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They Wont Find Me

By: Joy Evans

Page 1, This monologue is about a women who suspects that her husband is planning on leaving her for another women, so she kills him. She is convinced that \"they\" or the police, will never find out it was her, but she is starting to have second thoughts...

They wont find me, I eliminated the evidence, Covered my tracks. There were no witnesses,and if there were, they would be joining him. You would think that I would feel bad, For the bad thing that I done. Not me, After all, he did deserve it. Cheating on me like that. What did he think was going to happen? Did he really think I would leave him everything? The dough, The house, The attention. Taking my life like that, as if. He pratically took his own life for me, theoretically of course. I can't get him out of my head though, His eyes, His smile, His smell. Maybe I... No. They wont find me. I sappose I should barry his body, but where? He said he always wanted to be barred beside his parents. It would be the least I could do. But wait...then they would know it was me. They would be able to figure it out. Well I have to do something with it...him. Its settled...I will barry him in the yard. Then he will always be with me. But wont they search the yard? Oh my, I guess I will just have to dump him in the neighbour's pool. That will put the blaim on them. Ok its settled. He always had such soft skin and such sweet lips. Maybe just one more kiss. Oh Howard...I. Love. You. Oh no. My DNA! They can't find me. They wont find me. They shouldn't find me...Maybe I want them to find me.

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