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A Silk Like Death: Book 1 Of The Vala Ashbel Mystery's

Novel By: swords edge
Mystery and crime

Vala has to investigate a murder done to one of her class mates at her privet school after seeing how the preppy brunette was killed, rapped in a blue silk and black ribbons that were used to strangle her earlier. Her dad, single since her mother died only a year before, told her like on every other case he worked not to ask questions or help them find the killer. Vala listened all the past times he had told her to but something about this case had her on the hook keeping her awake at night running through all the reasons anyone might hurt her and way they would kill her in that way… but what she isn’t expecting is to be drawn to the point of threat mail from unknown people that tell her if she doesn’t stop working the case they will kidnap her and hold her for ransom. She doesn’t believe them, until she’s fallowed home one night. Vala is pulled into a strange murder that she must solve before the one who killed once with ribbons shows her how it’s done with a live game, and this time she’s the target…

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Chapter 1
"dad why couldn't you just have brought me home?" asked Vala Ashbel as her father opened her car door letting in all the sounds of cameras flashing and people shouting. Her father looked at her, his buzz cut made him look younger by teen years so he looked 30 more then he did 40.
"because Val, it was an emergency call and it would have been quicker to come here then going home first. Plus your old enough to see an murder scene, even more so since you've always come with me when your home alone anyways," said Adam, her father. Vala slouched back into the leather seat, crime scenes always made her depressed but there was something about how people where murdered just seemed fascinating to her. making up her mind Vala got out of the warm police truck and walked out into the cold fall woods that surrounded her.
"hey Val," said most of the police around her when they past her by, she came to her dads office all the time during summers and on the weekends when she had nothing else to do then to bug the officers who didn't have a case to work at the moment.
"so what do we have here?" asked Adam standing over the dead body, Vala had to walk around the wall of plaice man and women that surrounded the murdered person. But when she did finely step around the last body that was in the way she wished she never left the car, surrounded by yellow cones marking points in the crime lay one of the girls from Val's school.
"Halley?" she said through a choked cry, the officer next to her looked at Vala as if seeing her for the first time. "I'm sorry, do you know her?" she asked staring at Vala with sympathetic eyes, Val nodded slowly taking in the commotion around her.
"Halley was one of the top cheerleaders from my privet school… she didn't show up for class yesterday or today…," she trailed of as the police around her ran off to their cars. probably going to her house to tell her parents she thought bitterly as she looked at her fellow class mate laying dead before her.
"sweet heart, do you want to go back to the car?" Adam asked coming up behind her laying his hand gently on his shoulder, Vala shook her head.
"no I want to know what happened to her," she demanded, her father gave a sigh behind her.
"we know who the killer is, the silk ribbons are his trade mark," he said, his voice low and deep. She looked at Halley's body, she was a death white and was rapped in a fine baby blue silk cloth. Around her neck, arms, and lags were black ribbons tied around them making her look even more white. it made Vala sick to look at her, so she looked up at her fathers kind, brown, eyes. "the killer calls himself the silk death you can get the idea why," he said pointing at the white corpse, "he also calls himself that because his murders are as smooth as the silk he uses, he never leaves a fingerprint, no shoe prints, nothing. And to make matters worse by the way he works he never stolen a single silk, he has always bought it some where were we would never suspect to look or has a friend who sells it to him," he said trailing off. Vala didn't say anything she was deep in thought already going through the people who would like to hurt her. Adam stood behind her for a few more moments before he was called away to help with evidence.
Then we have all the girls on the cheerleading team who would kill to have her spot, boy friend, and money… but they all seem like such girly girls- Vala was cut off mid thought when she saw something, a human something, move from one tree to the next.
"what the?" she said standing. She looked closer at the trees. the autumn wind picked up flinging her short light brown hair into her eyes, she pushed her ears behind her ears madly trying to see what was emerging behind the tree, she toke in a sharp gasp as she finely saw what was hiding.
It was a dark figured no taller then herself hidden behind what seemed to be a black medieval type of riding cloak. Judging by his poster, size, and clothes he was a young male, more then likely in his teens. But that's all she could see of him because his hood was pulled low over his head so that she could barley see his mouth. She studied him for a few moments looking at his short sleeved black shirt and his black jean pants.
"sweetie, what are you looking at?" asked one of the women officers who had noticed her being all alone by this dead body. Vala turned to look at her quickly before she turned back to see that the strange figure was gone.
"nothing, she replied," turning to go meet her father by the car, "I saw nothing," and that's what she would truly believed, but of course nothing is what it seems… and Vala would soon find that out.


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