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Scarlett finds herself caught in a kind of horror movie she never knew existed. The real kind.

As she struggles to survive in this house of murder and despair, she finds herself recklessly falling for one of the men. Can she really love the same man she fears? Love knows no boundaries, but the one Scarlett loves may be stricken by what he is. She only prays he'll have the heart to keep her alive. But when she finds out that terrifying secret about him, how long will she really be able to cling to life? View table of contents...


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It seemed as though the line separating my conscious and unconscious was blurred, permanently putting me into a state of pain and confusion.
Now I awoke in the small room near the kitchen, the one I had been pushed into that first day. My stomach churned, hunger gnawing at it incessantly. That was no match for the pain in my neck; the dull ache I was expecting. Instictively, my hands flew to the spot, tenderly fingering the two small bumps. It was Jay's first time at this I guess, so there were drips of dried blood down my torso and splotches on my neck.
I looked around for the first time, starting at the sight before me. A little girl was quivering in the corner, tears streaming noiselessly down her cheeks. An older girl lay across the dusty floor, blood spots covering her neck. My breathing hitched as the stale, rusty smell wafted up to my nostrils. I crawled over to the little girl. She couldn't have been more than seven years old. Judging by the cleanliness of her clothes, and the fact that they were still on her body, I could assume she was Maria's.
"Hey." I whispered, my voice raspy and weak. She flinched away from me. "Don't worry; I'm not going to hurt you. See?" I stroked her hair, cleaning the tiny flecks of crimson in the blonde curls. She looked like a tiny porcelain doll, so fragile she could break at the slightest touch.
"What's your name?" I prompted, cupping her little face in my hands.
"Ch-Charlotte." She stammered. Her voice was barely a whisper.
"Hi Charlotte, I'm Scarlett." I smiled as warmly as I could, more strength flooding through me with each passing minute. She sniffled, resting her head on my lap. I stroked her head gently, humming an old lullaby my mom used to sing to me.
Time passed, and Charlotte's breathing lapsed into the even fluctuations of a sleeping child.Her curls parted, revealing the bite marks that looked somewhat larger on her tiny neck. I brushed them tenderly with the tips of my fingers, silently fuming at the thought that they would ever do this to a child.
The figure on the floor stirred, rolling over and moaning with a pain that I knew well. Her eyes fluttered open and I put a finger to my lips, gesturing to Charlotte who was still in her well-deserved slumber. The girl blinked, a hand flying to her neck.
"What the hell is going on?" She hissed. "And why do I have the world's worst hickey?!"
"It's not a hickey. We've been abducted, and the people responsible...well, you're not going to believe me, but they drink our blood."
"That's bullshit. Vampires don't exist."
"They do here. How do you explain this?" I pointed to my marks on my neck, and watched as her eyes followed the bloodspots.
"Oh fuck no."
"Okay, well there's kind of a seven year old girl here." I snapped.
"She's asleep!" She retorted, voice low. "How can you be so fucking calm in this situation?"
"I've been here longer than you have."
"Well, I imagine it still hurts like a bitch!"
"More than that." I sighed, shuddering at the memory of the agony. "What's your name, anyway?"
"Tiff. How bout you?"
"Cool. How do you know her?" She gestured to Charlotte.
"I don't. I woke up and found her with us." Pulling back the curls, I displayed the bite marks so Tiff could see. I heard her cuss under her breath.
"To a baby?!"
"I know! It's infuriating!"
"Damn straight! I'm gonna kill these bastards the first chance I get!"
I rolled my eyes. "Nothing would make me happier. Unfortunately, they're - oh, I don't know - supernatural monsters!"
The door slammed open just then, and Maria stepped through. My arms automatically encircled Charlotte, who had woken from the noise and pulled her closer.
"Lunch for human." She bent down and set the huge silver tray on the floor, slipping back into the hallway as quickly as she came. I bent down to take a piece of fruit, and Tiff smacked my hand away.
"Are you mental? What if it's poisoned?"
"I wish." I muttered under my breath, and then added. "Besides, if you don't eat before the feedings, you'll become frail and sickly."
She grumbled to herself, but reached toward the tray anyway. Charlotte tugged on my hair.
"Yes sweetie?"
"Can I have some food?" Her little voice would have been absolutely adorable if it wasn't so sad. I maneuvered so she could get at the plate.
"Here you go. Did you have a good sleep?"
"No." She mumbled, her mouth full of food. I waited for her to swallow.
"Why not?"
"I had a nightmare."I fell silent. How could anything be worse than this? She looked at Tiff. "Who's that?"
"That's Tiff."
"Hi Charlotte!" I could tell she was trying her best to be friendly, and I appreciated it.
"Hi Tiff." Charlotte answered quietly, reaching for another piece of food.
"Oh Tiffany!" The door burst open again, and Rick stepped through. Tiff slipped back to the corner and I scooped Charlotte up again, covering her ears.
"Get away from me you cannibalistic bastard!"
"Get over here you sexy bitch." He growled, lurching forward and dragging her out of the room.
"Get off of me! Fuck you!"
"Oh don't worry." He sneered. "You will." She continued to screech but I looked away, not wanting to meet her pleading gaze. The door shut with a bang, and the voices were muffled.
"Where's Tiff going?" Charlotte looked up at me with her big blue eyes, true confusion clouding them. I didn't know what to say at first, figuring that "that man is going to suck her blood and probably rape her" was not an appropriate response for a child.
"Don't worry, she'll be back. Let's just rest for now." I placed my hands gently over her ears to block out the haunting screams that filled the air just a moment later. I wish someone was there to cover mine.


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