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coming of rage

By: peacemaker06

Page 1, inspired by the death of Reeva Steenkamp.


Coming of rage


We repel each other like opposite ends of a magnetic pole

Even though my heart you stole

Like two sticks that are rubbed together

We smolder, then ignite

DAM!! All we do is fight!

Even our neighbours share in our destructive plight

Calling the “black and white”


Your pretty face and sexy curves

Can’t even calm my nerves

The two of us always in defensive mode

Tempers ready to explode


Then one still night it all came to a head

The memories of which I dread

A mistake born of rage

The implications of which I can not gage


Wild thoughts running through my head

I turned to the gun by our bed

I shot you four times, once in the head

I stare in a state of shock as now you lay dead


I just wanted you to stop

I had no intention of blowing your top

I could of made everything right

I think in hindsight


Sitting here numb, my thoughts scattered

Once upon a time you were all that mattered

Now what will people think of me?

I will never make a guilty plea


I’m a hero looked up to by all

I can’t afford to take a fall!

Although it seems I am human after all


I thought she was a burglar sir

Now my devious mind begins to stir

A valentine surprise gone horribly wrong

I can sing that song


Better to save face

Than fall from grace

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