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CLUE as interpreted by Viola Snickett

Script By: Viola Snickett
Mystery and crime

My version of the classic tale. Have fun watching it progress.

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Plum, Mustard, Green, White, Peacock, and Scarlet are gathered in the living room. The mood is tense. Plum is pacing, Scarlet is leaning up against the wall, White is sitting restlessly, Peacock is staring blankly at the pages of the novel she is reading, Green is gazing off into space, and Mustard is drumming his fingers agitatedly.

After some moments, Plum ceases his pacing and turns on Mustard.

PLUM: Must you do that?!

Mustard stops and all eyes stealthily turn to Plum.

MUSTARD: Why shouldn't I drum my fingers?

PLUM: Because it's annoying!

MUSTARD: And your pacing isn't?

PLUM: I have every right to pace!

MUSTARD: As I have every right to drum my fingers!

PLUM: At least something comes of my pacing!

MUSTARD: Oh yes? And what exactly would that be?

PLUM: Ideas, theroies, realizations, and the like.

MUSTARD: And why can I not think while drumming my fingers? Who's to say that drumming my fingers does not help me think as pacing does you?

PLUM: Well your drumming is inhibiting my thinking!

MUSTARD: And your pacing is doing the same to me!

Scarlet rolls her eyes.

SCARLET: Would you for goodness sake stop your bickering? It's not like it's going to help anything.

Plum and Mustard direct their gaze at her.

PLUM: What do you have to do with it?!

MUSTARD: Precisely!

Scarlet puts on a hurt face.

SCARLET: You're annoying me twice as much as you're annoying each other.

PLUM: Now look here…

SCARLET: How about this, you both sit down and keep quiet. That'll make everyone happy.

Plum snorts.

PLUM: As if anyone could be happy with a murder hanging over our heads and the killer loose in the house.

The atmoshpere in the room imediately stiffens. White's eyes grow wide and frightened, Peacock's book slips off her lap and onto the floor, Green is suddenly attentive, Mustard half rises out of his seat, and Scarlet blinks rapidly.

WHITE: So they haven't…

PLUM: Of course not! If they knew who the murderer was then we would have been notified at once. Do you really think that they would leave us in a state like this?!

WHITE: Um, no. I, uh… I just…

Peacock rises from her chair and glares at Plum.

PEACOCK: Really, Professor! You cannot continue to lash out at anyone who breathes in your direction!

Plum begins to speak but Peacock cuts him off.

PEACOCK: I know how close you were to Sir Boddy and I understand how his death might affect your temper, but you musn't take it out on others. Have you considered that we may be going through the same thing as you?

Plum lowers his eyes and clenches his fists, standing there for a few moments. Then he raises his head and his gaze sweeps over everyone in the room as he speaks.

PLUM: Someone isn't.

PEACOCK: Excuse me?

PLUM: Someone in this house isn't sorry that John Boddy is dead. The house has been under constant watch ever since the murder, which means that whoever did it is still on the premises.

No one moves for some time. White, Green, and Mustard had apparently not yet come to this realization for varying degrees of shock show in their faces.

MUSTARD: But surely, it can't be… can't be one… one of us, I mean… Really, the notion is prepostorous.

PLUM: Is it?

SCARLET: So, one of the people standing here, in this very room, is a killer?

PLUM: I'm afraid so.

GREEN: Let him come forward and admit this sin. Surely he who repents will be granted leniancy in the face of consequence?

SCARLET: As usual, I have no idea what you mean.

PLUM: He means that if the murderer gives him or herself up then they will have an easier trial and a lighter punishment.

SCARLET: As if. They still killed someone, you can't get around that.

WHITE: I suppose that I'll go up to my room to pack my things.

PLUM: I'm afraid that no one will be leaving the premises until the murderer is found out. The police won't allow anyone to leave. Believe me. I tried yesterday.

SCARLET: You did?! You would have left me here with a killer on the loose?!

PLUM: What if you were the killer? I couldn't tell you lest you kill me!

SCARLET: Victor!

PLUM: Well, what if you are?

SCARLET: How could you believe that I would actually kill someone?!

MUSTARD: Oh, be quiet. You're not helping!

PLUM: It's quite plausible! I've known everyone in this house for quite a while and trusted them all! And yet, someone killed Boddy, didn't they? Why couldn't it be you?

PEACOCK: You're looking for trouble.

SCARLET: But I'm your fiance!

PEACOCK: You'd better change the subject, Professor.

PLUM: Being my fiance does not remove you from teh list of suspects!

SCARLET: Well, if it really doesn't make any difference to you, then you can consider the whole thing off. I wish I had never met you Victor Plum! I hope you're the next to be killed off!

PLUM: Fine then!

Scarlet yanks a ring off of her finger and throws it into the fireplace. She then stroms from the room with tears in her eyes.

Plum slumps into a chair and glares at the fire with his arms crossed.

PEACOCK: I'm afraid that it's too late to change the subject.

WHITE: You really shouldn't have said such things.

GREEN: You must go to her before the time has passed and reunite the severed bond.

PLUM: Oh, shut up. We have more important things to discuss. Like how we are to go about solving this mystery.

MUSTARD: Whatever do you mean?

PLUM: Come now, Colonal. Do you really want to be cooped up here until the detectives decide that it's safe for them to come and investigate the murder?

PEACOCK: True. Who knows who else could be gone by that time?

MUSTARD: Well, I suppose… But what if one of us discovers too much and they kill us because of it!

PLUM: You want to protect the rest of the household, don't you?

PEACOCK: Ah, do you still care for Miss Scarlet.

PLUM: Oh, shut up, you.

WHITE: It is true that there are still many others here. All of our lives are at risk.

PLUM: All except one.

MUSTARD: Well then, if we must, then why sit here jabbering? Let's get to it!

WHITE: I don't much fancy wandering this house at night at the moment.

MUSTARD: We begin in the morning, then.

PLUM: First thing.

Everyone rises.

PEACOCK: Goodnight, and I hope to see you all alive and healthy tomorrow morning.



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