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story starts with a dark room,where a computer is on and a man is working on it.then he opened his mail box and takes out a print out of a girl.and then makes a cut mark on it with a red pen.ria is a college going girl,who is in love with a guy,who lives in punjab and ria lives in bombay.his name is akshay...he has gone to punjab for his work.he is coming to mumbai to meet her and to meet ria's father,MR. malhotra.malhotra is the HR person of a big company who was a proffesor previously of a college in delhi.on the other side another guy,rahul is called by malhotra for an interview in his office.on that particular day,ria takes akshay to her father's office...and malhotra was impressed.on that day rahul was interviwed by malhotra and he was selected for the post.but as malhotra was impressed by akshay..suddenly he recruits akshay at the place of rahul..and he gives rahul a post below akshay.from that moment rahul had a anger on akshay but he fell in love with ria at first sight.so rahul started to think how to get the post and ria together. ria's best frnd shalu had a soft corner for akshay..but she coudn't say it to her.one day when she returned to her home..she saw that one tape recorder(like 'SAW') was kept on her bed.she turns on the tape recorder and heard something...... next day morning shalu was found dead in her room and she was killed brutally.police apperas in the crime scene.from the crime spot they find that two glasses were there on the table...that means shalu knew the person,who has killed her,very well.suddenly one of the policeman finds a drop of blood on her nail and a picture,where shalu and akshay were in intimate position.after DNA test it is found that the blood's DNA and akshay's DNA are matched.then akshay admeets that he had a illicit relationship with shalu but he did not killed her,though he went to her house last night. on the other side,ria gets hurt and cancel the marriage with akshay.at that time,rahul tries to be ria's close friend.police coudn't find the weapon of shalu's murder but as the DNA test was fulfilled and it was matched with akshay...so police caught him as the killer. next day,one of the police man,inspector khan,gets a phone call and went to meet that person who had called him.the person was rahul,who left the tape recorder on shalu's bed and told her in the tape recorder...'invite akshay and seduce him..as i know u love him...if u can prove that he has a illicit relationship with u....i will break the relation between ria and akshay....and akshay will be yours'....but after doing that....rahul killed shalu....police man knew it....so rahul gave a check of 1 lakh rupee to the police man. one day,rahul and ria were talking to each other...then he got a phone call from a unknown person...who said...'u and ria will be killed soon'...ria heared it too....and both of them were scared... after some minutes in the police station inspector khan gets a phone call from the same person...who is saying..."all of them will be killed...if u can....try to save them...but i'll not let them live...".khan gets confused that who is this person.so he called rahul to meet him. after meeting rahul, khan tells him about his canfusion.rahulk and khan were both confused that who is this person who wants to kill all of them.suddenly rahul's phone rang,ria called rahul and said that "dad is not feeling well suddenly...i am scared...".so both of them went to ria's house to check the situation. when they reached there,they saw MR.malhotra is lying on bed.khan asked.."what happened to you".malhotra showed them a tape recorder which was saying.."hello professor....u dnt know me...but i know u very well...but perhaps u may know me....i am rocky....and i am going to finish all of you....just wait..".malhotra said..."this tape came in a parcel to me in my office...but there was no address". now the confusion was...who is rocky.malhotra recalled and said"when i was the professor in delhi college....i created a rule for my department as i was the head of the department....in that department if anyone tries to tease any girl....i'll expell him from my college without seeing his face.....i never seen rocky....but at that time a girl was attempted to be raped in my dept. and rocky caught red handed....and as soon as i heared that i expelled him from my college without seeing him....some people says that he has suicided...some people says he has gone mad now....but didn't know he'll be back like this....".all the faces in that room were scared. at that time akshay was taken to the court by police van.suddenly khan's phone rang from a constable and he said.."sir our van was suddenly was in accident....and at that time akshay jumped in the road and escaped...".so khan gets angry and asked where are they now.at no time rahul and khan reached that place....where the accident happened.... khan asked the constable..."where akshay escaped?"...constable showed him the direction and they moved forward in that direction....but when they gone there..they saw there was no road or any other place except a big old workshop. they entered there and searched for akshay....suddenly they saw a dead body there...and it's head was removed from the body....it's shirt,pant was the same as akshay...khan said..."rocky's game has begun." khan ordered to all his constables to trace the number if rocky calls again.in the evening there was a meeting at ria's house.so khan was getting ready in his room for that meeting.the meeting was about the crisis and the situation created by rocky. khan started to steer the car.suddenly a man,whose body was fully covered with a black coat,attacked khan in his back and the man jumped from car...as the car was in slow pace....khan was very hurt and he was bleeding.while the man was attacking khan,he was saying..."you spoiled my life without knowing the actual fact....".so khan understood it was rocky and rocky showed his face to khan....and khan recalled every thing. on the other side....rahul was waiting at ria's home for khan.but the land phone rang and a constable said that..."inspector khan is in hospital and he is very critical...".rahul said ria not to leave house at any cost.rahul went to the hospital and khan was in his last stage...but khan said just one thing..."i can recall everything....i have seen rocky...he'll not leave u,ria and her father...".khan wanted to say something more...but before that he died.rahul understood....rocky can attack ria and her father....so he went away from the hospital quickly.... ....ria was looking after her father in her room....she heard a sound of car in front of the door.....she thought rahul has come from the hospital....but when she went outside...she none in the car.then ria started to shout.."rahul...where r u?".but there was no response... so she decided to go back to the room....so she turned around...and saw the person with black coat is holding her father with a shining knife on malhotra's throat....then rahul came in his car...and saw the dangerous situation....ria ran to save her father...but rocky killed her father in no time....and ria got shattered.....rahul got scared and said to rocky..."show me your face...".rocky opened his mask and black coat......after seeing rocky both of them were astonished..... ria asked rocky..."u r alive !!!! akshay???"....rocky said.."i am not akshay...i am rocky".he continued.."when i jumped out from the police van...i ran into the workshop and i saw a people working there...i killed him and departed his head from the body...then i exchanged my costumes with the dead body...so all of u thought rocky killed akshay!!!simple....and then my work was so easy my dear ria!!".he laughed sarcastically. ria got angry and asked"why did u killed so many people...".rocky continued.."u wanna leason!!!ok....i was a student of delhi college....i loved a girl....her name was koyel...but a gang of students had problem with that....so they wanted to expell me from the college.malhotra was the professor and HOD of our department....a girl was tried to be raped....but that was a preplanned rape...as the girl was member of that gang...ur father heared about that....and didn't give me any chance to explain...he expelled me from college...my carrier destroyed by the college....inspector khan was in delhi then...he defamed me that i am a rapist.after that my dad and mom suicided as they also believed that i am a rapist."he continued..."i took one year to think how to take revenge on malhotra....and my partner gave me information about you....and i started to act with u with the name akshay....do u know who is the partner?"....suddenly rahul said..."i am the partner ria.....i gave all the informations to rocky....both of us trapped u in this love relationship....i sent all the tapes to every one...i knew every thing....". then rocky said.."ria...u were not in my list...but now u have known every thing...i can't let u live...right baby!!!!......rahul,shoot ria".rahul shot ria and ria died..... rocky sat on a chair...and said.."rahul..... is ur job over???"...rahul took out a tape recorder from his coat...and turned it on...actually he was compelled by rocky to play this game.rahul cried and said.."plss let me go....i am sorry....whatever i havbe done...i am sorry for that...".rocky shouted and said.."u were the leader of that gang...who destroyed my life....killed my love....killed my father and mother....how can i let u go??don't u know your girl friend has been kidnapped by me"....rocky laughed....and said..."rahul,this game is not over...it has just begun"....rocky killed rahul....and left the place.......


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