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Alen Moonstar is a new student at the Privet Detective Academy there he meets other students who have started an out of school club to salve the strange mistorys that apear around them. View table of contents...


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On Alen Moonstar's first day of school he was sitting outside the Headteacher's office whating for his mum to stop flirting with Mr Raymond (The Headteacher).When they came out Alen's mum thanked Mr Raymond kissed Alen on th cheek said her goodbyes then left.Alen was led down th correder to his classrom and Mr Raymond opend the door to find only 5 studnts and no teacher "Were is mis Cutthrout and the rest of the class"asked Mr Raymond angerly with a bit of confushon in his voise "They left sir" said an irish sounding voie from the back of the classroom "The Mis went with them, said she quit" Mr Raymond lookd puzzeld for a minut then left the room totaly forgeting about Alen "You must be a new student"said the boy who suddenly lost the irish accent in his voice"My names Sanji Hope pleased ta meet ya" "Pleased to meet you to my names Alen Moonstar" said Alen wondering what happend to Sanji's irish accent while he looked around the room to see a girl next to him then Sanji walked over "That's Ella Aka she's always on ether a comuter or a laptop, oh and she dosn't speek much" Said Sanji then Alen saw from the corner of his eye aboy walking up to him the boy put out his hand to shake. Alen hesateted then they shook hands "My names Ben Brown it's nice to meet you Alen that girl neer the window is Aqua Flet and the girl next to her is Rachel shard my girlfrend"Ben said, then the bell rang "Do you know were the doorms are Ben" asked Alen,"Ye follow me and Sanji well show you were to go"anwerd Ben. At the doorms Sanji showed Alen to his room wile ben was goking at some girls passing below so Sanji shouted back in a moking vice "Be cerfull or Rachel will see you and you wont have a girlfrend no more" Ben blushed then cached up with them. In the room Alen started to unpack his bags and Sanji was waching him wile leining on the wall. Then Alen pulled out a small black notebook then grabed out a pen then started to wright somethig in the little black book. Sanji wonderd what he was wrighting so he walked up behind him then looked over his sholder and it read (Dear Diary Totay was my first day of school agen and my mum was flirting with the headteacher andI met my new classmates aswell the first to come up to me was a guy called Sanji and he introdused me to Ella Aka the most butiful girl I have ever seen in my life) alen closed the book then looked arownd to see Sanji behind him smirking. Sanji looked behind hin towards the door "oh look I think I can see Ella walking past I think il just go and ask her out for you ... ok" he said still smirking then ran out of the door so fast that Alen could hardly keep up. When Sanji wasent looking Alen ran faster so it looked like he was teleporting closer every time Sanji looked around when Alen finaly reached him they were side by side and Sanji was out of breath. Alen ran a little bit faster just to get infront of Sanji then sudenly stopped and put his leg out and Sanji dident see him put his leg out and triped over it then just as he fell Alen put his arm out and stopped him from hirting himself " who are you going to ask out for me " Alen asked with a creepy smile on his face telling Sanji that if he tryed enything like that there would be a colfin in his future and him laying in it " ok ok ill not ask her just stop creeping me out" Sanji said. When they got back to the doorms the doorm room teacher was waiting for them and theyboth got in trobel and whent to bed.


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