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For "The Artist Cellar's" Clue and Guess Who Contest! I choose number 3 for my story.


3) Criminal Mastermind!
You are the murderer! Its up to you frame someone else and stay all clear from suspicious. You put people against each other and use whatever means to stay out of jail.
•It must be in first person.
•There must be at least two people you try to frame.
•You may or may not get caught in the end.
•Fool the police and fight the power!



Ben, now fifteen and freshman in highschool, has his whole family under his thumb and watched 24/7 no matter where they are. No one but his family knows of Ben's "condition" and if they dare tell, he will make them his personal delicious cookies.

Takes place four years after X-Mas Cookies, read that in "The Masters of Horror" so you understand the story a bit

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As I watched my father go outside and into his car to head off to work. I saw my father turn his head over his shoulder and glanced up at me.

I knew well he was afraid of me, who wouldn't? I threatened them all when they had tried to call the police and the mental insitution.

When my father finished glancing up at me, he unlocked his car door and went in. Placing the key in the ignition, he started off and drove away, listening to some music to keep his mind off his me.

I turn my heel around and grabbed my school bag. I didn't allow my aunt, uncle, and cousins to leave the house ever. I smiled at them when they greeted me with so much nervousness.

"Now remember our deal unless you want to end up like her." I threatened, refering to my step-mother whom I killed four years ago.

They all nodded in fear as they watched the fourteen year old me go out the door and wait for the bus to come pick me up.


At school, no one knew of what I've done. All they knew that my step-mother died and my father worked hard to keep me in high spirits so it was said I live with my aunt, uncle and cousins.

Everyone who had known me since my first day of coming, all would think I'm innocent, pure, a person who wouldn't dare to hurt a fly.

As I continue my way to his locker, two males blocked my locker, my path. Both were sixteen, tall. Could snap me in two like twigs on the ground.

I looked up at the two. Fear unknown to me. No terror in my eyes. No movement of sheer quiverment. "I need to get into my locker".

The two looked at each other then at me before laughing their heads off as if it were some kind of joke.

"This is your locker? Oh, our bad, here, let us get your texts," One said forming a fist and punched the locker, opening it. He and the other looked inside and tossed the books out before grabbing the bag of cookies. "My, look what we have here. Treats."

I stood there and watched every movement of the dark brown haired as he opened his bag of cookies that he freshly made. A slight sneer formed in my eyes, like a hawk waiting for it's prey. Before I could react, the elder dumped the cookies on the ground before crushing them with his filthy shoe.

That angered me greatly. I couldn't do anything as the two walked away, laughing their heads off.


I return home from school, a scheme on my mind, and the smell of food invading my nostrils. When my plan came to mind, full proof, a sly smirk formed.

My cousin came down in time to see the smirk. He winced, hoping it wasn't for him. "Was, was that for me"?

I looked up at him and smiled, making him flinch in fear and nervousness. "No cousin, it isn't for you just yet". I walked away from him but not before hearing a sigh of relief.

In my room, I lay down on my bed and imagined my plan coming into place on the two boys. How dare they do that to my cookies, I had worked hard to make them perfect now they were destroyed on the ground by their filthy feet.

They are going to pay. Tonight.


I knew where the two would go late at night after their dinner time. My window is the perfect setting place to see where my victims go.

I grabbed my jacket then head down into the kitchen and grabbed a rolling pin, a kitchen knife, and a few cookie cutters before I went outside, the hood of my jacket over my head.

I walked a few miles when I heard laughter, a laughter I recongize.

"Hey, hey yo guys. It's that kid, Ben." One of the guys shouted out as they began to surround me. I may be small and frigile looking but they will soon know I am not the one ot mess with so lightly.

"Hello boys, I have come to punish you for destorying my cookies." I said, as calm and sly as a snake, ready to strike. They all laughed.

"Punish us? Dude, you're short, you're skrawny, you're..." But before he could finished, I jabbed the rolling pin to his private part. He fell and soon the rest came after me.

I stabbed the next one with my kitchen knife between his eye then swung the rolling pin at the side of the head of the other then beat his head up until he was dead like the other.

Soon there were two left. The one I jabbed my rolling pin into his private part the other was clean but dropped his cellphone when he saw me face him. Their friends were now cold-stone dead.

"Time to pay".


I had them just where I wanted. I commanded the boys, who were shaking visibly, to carry them to their house and into the kitchen.

When we got there, I told them to place them next to the oven which I turned on to 450 degress to heat up. I raised my knife and sliced them both open so I could see to their flesh.

"Get me a cookie plater, now!" I commanded the blonde hair who vigoriously searched for a plater. He found one and handed to me, a perfect size. I thanked him which made him jump.

I cut the two other boys' flesh up from their bodies and made cookie shapes out of them with my cookie cutters them placed them on the platter.

Sprinkling some powered sugar on them, I told the brown hair to do the same I did with the other. He shook his head for no and I drived a knife on his thigh and ran it down to his leg. I showed no mercy as he screamed in agony.

I kept going until he agreed to do as I said. Taking the other dead boy, the brown haired mimiced what I did but with shaking hands and fear.


Once the cookies were ready to be cooked, I placed them both in the oven and we waited for an hour and a half before they were ready.

I took them both out one at a time and placed them on a plate once they cooled off. I told them both to eat their friends. I smiled a devil's smile as they eat the flesh and blood of their deceased friends.

"Now, tell anyone, and I will kill you. Just like I did to your friends, just like I did to my step-mother." I expained, taking a bite of my cookie.

"So, the stories we all have been told were not true? You, you killed her? The exact way to killed our friends?" The blonde asked, shaking, nibbling on his cookie.

I nodded and looked over at the decapitated, sliced up bodies all laying down in a pool of blood. I now not only have my family under my thumb but them two as well.


No one dares to harm my cookies, holiday or not. All cookies deserve to be treated with respect.


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