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A Series of Sisters-A Dead Family Member

Novel By: sibunalovatic
Mystery and crime

Three sisters and their best friends go on an adventure to find the sisters deceased grandfather. What the girls discover is very shocking and then they decided to go on another adventure searching for clues to find out what the killer has been up to and where the person currently lives. In the beginning of my story, I've stated a brief description of each character except for two. The girls have nothing to do with the killing, but someone else does and it's someone no one expects. View table of contents...


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A Series of Sisters-Curious Search turns into Adventure


There are five girls and only three of the five girls are sisters. The sister's names are Jaiclyn, Cadalyn, and Rihla. Their friends names are Azlena and Tachila. Jaiclyn is sixteen years old, six foot two with green eyes and bright red hair. She is introverted and daring, but she can be short-tempered and she isn't scared of anything. Cadalyn is eighteen years old, five foot two with pale green eyes and ginger hair. She is outgoing and impulsive, but can be suspicious and she is scared of needles. Rihla is nineteen years old and she is oldest sibling. She is five foot nine with deep brown eyes and red hair. Rihla can be gentle and bold, but she can be self-centered and scared of cats. Tachila is sixteen years old five foot four with muddy blue eyes and chestnut hair. She can be sentimental and daring, but she can be dull and she is scared of fire. Azlena is the youngest girl in the group. She is fourteen years old five foot six with deep brown eyes and ash blonde hair. She is generous and dedicated, but she can be stubborn and she is scared of bees.

Curious Search turns into Adventure

The sisters grandfather had recently passed away and it was the grandfather they had on thier mother's side of the family. They go on a search with thier best friends find out exactly how he died, but what the girls don't know is that they have two step-brothers. Their mother purchased a Lake House because she knew how much her father loved to go boating. Then, one day the girls walk outside down to the dock where their grandfather's boat was tied to. Jaiclyn and Tachila untied the boat and quickly hopped on before the boat took off. Cadalyn and Rihla were the only ones that knew how to drive a boat and they both agreed to take turns driving it around the lake. They were driving to a huge beach that wasn't too far away from where they lived. They anchored pretty close to the beach, but not too close. Jaiclyn put the ladder down and all five of them got inside the water and walked to the beach.

When they got on the beach, they started walking around looking for things or items that looked suspicious. Then, they saw a sign that specifically said, "KEEP OUT!" It was something suspicious alright and there was like a little hole that led to something very interesting and peculiar. The sisters all said, "Why don't we all go check it out?" Next, Tachila asked hesitantly, "What if it's scary down there?" Then Azlena says, "Yeah. What if we see dead people inside there?" Afterward, Rihla said, "Come on guys, trust us." Then she motions her arm around her and her sisters. "Fine." Tachila and Azlena said together. Later, all of them were walking in big circles around where the keepout sign was placed because there was no actual entrance to the hole. Suddenly, out of nowhere, they fell into a ditch and that hole led to a cove. Luckily, when they fell through the ditch, they landed on a mattress.

Now before everyone got up, the cove was creepy lookin' to all of them because they saw skeleton bones that looked alive. They all walked through a tunnel inside the cove and further down. Then, there was a small lit up tunnel inside the cove and all of them had spotted a coffin. Everyone walks over to the coffin and the sisters try to open it together, but they couldn't get it open. Then all three girls ask, "Can you two please help us here?" Their friends answered, "Okay." Then, all five of them were trying to open the coffin and they actually succeeded in getting it open. There was something inside the coffin with a plastic sheet over it. All of them took the plastic sheet off and then screamed because of what they saw which was very shocking to all of them. First, they screamed because no one had ever seen a dead body before, but the deceased body inside the coffin happened to be the sisters grandfather.


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