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It\'s about a 17 year old boy name Cheshire Flynn. He\'s half demon and lives at a circus. (Cyanide Circus.) He\'s the illusions master, and his tricks are just cheezy magic they\'re real. He basically rememberes his past, but thinks it\'s all fake... When his friends start to go missing and he slowly forgets his past, he starts to get curious. But, will they saying, \"Curiousity Killed the cat.\" Live up to it\'s meaning? View table of contents...


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Cheshire Flynn sat on a large rock waiting for his show to begin. He stared off into the evening sky as the sun had begin to set. Blue, to orange, to pink, to purple. He sighed thinking to himself,'How the hell did I end up here?'Ever since Cheshire had come to this place, he had a sense of false identity. He knew his past, but he didn't feel that it was at all true.


On a night twenty years ago, the was an accident that had changed Cheshire's life forever. Cheshire had always been an odd child in anyone's eyes. He was always very nice to everyone and polite always said please, and he always said thank you. He really had no choice considering his parent were rich. But how far would that get him in life? That's what he always thought. By the age of four Cheshire had shunned his parents because they forcing him to do unnecessary things for them. Like doing work even though he knew how to count up to a million and four and could speak almost fluent french and could give a proper definition to almost any word of the English language. He knew he was smarter than his parents, he knew he hated them, but most of all he knew he was different. He was smarter than anyone else he had met,whether it be adult or child.

Not only was Cheshire smart, but he was talented. No, not talented in a way of twirling a baton or singing or dancing. No, he was talented in the ways of Illusions. He could make it look like he had stabbed himself right through the heart, knife and all but not really be dead. He could float in the air and become anything he wanted to, if he tried hard enough. He especially enjoyed turning into severed human heads and flying around the house chasing the maids. His parents were terrified that he would hurt someone and being full fledged Catholic, they decided to call an exorcist. The exorcist came on a cold winter's night in December. December 24th to be exact. The man wearing a black coat, a white collar around his next and a bowler hat was very prepared... or so he thought. The man had taken Cheshire and his parents to the basement, where the demon would be extracted from his body. The exorcist told Cheshire to lay down on the cold floor of his basement.

Once the exorcism had begun, it was only a matter of time until it all went wrong. As the man started saying silly incantations and using holy water "to banished the devil from his body". As the exorcist pressured for hours upon end, Cheshire could feel something inside himself. As if it were another form of him that had been hidden away in his soul. That other being was in fact, his demon counter part. Cheshire couldn't remember anything from the exorcism after that point. The only thing he knew was that he had woken up afterward in an alleyway covered in blood and his mother finger was next to him her wedding ring still on it. He also found that his hair was now a purplish pink color and he had cats ears and a tail, which he actually liked in a way. When he had seen his house again though, it was burned down. The cause of fire and death, unknown. From that point on, Cheshire had lived a good life on the streets. Living off his wits and scaring vendors away from their stands using his illusions. It was only until a few years ago he was caught by the police, only to wake up in a tent that smelt of ash and blood. In a place called Cyanid Circus where he was to be the Illusions Master.


"No damn way Cheshire!" Mason laughed, "Screw you, I'm not going anywhere near the Ringmistress!"

"But why Mason?" Cheshire retorted, "She likes you!" Cheshire was now very upset with his best friend, Mason Barlo Petrov. Also known as the Beast Master at Cyanide Circus. Mason and Cheshire had both come to Cyanide at around the same time, which immediately caused them to be friends. Unlike Cheshire, Mason was illogical, a heavy drinker, and not the sharpest tool in the shed. Even so, he was probably making a better decision not to go see the Mistress at this time of the night. Mistress Nightshade was pale, with black curly hair, and always wore a Gothic blue and turquoise gown. She was very proper looking compared to Cheshire's wild fuchsia hair and Mason's brown shaggy mane. The mane was literal in one case with Mason. Mason was chosen to be The Master of Beats for a go reason, that reason being that he himself could turn into a beast. More specifically, a lion.


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