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death at gun point

By: LPforeva

Page 1, this actually almost happened to me but i had survived and the culprit has not been caught.

I was about seven
Insomniacly stiiting on the floor
Checked the clock, 1:11
Then a loud crash at the door
I go to investigate
Listening to the floor creak
Moving at a high rate
Adrenaline at a peak
Stupidly not scanning around
Make my way down the stairs
Just curious about the sound
Manuvering around the chairs
Rounded the corner, froze mid pace
He was dressed completly black
A nine millimeter in my face
Seemed forever waiting for impact
No shooting insued
I dropped to my knees
I've been subdued
Begging to live, oh please
Looking up in to his eyes
He demands, on your chest
And next think i realize
I was put to rest
This left my family distraught
He's never been caught

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