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Jack's Emancipation

Novel By: Vikrant
Mystery and crime

Old Jack; buried under the guilt of his tormented past, was a living dead man. On that fateful day an amateur criminal kidnapped his former girlfriend for ransom, but he didn't know something big was waiting for his and his girlfriend's fate. Jack intervened, the history was repeating itself. Will Jack be able to save the girl and will he be able console his tormenting soul through this whirlwind of events? View table of contents...


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Colonel Pass: A Dangerous Plan


'Will it be as easy as you described?' asked Jagga uneasily driving his car to the Colonel pass, the outer police check post where the rest of their men will be a part of the convoy of other vehicles.

'You are an idiot Jagga,' said Jugal looking straight into the eyes of Jagga. ''Because only an idiot asks such a stupid question.'

'Are you sure they will be in that car?' asked Jagga again.'

'Look, she would be engaged to that fool Rohit this evening in that country farm house owned by her billionaire father and after the engagement ceremony they would be leaving the farm house to the city,' said Jugal with confidence. 'And on their way back to the city they will certainly pass through the Colonel Pass and that will be our chance and place to nab them.'

'I agree but Colonel Pass has always been considered as an unsafe passage,' said jagga avoiding looking at Jugal. 'And they allow people to travel in the form of a convoy all through the night guarded by police.'

'How many policemen?' asked Jugal. Only two, we know how to take care of them.' Jugal answered himself.

'What about that old Jack? asked Jagga uncomfortably. 'He always trail behind the convoy with a gun.'

'Forget about that old coot Jai Kishan alias Jack,' said Jugal mockingly. 'I have enough men to take care of him too.' he said further.

Jugal the young man in his mid twenties, was befriended by Madhu the only daughter of Billionaire Chinoy a few months ago. He had a hope that someday she will marry him. And he'll enjoy the company of beautiful Madhu and her father's enormous wealth. But as an average Indian girl, Madhu decided to marry according to her father wishes.

And now she was getting engaged to the boy chosen by her father. And her former lover Jugal was calling someone to ensure that all their weapons will be delivered to them in the middle of the pass en route to Will City.


'Who allowed this fool to follow the convoy?' asked the younger policeman to the older one, while waiting for a few more vehicles to gather in the pass.

'None, but there is no law to stop him following the convoy.' answered the older policeman irritatingly.

'He is an armed man, check his weapon license, get them canceled and put him behind the bars.' suggested the younger policeman enthusiastically.

'Keep your advice to yourself.' said the older one angrily. 'Do you know anything about him ?' 'He is guarding this pass for the last twenty years, he is a Prime Minister Bravery Award holder.'

'Prime Minister Bravery Award holder?!?

'Yes, which was awarded to him for saving a number of younger school children from the kidnappers.'

'How came that happened?'

'Look he is a senile man, who is looking for the imaginary killers of his wife and daughter, who were abducted and killed by some outlaws twenty one years ago here at the Colonel Pass.

The older officer stopped for a while and said further, ' He started roaming from one police station to another in a hope that the police would get those killers, but those outlaws could never be caught,' heaved the older policeman.

'Amazing.' mocked the younger one.

'What is so amazing?' asked the older one.

'Isn't it amazing that the police couldn't catch those murderers?'

'Nothing is so funny about it, don't you know this infertile land grows more guns than the eatable grains? answered he.

'What do you mean?'

'There was a time when robber gangs used to come out from nowhere overnight, there used to be more than fifty robber gangs around this area; who knows which one abducted and killed his wife and daughter?

'Pity on him.'

'Besides, there were so many gangs which were wiped out by the police and some of them surrendered also; so there was no way to know that the bandits who were killed or surrendered, were abductors and killers of his wife and daughter?'

The older one paused for a moment and continued, 'Later that fool bought a farmhouse near the pass, where he rears horses but never sell them, all the day he is on a horse back and roam through the rugged wilderness of Kali valley; maybe in a hope to get those imaginary killers someday.'

The younger one got distracted and yawned.

But the older man went on, 'But instead of them once he found a school bus being kidnapped by some bandits near river Kali, he intervened and there was a historical fighting, several rounds of bullets were fired from both the sides and this fool somehow managed to kill the leading kidnapper and got all kidnappers seriously injured.'

The older man stopped for a while and went on again, ' He tied and dragged all of the bandits behind his jeep before handling them over to the police, all the children were safe and their parents forced local politicians to recommend his name for a Prime Miniter Bravery Award, he got famous. He was awarded the Prime Miniter Bravery Award but he didn't go to receive the award.' said the older one by taking a deep breath.

'Why didn't he go to receive that award?'

'Who knows?, What more would you expect from an aged fool, who is always on his horse back roaming through this vast wilderness in a hope to find some imaginary killers, and trailing our convoys all the night in his battered jeep, who seldom speaks, I never saw him talking to anybody, one thing is remarkable after that event colonel pass became a safe passage; now even petty criminals avoid any encounter with this lunatic.'

'Lucky idiot.' heaved the younger one.

'When that idiot has checked all the criminal activities in this area, what the hell are we protecting this pass from? asked the younger one.

'I said only petty criminals are afraid of him; besides the big criminals are more organized now, they don't need to kidnap someone for ransom they just extort money from the rich people by threatening them.'

'I see!'

'Besides they are making more money in the drug trafficking.'

The younger one was totally distracted now, he was just overhearing the preaching of the older one.

Suddenly there appeared a Fortuner and several other expensive vehicles and the police check post in charge waved at that big SUV.


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