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P.D.A Club

By: Zlms

Page 2,

It was about 5:30 am when Alen woke up, the birds were singing wile sitting on the branches of the tree just outside the window of his room wile he got dressed then the noise came, the noise of all the alarm clocks going off at one moment then Sanji burst into the room in his underwere and panting franticly then colapsed on the floor" What happend to make you rush into my room with only your shorts on Sanji"asked Alen, Sanji took a deep breath then answerd"Everyone thinks I made there alarms go off and now there chaceing me all over the place and I just lost them ... I think ... mabie"Alen shut the door" and so you came to my room?"Alen asked with a tinge of anoyence in his voise, then in the corrner of Alen's eye he saw the teacher who was hanging upside down outside and knocking on the window, Alen saird at him in a dase for awile then walked calmly over to open the window to let him inside and see how the teacher was hanging like a bat or a non fashonible vampire trying to get into the room to suck there blood"What are you doing there Mr Melantine?"Sanji asked just notising that a 2 feet man was hanging outside the window on the 3rd floor" oh ...eeeh ...ummm ... errrr ... well ... can you please help me get inside before I explane"replyed Mr Melantine.

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