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Novel By: walkingonfate
Mystery and crime

Esrey is still recovering from trauma; a year ago she witnessed a murder. As witness on the court trial case for the last seven months, Esrey starts to recieve anomynous threats, the coincidences are no longer coincidential...

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Submitted:Dec 18, 2009    Reads: 181    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   

"Can you please tell the jury what you saw".

The words didn't register. Esrey Leah pressed her nails into the palm of her hand, speechless. There were eyes in the room, unfriendly eyes. Scouring her, scrubbing her body red raw. She blinks away the images. The sounds, the colours. The flashing blues and reds of an approaching police car.

"Miss." The man below her hissed quietly at her, although his words echoed and resonated around the mahogony courtroom. Esrey let her eyes fall, she searched his face quickly, something registered in the back of her mind. She makes a quick, effortless connection, something clicks and then its gone again. The countours of his face are beset with dark shadows, he looked exhausted. She stared, in turn, at the selection of people in the court. Her lawyer sat in the first row, a slender woman with an odd countenance. The Minutes sat behind her, hurriedly scrawling down the length of time that this silent tension had gone on for. Then there were the others, the ones that stared at her.

"Miss Leah, you will have to tell the jury what you saw please, otherwise charges of concealed information will be - "

"He had no face."

There was silence in the courtroom. Her words cut his phrase, cut the tension in the room. One slick carve of blade, her tongue was sharp, but she regretted it instantly. There was an outbreak of a huried murmur amongst the stands. This was hushed quickly withan order for silence.

Now that she had started, Esrey found it difficult to stop. Within moments, she had held the courtroom spellbound. The seated sat on the edge of their seats. The standing had heard nothing like this before.

"He had no face." She had repeated. "He turned to look at me, with nothing. Perhaps he wore a mask to hide his features".

The seated nodded in unison. The Minute's hand scrawled faster.

"Please continue, Miss Leah."

She touched the side of the box for support. "I didn't know what to do. He ran away. I had to walk that way home, so I continued and then I found the body - "

"Okay, we understand this part. You attempted to follow this 'faceless person'?" The man in the suit asked her, fixing his tie smugly as he awaited the growing murmur to begin from behind him in the stands.

"No." Esrey said. "The body was found in the Avenue. I had to walk home because of the snow, no busses were running."

"So it is pure coincidence that he ran towards your home."

Esrey frowned. "No, he didn't run towards my home. I don't know where he ran to, but it was in the same direction that I needed to go."

"Okay." He said, and then quickly glanced Esrey's slender lawyer who had remained silent for a long period of time. "Can you give any further description of this 'faceless person', any physical demeanors?"

"He was tall. He had dark hair and was wearing a blue duffel coat. But it was dark, so I couldn't see much else."

"It was dark, and yet you could determine that he had no features?"

"It was quite dark, yes, but not that dark." Esrey answered and then bit the top of her bottom lip.

"So, what happened when you first saw him? What was he doing, what was his reaction to you?"

"I walked around the corner, into the avenue," Esrey began, her voice slowly breaking down, "He was crouched over something. I thought someone was hurt, maybe slipped in the snow. I walked towards them, hoping I could offer some help, phone an ambulance or something. Then he looked up - "

"How could he look up? You describe him as faceless, explain the action of 'looking' without eyes."

Esrey fidgeted on her seat. Her lawyer spoke for her. She was tall and slender, and stood gracefully, rising effortlessly from her chair.

"To look up, can also mean to face. That question is irrelevant. He faced her, imitating the action to look at her and that was when you realised, Esrey, that he had no facial features?'"

"Yes," Esrey answered, her lawyer returned to her seat, having giving her a new wave of confidence. "So I was scared and wanted to turn back, but he just got up and ran away."

"And then what?" He asked, his voice stern.

"I found the body." Her voice broke quickly. But she tried to remain calm.

"Describe this please. Positioning, obvious cause of death." He paused and added a slow. "Etcetera..."

Esrey let out an involuntary whimper. "The body. It was just lying there. She was half naked in the snow."

"Continue please."

The Minutes continued to write.

Esrey glanced at her lawyer who gave her a quick nod. Esrey breathed slowly. She brushed away a tear.

"She had been strangled. It was a little girl. The little girl from next door."


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