbed in the neck with a salty blade, while also sitting in a raging fire.
A few torturous moments passed, burning pain ripping through me, before I finally succumbed to the blackness.


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