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The Dangers Of Having Many Live's

Novel By: Zlms
Mystery and crime

There is 3 well nown criminals living in the cyty of Lucka, Robin Kindel a thief,Kai Moon Lee an assassin and Lee Chun Mai a genius hakker. Nobody can catch them but they have a secret all 3 of them + lots of Unknown criminals are the same person! Ray Zelk. Then Kate Blue an inspiring unknown journalist who is just starting out discovers his secret and ends up becoming his apprentice. View table of contents...



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It's been 5 years since I met him and became his partner. It's becoming hard to keep up having 4 live's at 1 time. I'm a pirate named Moki, A thief named Noir then the next minute I'm an assassin called Opal. My real name is Kate Blue and I'm an apprentice for The Sky newspaper but just now I'm Opal, on a job with Kai Moon Lee to kill the president of Xalm whom before got to be president was a wanted criminal who had killed 10 people but the people of Xalm know that he has actually has killed about 10 times that. Well I feel like your not in the mood just now to know how were going to assassinate the president of Xalm so I will just tell you the story of how I met Ray Zelk (which is his real name by the way).

‚Äč5 years ago

Kate was sitting at her desk at The Sky Newspaper office finishing her last article of the day when the editor 'n' chef called her to his office " I have a new story I want you to work on" he said then he threw a folder onto the desk towards her seeming a bit angered at the folder. She picked up the folder and opened it, the headline read "The 3 Master Criminals of the World" and under it where various other newspaper articles about the of the worlds infamous criminals, The thief Robin Kindel, the assassin Kai moon Lee and the genus hacker Lee Chun Mai. Kate looked up looking a bit surprised and a bothered at the same time "you want me to do a story on them!... are you sure!?" " you're the only one for the job"he said and under his breath he added "and the only one who is stupid enough to take the job" "excuse me?"she asked "nothing!" he said "so will you take the job?" Kate stood to attention "It will be my honor" "you can go" he said wile opening the top drawer of his desk and taking out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and wile Kate left the room he lit a cigarette and just out side of the door someone could just make out him muttering "dam that guy!".

Kate sat down at her desk, opened the laptop on her desk, brought up the search engine and searched Robin Kindel. It came up with 150.000 suggestions"ok lets get started!" she thought, then she got to work.

‚ÄčKate looked up from her laptop and rubbed her eyes, she looked at the time, it was 5 am, she looked up, she was the only person left in the room and the only sounds she could hear were the few cars passing outside and Rufus the hamster running on his wheel and occasionally stopping to take a drink. Kate felt happy, she just discovered a possible headline story, she saved what she was writing and turned off the laptop, she looked up, there was someone standing at the door and he wasn't there before "who are you?" she asked, she hadn't noticed him come in,"my name is Kai moon lee" he said, her eyes just adjusted to the light and she noticed for the first time that he looked about 17 years old "why... are you here?" Kate asked cautiously "you found out my secret" answered Kai, Kate's eyes widened, then she asked the question that had been scaring her "are you here to kill me!" "no" he answered "then... what do you want?" she asked cautiously "you are coming with me" he said, then before she could do any thing he got behind her and covered her mouth with a handkerchief lined with Chloroform and she collapsed and before she hit the floor he caught her "I'm sorry" he said just before she was knocked out.

Kate woke up in a daze and it took her a few moments to get to grips with her surroundings, she was laying in a soft bed in a large warm room with a large window that reached from the floor to the roof, she sat up, there was a sofa on the other end of the room with some clothes draped on it and folded neatly on a small table beside the sofa was the clothes she had been wearing that night, she pulled the blanket off her and sawshe had on a long sleeved silk nightgown the door opened and Kai moon lee walked in carrying a tray of food, Kate pulled the cover over herself just before he turned to look at her "did you have a good night sleep?" he asked, Kate stared at him not saying a word "let me intoduce myself properly my name is Ray Zelk I am the head of the Zelk family and I own the Zelk company in America" he sat on the chair beside the bed "now let me explain something. When someone finds out the family secret if they are a man they will be killed but if there a woman they will become the bride for the head of the houseand right now that's me" he movedto sit on the bed "so that means we are engaged and that means you cant tell anyoneor you and your family will be out of work for the next 9 years"


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