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Where has the love gone?

Novel By: thenameisangelX
Mystery and crime

Four years ago; Ayaa King and Darnell Jenkins married each other, while each was in their early twenties. Their parents did not approve because the two lovers had only known each other for only a month and already Ayaa was pregnant with his child.

Now it's 1976, and the family are living in one-story home located in Detroit, Michigan. It had been the longest four years of their life. They were living from check-to-check while trying to pay for the bills, keep food on the table, and have enough money on the side to pay for Ayaa's shopping trips.

So, Ayaa comes up with a scheme one day that'll bring in more money into the household: Frame Darnell Jenkins for domestic violence and she's determined and will go to many lengths for her money! View table of contents...


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Chapter One:

Putting the plan into motion
I turned my key and came into my home through the front door, and shut the door with my foot as I shrugged out of my brown trench coat. "Ayaa, is that you?" A voice asked from one of the back rooms. Out walked from my daughters room was my neighbors daughter Ami, she was seventeen years old and took care of Dalila while me and Darnell were off at work during the day. Ami was on spring break, thankfully, so we didn't have to pay her, plus she usually offered to watch over Dalila since she grew fond of my daughter.
"Hey, how's my baby girl?" I asked, tossing the house keys on the coffee table and walked down the hall to my daughters room.
"Oh, she's fine," Ami whispered and opened Dalila's door a little more so I could peak inside to see my angel peacefully asleep. "I already fed and bathed her and I read to her before she fell asleep. So, she should be out for a while."
I nodded, smiling, and walked back out into the living room. "Thank you so much for watching over her Ami - Darnell and I are so grateful!"
"Oh, it's no problem. Dalila is like a sister to me, so I love being with her!" Ami smiled. Ami was my own height and had a slim body of glistening dark brown. She had her mothers brownish-green eyes and her fathers light brown thick curly hair. Today, Ami was wearing her hair straight in a pony tail and light blue flared jeans and a burgundy t-shirt and brown flip flops. "I'll see you tomorrow, Ayaa - now I have to make dinner for my own brothers and sisters."
I nodded and quickly embraced her in a hug, "All right hun, have a good night." I waved as I watched her walk out the door and I sighed into the quietness as I gazed around my home. The living room and kitchen were open to each other but there was a small short wall that separated some part of the kitchen. The tan carpet needed vacuuming and it had only been two days since I cleaned the house, but the carpet wasn't too dingy though. The living room consisted of one couch with floral fabric facing the brick fireplace and above that fireplace was a picture of me and Darnell and baby Dalila in my arms as my husband stood behind me. Dalila was only six months old and she wore a pink riffling dress and white ruffles socks with a pink bow on her head.
A round chestnut table was perched next to the couch with a lamp on top that had a white plastic cover. Next to that were two floral armchairs that were next to each other with a small round chestnut table between them and across from those two chairs was a love seat. The sitting furniture was covered in plastic, which was a normal sight to see in someone's house. It showed that they cared about their furniture and that they had the money for it. Darnell and I were only lucky to have the plastic.
In the kitchen there was vinayl tiling and a round chestnut table was the opposite of the stomach of the actual kitchen and four matching chairs sat at the table. On the surface were four blue placemats and in the center of the table was was glass vase with an arrangement of flowers. We had white tiling counter and brown wood cabinets and a white sink and refrigerator and black stove with a silver top and black microwave above.
I walked back down the hall and pulled my daughters door a little closer that was across from mine and Darnell's room. I walked over to my side and turned on the lamp on my side and pulled the tan curtains closed to give me more privacy and sat on the edge of the bed, sighing. I kicked my tan heels off and untied the tan and blue scarf that I wore around my neck when I was at work and tossed to the side, carelessly. I took a glance at the clock on the nightstand - Darnell would be home and I had to take a shower and cook dinner.
I sighed and stood and walked into the connected bathroom, flicking on the light and stripped out of my hotel uniform that I wore to work; silk tan flare pants and blue silk sleeved top that was slightly loose on my body. I worked at a hotel as one of the front desk ladies and worked from six in the morning to eight at night. I stood in front of the mirror in only my white bra and panties and freed my hair of the tie that I kept my curly hair in and watched as it fell over my shoulders. I stepped into the shower after riding my undergarments and turned on hot and stood there for a moment as my muscles un-tensed and breathed in the warm steam.
I was already putting the plates on the table when I heard Darnell walk in through the tables. I was not in good a mood and I pulled away when he came over and wrapped his arms around my waist and tried to kiss my cheek.
"What's the matter?" He asked in that tired, worn out voice that he always seemed to have when he got off from work. I turned around and unwrapped his arms from me for two reasons; I was wearing my yellow night gown that swam around my knees and I didn't want it to get dirtied up by the grease on his clothes, and I was not in a friendly mood to be anywhere close to him. Darnell had a mini afro that he maintained and deep brown starry eyes and light coco skin. Above those plump lips of his was a thin mustache and a patch of hair upon his chin.
"So, I see that you got paid yesterday," I said and when he didn't say anything, I retrieved a folded paper out from the front pocket of my nightgown. "When were you going to tell me that your boss was going to be paying you less money?"
Darnell sighed and rolled his eyes, setting his rusty red toolbox on the counter top. "Listen Ayaa-"
I cut him off. "No - you listen!" I spat back, pointing a long nailed finger at him. "You have been working for Mr. Yewins for ten years, ever since you were just a child and you bust your ass off for that White man!" My voice was beginning to raise and we both turned out attention away from each other and onto tired eyed Dalila. "What're you doing up?"
Dalila rubbed her eye with the back of her hand as she clutched her brown teddy bear to her side. "I heard you yelling," she muttered softly, gazing between the two of her parents with her golden brown eyes. Dalila had light skin - almost like the color of yellow. She got her light skin from her fathers side. Darnell had German and Spanish descends, while I had Jamaican and African descends, which caused Dalila to have not only golden eyes and light skin, but also blondish brown hair. No one believed us when we told strangers that she was our baby. They compared my dark skin to Darnell's skin - which was lighter than mine - and simply shook their heads. People thought that we stole some White persons baby but I had to remind them of our heritages was the cause of her un-dark skin.
I knelt down to her height and brought her into my arms, giving her a tender squeeze. "Baby, go back to bed, daddy and I are just having a little heated conversation right now, okay?" Dalila looked at me and her father then back to me with questioning eyer and finally she nodded her and ran off to bed, with her pink dress fluttering around her.
Darnell sighed as I straightened my back and turned to face him. "Ayaa, Mr. Yewins is an old man and he can't pay for the garage anymore, so it's either let me and the other workers go and shut down business or cut our paychecks. Wouldn't you rather me have a job than be jobless?"
I exhaled slowly, folding my arms over my chest. "We do not have time to be playing around Darnell. We need to pay the rent at the end of the month and I won't be getting my paycheck until the week after the next. We have one month left. Now, you know that we can't be living on the street! Do you want us to be living on the street Darnell? Huh, do ya?"
Darnell groaned, "No I don't! You know I don't, but -"
"But nothing!" I hissed, "You are going into work tomorrow and you are demanding for a raise!"
"I can't do that. I've already talked to him and he said that if I bring this situation up to him again, that he'll cut me loose," Darnell replied, staring at me with tired eyes. "Just let it go Ayaa, please!"
When he tried to reach out and hug me, I snubbed him and walked back to my bed without anything to eat. I tied my hair and wrapped scarf around my head and wore a night cap to protect my hair from bed head and laid there in the silence, underneath the covers staring at the white wall papered wall that had scatters of tiny pink roses. I was determined to get my man back his well earned money and maybe even more. Darnell had talked to Mr. Yewins about getting a promotion plenty of times, and plenty of times Mr. Yewins rejected him. Maybe the old man needed a woman's touch - literally.
After a while, I heard Darnell shuffle into the bedroom and remove his shoes and moved into the bathroom to shower and clean up. He walked back in, smelling of shaving cream and soap. He moved underneath the covers and tried to snuggle up against my back but when he felt me stiffen, he turned over and we laid there in the night. Me on my side and him on his side.


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