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Beauty Lies Inside?

By: aruntp

Page 1, The poem “Beauty lies inside?” narrates the psychic world of a beautiful young man with young beautiful women once he met in the woods. This poem is to be dealt psychologically while reading. The delusion narrates the psychopathology of a man who loves her as a wife…..

Woods where thick, darkness floated;

Secret of secrets lied on the floor;

Secrets never lights in the day;

Secrets twinkle in the darkness deep.


Lies the body so cold and stiff,

Nude and beautiful it lies like a marble statue fallen;

Flies and worms sung songs of happiness;

Was a woman once walked with beauty?


Beauty never strikes the bold;

Who sat over the world of thoughts?

Beauty calls never;

Beauty dances in the eyes.


Walking alone through the woods;

Eyes stuck a place, in darkness;

Eyes shined like a fire of wonder;

Thought never came again in the dense woods.


The desire opened the door of lust;

Loved it, thought many;

Touching hands on the icy body;

Eyes where beautiful, but never closed.


Eyes have seen the world once;

Eyes have crossed all boundaries of psyche;

Eyes never close; lids only close;

Lids where frozen; that eyes looked the world.


Eyes called him, lips called him;

Breasts ignite fire, body poured oil;

Figure curled him, twisted to the world of his own;

Love flowed out, spread the entire forest floor.


The road was empty, eyes never searched him;

Took the body, safely rushed to home;

Scratching thoughts, lust of desire;

Puzzles solved, rushed for a solution,


Corpse never walks; ghosts walk all along;

Kissed him, ignited fire;

Body loves cold; caring hands extended;

Laid the corpse, he looked with love.


Kissed it gently, lips where freezed;

Gave the heat, in the mid of night;

Stocked in the refrigerator; body was healthy;

Gave the heat, again and again.


Loved her, she was his wife;

Talked plenty, his misery of life;

Cared well his wife was her;

In the mind she was beautiful.


Never alone, never isolated;

She was there for him only;

She never complained, on any act;

She never rejected any emotions or feelings.


Happy times lengthened night;

Body never rejected, the offer of love;

Night was filled with the scent of red rose;

She was freezed in the time of the day.


Days passed and months passed,

Years passed he became old,

The day came the moment came,

Saw his wife smiling behind the ice.


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