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Brandon is the main character. This novel is written in his point of veiw. Brandon is a bisexual and so is Micheal. Brandon has had a crush on Micheal for four years now. Micheal disapears but Brandon finds him. Micheal becomes angry with Brandon for a few reasons. I won't tell you why, because you got to read to find out. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 18, 2010    Reads: 146    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

I walked down the hall, everyone in the hallway eyes were on me. I was the first one done exams, I got to start my summer break, everyone else will when they finish exams. I walked over to my locker and grabbed my stuff. Everyone's eyes were full of hatred. They know nothing about me, yet they hate me. I'm gay, but no one knows that. Not even my family or my best friend. I'm obviously smarter then these dim wads who are still doing their exams. I'm not a nerd, it's just everyone else wastes their time playing video games and doing other crap, while I'm having fun. I go out with my friends every weekend. In the week, I spend most my time writing on my laptop or reading. I laugh at their stupidity. They're all happy and cheerful, but someday they will learn what life truly is. People say they love life, and some others hate it. They shouldn't get used to life because some day their life ends. They can't really love it. I pushed the front doors open and breathed the fresh air of freedom. I walked down the street to my house. I went inside and went up stairs, I took out my laptop and started writing.

(Couple days later)

It had been a hot day and my best friend Michael and I decided to go to back to his house for summer break. He hadn't seen his mother in years. We arrived at the train station and we walked over the to the train. We handed one of the train workers our tickets. Michael smiled at me as he got onto the train. I got onto the train after him. It started moving as I was looking for my seat. Almost causing me to fall to the floor. Luckily I had grabbed onto a metal bar so, I didn't fall. Once the train was moving smoothly I found my seat. Michael sat down beside me "Hey handsome" Michael said with a smile. "You're not so bad yourself" I said and grinned. He smiled wider. We both laughed. Michael's my best friend and he is the only one I have in my life I can trust. He has been my best friend since grade six and we are in grade ten now. He has also been my crush for four years. He has been with me through hard times. I'm afraid to tell him how I feel but I'm fine not telling him because I do not want to ruin our friendship. I cherish it so much. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

The chairs are ruff on my bare skin and the wall paper was ugly and boring as hell. I looked out the window and all the leaves on the trees were yellow and orange. It started to pour outside and it fogged up the window. I looked back over at Michael and he smiled. I did not. "Michael I have to tell you something..." I said trailing off. The lights went out and it was pitch black. "Michael!" I screamed. There was no reply. I heard a scream and became terrified. All of a sudden the lights flickered back on and he was gone. I looked around the room and he was not in sight. Suddenly I felt sleepy and my knees hit the ground and I past out. The last thing I remember seeing was a man staring at me strangely. When I woke there was not as many people as before. I got off the ground and went to my seat. Strangely I didn't remember what happened, just that Michael was gone.


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