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The Mystery of the Halloween Murder

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions
Mystery and crime

Bobby Crail got murdered the night of his Halloween Party. No one knows who or what murdered him. All that is known is that it was someone who was at the party that night.

Happy Halloween!

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The Mystery of the Halloween Murder

Act 1

Scene 1

(Scene: In a school full of kids chattering and rushing to class. A boy with a buzzed head and brown eyes is handing out Halloween party invitations. He is Bobby.)

Bobby: (While handing out invitations) Come to my party.

Shella: I'll be there.

Bobby: Great.

(Bobby continues handing out invitations and passes a boy with shaggy red hair and green eyes. He is the only one not getting an invitation. He is Joshie. His friend Kimberly is standing next to him and she leans in)

Kimberly: Wow! I got an invitation this year. He must be inviting everyone this year!

(Kimberly looks at Joshie's hands)

Joshie: Everyone but me.

Kimberly: I'm sorry. Here, you can have mine.

Joshie: No. If I'm not invited, I'm not going.

Kimberly: Well, if you're not going then I'm not.

(Joshie laughs)

Joshie: Don't do that for me.

Kimberly: The party wouldn't be fun without you.

Joshie: I should get him back.

Kimberly: You say that every year.

Joshie: This time, I'm actually going to do it.

Kimberly: No you're not.

Joshie: Oh yes I am.

Kimberly: You're all talk and no do.

Joshie: This time is real.


(End of Scene)

Scene 2

Bobby: (Yells) Mom! Dad! Theand dishes aren't clean. I need a spoon.

(A short woman with brown curly hair and brown eyes enters room. She is Bobby's mom, Debora.)

Debora: (softly speaks) You can wash it yourself. Your dad is sick and I need to take care of him.

Bobby: (Angry) I need a spoon! Wash me a spoon! I need a spoon!

Debora: (Speaks even softer) Shh, your dad is asleep!

Bobby: (Walks up to Debora and hits her arm) Everything is not all about him!

Debora: Don't hit me.

Bobby: I'll do what I want. (Hits Debora's face) Wash me a spoon!

Debora: (A little louder) Go to your room.

Bobby: (Shouts as loud as he can) Wash me a dumb spoon up! (Throws a bowl on the ground) Pick that up.

Debora: (Bends down to pick the bowl pieces up) Lower your voice.

Bobby: No!! (Kicks Debora's face) Wash me a spoon!

(A tall heavy set man that looks like Bobby enters room. He is Bobby's dad, Erik)

Erik: (Sleepy and angry) What are you doing to your mother? (Sees broken pieces of the bowl on ground and Debora kneeling down by it) You broke my fine china! (Turns to Bobby) That stuff costs money! (Coughs) Why would you break something that costs money? (Yells) Debora get up! (Debora stands up and walks to Erik) Bobby, pick this broken glass up and glue it back together. Then I want you to wash my car.

Bobby: (Yells) You can't do that!

Erik: I'm your father and I can do what I want with you! Next after you're done washing my car you'll go up to your room and thinnk about what you've done. Then you'll apologize to your mother!

Bobby: No I'm not apologizing to her!

Erik: Fine. No Halloween party then!

Bobby: Too bad I already handed out the invitations!

Erik: (Wobbles to Bobby and grabs his shirt collar) Tell everyone it's cancled! (Throws Bobby to the ground) And don't pull any bull with me. If I find out you threw the party, I will chop of your head with my axe. I know everything that goes on around here. (Coughs) Now keep your voice down and go do the tasks I gave you.

Bobby: (Studders) Y-yes d-d-d-d-.

Erik: (Interupts Bobby) Spit it out son!

Bobby: Yes dad.

Erik: Good. (Spits by Bobby) Clean that up too!

(Erik wobbles out of room. Debora stays for a moment and stares at Bobby)

Debora: (Softly) Good luck.

(Debora goes out other doorway)


(End of Scene)

Scene 3

(Bobby is walking in a park hand and hand with a blonde girl with blue eyes. She is Bobby's girlfriend, Claudia)

Claudia: Where do you want to go now?

Bobby: (Looks at his watch) Oh... (lying) I have to go! I'm busy doing stuff today.

Claudia: What kind of stuff?

Bobby: You know, work.

Claudia: You don't work.

Bobby: I do now.

Claudia: (Scoffs) Are you cheating on me?

Bobby: (Lying) Of course not. Why would I cheat on the most beautiful girl in the world?


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