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GoodBye Revenge

By: kitkat1233675

Page 1, This is a movie that is kinda like scream because the killer calles the house but its different hope you enjoy!!!

Goodbye Revenge


Lilly-I love the Freddy Crugar movies dont you?

Kate-Ya there freaky

Gen-Not to me there lame

Kate-You never know it could come back and get you! (Hahahahaha)


Lilly-Well they can be weird but never lame

Gen-I guess so

Phone rings

Kate-ill get it (picks up phone) Hello

The shadow-Hello who is this

Kate-Who is this

The Shadow-I asked you first

Kate-This is Joey

The Shadow-Oh i know who you are

Kate-I asked You a question too

The Shadow-Oh you will know soon

Gen-Who is it

Kate-For you


The Shadow-Is this......Mary

Gen-Ummmmmm......I have to go

The shadow-No wai

Gen-(hangs up)


The shadow-I know right (Stabs mary and Joey

                                                      Too Be Continued...

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