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Novel By: ShadowAngelxXx
Mystery and crime

This story has blood and gore and the content of this novel may not be for every one. If you don't like crime assainations and such this book is not for you.

A eighteen year old girl with her mysterious past is maid of a princess and is enterialy devoted to her.Because of an old legond question and secerts are uncovered that shadow the royals in darkness but why isn't it bothering this young maid. What can be hidden so deep that even the darkness can't uncover. View table of contents...



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Hello everyone ShadowAngelxxx here,

Sorry for the lat entry and taking forever to get on. I am currently at school uploading my work however this is quite hard.... My computer kind of broke down on me again :(

Any ways here is my new story Midnight and Daybreak


Chapter one

Maid, Midnight and Daybreak

"In a distant land there were two families were written in the stars, to bear the burden of keeping the peace between these two families. It all started with Akira and Shiki being the heirs to the midnight and daybreak clans. They fell in love and there was a huge celebration however another young man fell for Akira and a huge war broke out and many people were in golfed in flames." I explained as I read through the colourful children's book. The young girl grabbed her neatly platted skirt and asked "What happened next Misaki?" I lightly giggled and gently closed the book. I then set the book on the bedside table and whispered "A mystery to be uncovered tomorrow Mira." I then softly kissed her smooth forehead and stood up.

The young princess Mira went under her bed covers and closed her eyes. I walked to the door and turn out the light and whispered "Nity nite. Princess Mira." I gently closed the door so it wouldn't dare make a sound and slowly walked down the poorly lit corridor. I stopped and let out a sigh and said "How long are you going to follow me Fye?" I quickly turned and faced the boy hiding behind the large cream pillar on my right, his hiding skills are terrible but what's worse is his mouth. "Nothing much, just making sure the spoiled princess wasn't being strangled in her sleep by her favourite old hag for a maid." I grabbed a knife from my sleeve and threw it at him but I made sure it missed him by an inch. His eyes told the story that he was scared of my deadly throw but I only wanted to scare him. "Be careful prince Fye. That mouth of yours will be your undoing one day." I complained and turned. I kept walking down the corridor and left the prince thinking I was going to kill him… even though it crossed my mind he is a major annoyance however the princess cares for that boy don't ask me why I wouldn't have a clue, all he does is tease and annoy her. Young love is a weird thing, a mystery which I do not want to solve. I passed several doors before I got the stairs to go to the bottom floor, then I took a sharp left in to maids chambers.

I am the only maid in the building the rest are all guys and some are decent enough not to hit on me. Well to be exact only two out of five haven't tried. They are Ren and Husoka. They are really all the close friends I have apart from princess Mira. Well I have only been with Husoka for a while on non-working hours because he is new here but a very decent guy with some complaining problems. I closed the door to the maid's chambers and started to undress into my knighting gown. Which was laced and midnight black, my favourite colour. I added a weapon belt around my upper left leg and placed a dagger in the slot, which I then covered with my knighting gown. I then grabbed a lamp which was already lit and walked out of the maid's room after putting my clothes away in the clothes basket. I walked past the stair cases and went out the front door entering the front garden. It was quiet and dark, the things which I am most used too.

I continued to walk around the mansion until I saw Ren pruning the roses this late at night. He is a very thorough person when it comes to his job as the princess's gardener. I tiptoed quietly towards Ren hardly making any sound and gently tapped his shoulder. He then did an epic jump away from me landing on the ground then let out a 'ahh' in surprise. When he had the courage to face me he realized it was just me and sighed. He has deep blue eyes with ginger hair. "Ahh…. Oh Misaki it's just you, I thought it was a ghost." Ren said in relief, he then stood up and brushed the soil off his clothes. "Aren't you done for the day?" I asked looking at all the work he's done. "Ah yeah I just finished..." He paused and looked at me then continued by saying "And by the way your dress you're going to bed?" "Well cause it's time for bed. Oh I just remembered a noble-man is coming from the famous daybreak family. I wonder what he will be like I hope not one of those players I am sick of serving those type of people." I said with a deep sigh. "By that expression you've been asked to look after him?" Ren asked curiously. "Yeah... For around a week… my life sucks I would rather stay with the princess all day." I moaned while kicking the ground. "It shouldn't be that bad. You get to see her highness at night throughout the week don't you?" Ren asked and started to walk to the staff dorms and I followed. "Yeah… wait don't make me sound like a starker!! You know I want to serve the princess with my life. Because she changed my life." I said with a gleam of happiness. Ren nodded in agreement and we speedily walked over to the staff dorm. There was Husoka waving slightly while sitting on the ground. He is younger than me and Ren kind of like my little brother but he's… taller than me by an inch. He has radiant yellowish eyes and light brown hair.

See I am the second youngest worker of staff at the age of eighteen and Ren is nineteen turning twenty in a couple of weeks… and Husoka is sixteen. The oldest worker would have to be Ural he's fifty and we have a bet going on about who will be the best at their job, me or him… and yes he has hit on me so I sent him out the back window into the nearest tree. The other two workers are the lance brothers Link and Kohaku. They both have devilish green eyes but link has blonde hair and Kohaku has red hair. Those two love to piss me off!!!! And they are twenty one… grr!!

We walked up to Husoka and he stood up with a pissed off aroma around him. "What happened to you?" Ren asked and gulped waiting for the reply. Husoka took a long sigh before replying "Those three in there… they all got drunk and making a huge riot. It's pissing me off!! One minute they are singing the next there dancing, then having thumb wars. It's driving me nuts!!" "Yeah that sounds right. You are just going to have to adjust." I replied, but I'm not going to stand for this because my room is just next door!! I took a sigh and said "Leave this to me." I quickly entered the boy's dorm seeing Ural taking another bottle of sakue and the brother jumping up and down. I stomped my foot on the ground and shouted "Now IDOITS!!!!! SHUT IT AND GO TO BED!!"

They stopped dead in their tracks and went straight to their beds and under their covers. Husoka stood behind me more shocked than anyone I've ever seen, I let out a slight giggle and walked out the door and patted him on the head. "Okay everything should be fine now I think so good night. See ya at work tomorrow Ren." I said then walked off proud of myself. I heard Ren whisper in the background "Is she a super-agent or something?" I turned and simply said "No I am one of the Rozen family's maids and at their service." I turned and happily skipped to the beat playing in my head towards they women's dorm, which I had all to myself.

I opened the door and let myself in which I locked immediately after. I walked over to my bed in the corner of the room the space wasn't huge but had heaps of room which I am grateful for. I climbed into my bed with white covers over me, it wasn't anything special but I wouldn't trade it ever. This is the sheet that princess Mira gave me. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber.


"Are you alright?" a girl asked and put a white sheet around me. I gazed up at her starring at her pure eyes and fragile body, like a dolls. I nodded my head and grabbed the sheet and pulled it closer to my body, covering all the scratches and bruises that scar my body. "Hey why not come with me for a while! It will be fun and we could run really fast so we can ditch these people behind us." She whispered in my ear with a smile. I blushed slightly and she pulled me up and before I knew what was happening I was being dragged through the streets running with this strange girl I just met. My feet felt the lightest it has ever felt and I thought I was following a ray of hope that only comes once in a person's life time. I held my grip with this girl and followed her to the bay where all the fishermen and sailors come. I followed her hand in hand to the docks where we sat gazing at the sea. I closed my eyes and let all the salty air fly through my hair and my toes. Making me feel, one with the sea and I wanted to stay like this for the rest of my life.

"You feel better now?" The girl asked and I was brought back to reality. I smiled and answered "Yea…" Her eyes widened and a huge grin came upon her face and she swung her arms towards the sky and shouted in glee "Yes I got you to talk!! Yippee!" My face flushed red and I said "Shhh!!!! Someone will here you!!!!" "He, he. Sorry by the way what's your name?" She asked gently, and a smile was drawn on her face. I smile and said "Misaki… mid-. No, um… night… yea night." "So Misaki, what were you so upset about earlier?" I froze for a moment, I don't even know what I should say to her she looks about seven but she did drag me all the way out here. "By the way who are you??" I asked, trying to change the subject. "Aww you changed the subject… tell you what I'll tell you my name, if you tell me what happened. "Sounds fair you first." I said determined to find out who she is because who has people following people these days… okay stupid question.

"Mira Rozen the princess of this country and I am engaged too!!! To Fye and he's okay… he the prince of another country and I am seven years old. My palace is-" I covered her mouth and whispered "I get it, I get it!!!" I removed my hand and gave out a deep sigh and said "You're a real piece of work aren't you." She smiled waiting for me to explain. "I'm an assassin for hire. I get paid for killing people and so I kill them. However today I just killed a family of three today. All they did wrong was not pay their taxes and yet I slit there throat like some animal. These wounds on my body are from the five year old that tried to stop me from killing his mother and older sister who was terribly ill. That when you found me, that was my home on the alley ways of the street." I pause and realized that Mira was crying. "You don't need to suffer any more!! You can live with me as my personal maid and try to forget the past and live for the future because that's all that matters. As long as you don't lose sight of what's important to you then you will never get lost in the battle with life." She embraced me in her arms, filled of warmth and I sat their crying… I had never thought I would fall victim to a seven years old words of wisdom.


I opened my eyes and rose from my bed and pressed the palm of my right hand on my fore head and gazed at the door and whispered "A dream huh… things sure have changed in four years… Mira" I gently got out of bed and stretched my legs. I then leaned down and grabbed my spare maid uniform from under my bed and quickly got changed, brushed my hair and exited the room. However I kept my weapon belt on, force of habit. I looked around and it seemed no-one was around… quite unusual. I walked into the mansion and went into the maid chambers and folded my maid uniform for yesterday and put them back into the basket. I then heard noises coming closer to the maid's chambers and echoing in the hall. I exit the maid's chambers and closed the door to see every staff member in the hall beside the stair case. "What's going on?" I asked and joined the conversation. "The guy from the daybreak family is here!!" Ural panicked and started to scratch his head. "You're kidding right." I joked and he just shook his head.

"Well what are we doing everyone get into your lines and Misaki go to the back. You'll be acting as his maid for the week, right." Lance stated, and I nodded with displeasure. We all got into one straight line on each side of the carpet after we rushed to the door. Husoka, Ural and Link where on the left side of the carpet and Me, Ren and Lance on the right with me at the end of the line. Before the doors opened I heard Ren whisper to me "Mira and Fye will meet him at 1pm at the study for tea. You will stay there for support and help Mira if she gets stumped with questions." I winked in agreement and the doors swung open and we all bowed and said "Welcome to the Rozen estate, Sir." Then a man's voice said "As you were." So we all raised our heads to see and very handsome man in a black suit with lovely dark brown hair and deep blue eyes. However I had no interest in men up themselves. I stepped forward and took a bow and said "I will be your personal maid for your time being here Sir." I then raised my head and gave a smile. I then moved my right hand in front of me and said "Now if you would follow me to your room, which you will be staying in." "Yes please do show me the way." He said and started walking behind me.

I started walking forward up the stairs and to the left, down the corridor to the room in the middle and opened it. He walked in and was followed by men carrying his belongings. I stood outside the door until the men left and only Mr Daybreak was left in the room. I stepped in the room and said "At one, Princess Mira Rozen and Prince Fye Lacen are having a meeting in the study and except your presence. I will take you there at that time good day Sir." I took a bow and when I was about to walk out he said "Wait. Can you stay in here for a bit? It's awfully boring all by myself, why not tell my some stories about princess Mira and the prince Fye." I turned around and walked further in the room as he sat on the bed placed in the middle of the room. "If that's what you wish Sir." I said then took another bow. "Oh and can you cut the Sir, it's really bugging me. If you can call me Shiki." Shiki said with a smile, and I said confused "Sir-" "Shiki!" He demanded swiftly.

"Right, Shiki was it." I said standing straight. "Yes. Now why don't you sit on that chair? It doesn't seem fair of me to make you stand while I sit." I looked to the left of my and sure enough there was a chair there. And I thought screw it I am sitting down. I sat down and crossed my legs and leaned forward gazing at him. "So you want to know more about Mira and Fye correct?" I asked and awaited his reply which was a quick and snappy yes. "Well Fye is from overseas from what I understand, and the princess has been raised here and is a very good judge of character. She is very strong willed and is sometimes childish however her kindness over weighs her whole personality. Fye is very childish but that is a part of his nature he is a very good child though. You probably already know about Mira's late parents that passed on correct?" I asked and Shiki looked at me and replied "Yes, with the father being very ill and passed on seven years ago, and then the mother was in that ship that sank three years ago." He said while looking at the ground in despair. "So you knew the parents?" I asked curiously. "Yes. That is part of the reason I am here. Princess Mira's parents used to visit me all the time but when they passed I wanted to pay my respect but I was told I could due to Mira being too young to understand or something like that." He replied in a serious yet sad tone of voice. "Yes. It was very tough for her." I said and closed my eyes remembering how fragile Mira was when her father passed away four years ago, and she came in crying almost all the time to me when her mother passed on three years ago. "So how long have you been working here?" Shiki asked, and then I snapped out of the day dream I was having and said "Four years." "So how did you end up working here?" He asked and I was started in get a bit anxious.

"The princess found me one day and asked if I wanted to work here. I just simply said yes, and I shall follow her where ever she goes. I owe her that much, I am not the only one who thinks that though I am sure everyone that works here feels the same." I simply said while closing my eyes with a smile on my face. "You seem very confident about that, does the princess feel the same I wonder about the workers here." Shiki said with a grin, and awaited my reaction. I merely opened my eyes and starred at him with a smirk and said "Oh is this a challenge I hear coming on Sir. I wouldn't look down on us workers here; we wouldn't want to see someone as delicate as yourself get hurt." I looked behind him and glared at the clock with one minute till one o'clock. I stood up and started to walk out the room and stood at the door way. Then I bowed and gently said "We will go to your appointment now. We must not keep the prince and princess waiting." He walked up to me with an annoyed face and followed me as I started to walk. We went down the hall and turned to the right and I opened the door and Fye was sitting on the couch and Mira was standing and ran into my arms. I patted her on the head and said "Mira this is your guest Sir Shiki Daybreak." I said in a professional voice. Mira let go of me and did a curtsey and said "Nice to finally meet you and put a face to your name. Also thank you for coming."

"My pleasure to be here, and nice to meet you both." We all sat down on the couch apart from me as I stood behind Mira for support. "I see you have a fine maid. You two seem very close to each other." Shiki stated. "It's only natural for them to be close, after all Misaki has served Mira for four years as her personal maid." Fye said while leaning back on the couch. "Is this true, Mira? Well I wouldn't be surprised because she has spoken very highly of you two." Shiki said with a smile. "Yes it is true. And I would trust her option over yours if that is what you are beating around the bush for." Mira stated without any second thoughts.

Mira then looked up at me and said to Shiki "Misaki has the ability to look in some ones soul and bring out their true intensions. It is very amazing and she can protect me no matter what, she is capable of anything which is possible if it was for me. She is like family and she is also train in self-defence as well." Mira said praising and I was flattered but it was making shikis blood boil for some reason. "I bet she couldn't even beat me at a fensing match after all it is basicly a guys sport." Shiki then gave off a smirk and sank into his chair. "She would wipe the floor with you if I asked. She is far more skilled than you can ever be!" Mira said in a raised voice, and suddenly got very defensive. "Now, now princess stop praising me I am not that good. And we don't want to embarrass our guest of honour do we?" I asked and leaned down towards her. "Oh is that true why don't we test that shall we. I can assume you have fencing gear out back by the tennis courts." Shiki said smirking in the back ground. "Yes it's all there." Mira said and sat back in her chair.

This is like watching a horror movie and I think I just died!! I can't believe it they are both noble and they are acting like spoiled children and then weird thing is the most hot tempered person in the room isn't even reacting to this at all just sitting there!!! Now I have to do a fencing match with a noble man who has probably trained in this area for most of his life!!!!

I started to get nerves with all the pressure in the room, and then Fye looked up at me and gave a smirk. Grr... he was probably thinking "You are screwed now" or something along those lines. I leaned forward to Mira and whispered in her ear "Miss I don't think this is a wise choice. This man is our guest who knows what he will do if he loses." Mira just looked at me and said "I know you have to look after me but I do mind if my pride has been touched and Sir Shiki scratched it. Now Misaki I would like you to please only concentrate on your fighting skills for now. I order you too win this fight." Her eyes were burning with passion and fire; I could see that she wanted to show me off, to get the approval of Shiki. After all he has been treating her as a child. I smile and gave a bow and whispered "As you wish princess." I raised myself and started to walk towards the door and raised my voice to make sure everyone was listening "Follow me." I opened the door with a twist of my hand and pulled it towards me I exited the room then stood and watched Mira come out, swiftly coming towards me.

She held out me hand as assign for me to take it and I did so. Her hand was so small and fragile compared to mine which and larger and rough. I looked behind me as I saw Shiki and Fye exit the room, when I was about to speak Mira said "Now follow Misaki."She started to walk dragging me behind her and I quickened my pace. I was now walking hand in hand and foot with foot with Mira. She then whispered "I have your back and I won't tell him about your last name." She then gave a smile and continued to walk. Before I knew it we were outside and what a lovely day it was. The birds we sing and all the well pruned roses were blooming. I saw Ren putting the finishing touches in the newly planted blue bell flowers. Ren then noticed we were slowly walking by and then bowed towards us. When he raised his head we were walking towards him.

"Oh Ren, I se you are doing a fine job with these roses. I expect nothing less from my best gardener." Mira said with a smile and reached for one of the roses. "You flatter me Miss." Ren said raising his hand to the back of his head, gently smiling. "So you are the gardener?" Shiki asked and Fye replied "No, Mira just said the best gardener. Of course are you stupid or something." I gave Fye a glare to say 'hold your tongue' and he just stepped back. Mira plucked a rose and gave it to me, it's colour was deep red and was quite large. How can something so beautiful be so deadly? I asked myself while the thorns were jagging into me. Mira noticed blood flowing down the stem of the rose that I was gripping and said "Misaki your hand! Are you okay?" "Oh yes. I didn't even realize that I was bleeding, forgive me Miss." I replied attaching the rose to the waist band on my maids dress. Ren reached out his hand with a napkin and wiped the blood off my hand thoroughly. When he was satisfied he returned his hand and said "Husoka has already taken all the equipment to the Tennis courts and eagerly awaits you." Ren said smiling eager for something to happen which is never good in my case.

"May I ask what are you eagerly smiling about?" I asked slightly annoyed at his response "Well I have work by the tennis court to do and... it's been awhile since you were in a match with someone." I swear I saw flowers around Ren when he said that... he just wants to see me get beaten. "You are going to be disappointed with the results, because it will be over as soon as it starts." I replied and started to walk forward still hand in hand with Mira, with Shiki and Fye walking slowly behind us. We were all in silence until we entered the tennis courts with Husoka gleaming with happiness. "Why are you so happy?" I asked hoping it wasn't some silly reply saying its fun working here. "Oh I just wanted to see you fight because apparently you are really good." Husoka replied honestly but I couldn't help feeling annoyed at his reply... probably because he said apparently.

I looked around seeing the fencing arena set up with the proper gear. I let go of Miras hand and walked over to the equipment on the right I put on the head gear and the padding acquired and wait for Shiki to hurry up and put his on too. Husoka stood a bit way as I went of the arena. It was a long rectangle which we had to stand on it you step out of it you lose a point the aim of fencing is to hit your opponent with your sword which is bendable, which mean there will be no stabbing. The score sytem is quite simple it's out of three rounds and who has the most point's wins. As soon as Shiki entered the arena all geared up and ready to go, Husoka gave us our swords. Husoka then stood back and shouted "START!!!!"

Shiki then charged towards me starting with his left foot and swung the sword in time with his left foots rhythm. I predicted this and block my chest area which he was about to hit. I stepped forward placing my right foot beside his left making him step back. I then pranced forward and hit his chest with my sword. Shiki let out a gasp of confusion processing what had just happened. "If you want to beat me change your stance. AGAIN!!!" I shouted for another round. We walked back to our starting positions and Husoka then shouted "START!!" Shiki just stood there waiting for my move; I didn't see the point on me waiting as well so I went for it. I slowly walked towards Shiki stepping with my right foot then I stepped back and started with my left making him work on my foot work. Shiki then slowly stepped forward and then I took my chance and hit his right shoulder. "You were too slow!! Are you coming at me seriously or not?!" I shouted trying to give him a boast in energy.

"Isn't Misaki going a bit too hard on him?" Hisoka asked Mira who was thoroughly enjoying the match. "Really, I think she is giving him advice on how to get better." Mira replied with a smile and Husoka then starred at me which I was confused about. We went back to our starting places and Husoka shouted "START!!" Shiki started to walk towards me slowly and then as soon as I was about to step he charged at me quicker and I just move I sword to the front of me in time to block his attack. However this left him open at his hip area which I hit after pushing against his sword. "MATCH OVER MISAKI IS THE VITCTOR!!" Husoka shouted in glee, which Fye added "That was a total defeat." I took of the protective gear as soon as I exited the arena. I still can't believe I played a fencing match in my maid outfit. Shiki also exited and took of his protective gear, and then walked over to me. "Just out of curiosity you were in street fights when you were younger weren't you." He stated, which I replied "And if I was what are you going to do about it." "Nothing, just a simple question. However you may get in trouble later on." Shiki remarked and headed towards Husoka. I stopped him dead in his tracks when I asked "Is that a threat Sir Shiki?" I then smirked and walked towards Mira slowly but proud.

Little did I know that he was death starring me from behind. Mira starred at Shiki and said "Now, now Sir Shiki take this like a man and move on." Shiki then quickly replied "I am I'ts just I think the young maid here better not out step her bounds and get herself hurt. Also where do you come from because you are quite strong for a woman that is." I swiftly turn to face his direction and said in a little rage "You better not be sexist around me dear Sir because you won't exit this house in the same condition you are in now." My threat made him step back and adknologe that I was serious and not to be messed with.


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