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Love a curse spelled

Short story By: aruntp
Mystery and crime


Submitted:Jan 30, 2013    Reads: 960    Comments: 134    Likes: 43   

Fate is like a mighty serpent, sometimes it squeezes showing the most fearful hell on earth as if she has suffered; on other side it opens the door of the most beautiful heaven on earth as if he escaped from her; in either case, fate creeps over one's lifeline to determine the final destiny.

Her life was totally changed, for worse since she met him. She was too attracted towards him and was unreasonably mad. There is an old saying "Lightning strikes a person only once". Meeting a new person is like tasting a new dish, never known before. Once you enjoy, you may take it until you are bored. Else you never take it, in either case you are mislead by your own previous tastes.

Love flowers inside ones heart like a lightning, shaking soul altogether, producing innumerable colorful fragrant flowers. . If those sweetest fragrance ever touched his heart! He was too cold towards her. Unusually desperate she experienced a terrible suffocation, making her life too miserable and unbearable ultimately tearing her heart into thousand tiny pieces, at one unfortunate moment she cursed him and left this world forever.

The Sun was hidden behind dark clouds. Tears poured from the sky. Her body was taken to graveyard. Even then her freezed face looks fresh and alive. Cool breeze touched everyone's heart showering pain. Numerous White Roses were laid on her coffin. His presence was never felt. Whether his divine eyes were covered with darkness? There stood graveyard happily recieving her with a smile. The night was cool and misty. Many of the sleepy ear's in the graveyard must have heard her sorrow. The atmosphere was echoed with murmur of crying spell, with the cool wind touching every neighbours heart leaving everyone sleepless. In the woods, the wolfs and the foxes forgotten to howl. The owls were mute all around the clock. Only the music of silence was heard.

There laid a thousand dreams to fulfill inside the coffin. A transformed new life for her in the form of most beautiful mist steps outside coffin. She was hypnotic, mysterious and strange to the viewers,so that her simple look paralyses anyone totally showing the most fearful imagery in their consciousness, fortunately she was hollow , but, she has the power to present herself in front of anyone if she thinks, with immense power, bearing the deep rooted pain so intense from her past life, with wild fantasies, she aroused from the coffin searching for her lover. She never targeted his flesh and blood but his soul. She floated through the air, after coming out of the graveyard towards his house, She spotted him and then she stopped in front of opened window; The curtains where flipping in and out because of slight cool breeze. She could weigh depth of his sleep. She was determined to possess him creating contrasting nightmares that shook almost all nights. He never feared the unknown; the causes was hidden and unrevealing. Even the darkness of the night seems murmuring like a nightmare. He was terrified, and sat the rest of the night without sleep, sweating and looking all around fearfully. He suffered from intense emotional breakdown because she haunted him without any mercy. The strangest thing ever happened in his life. Her presence was felt unreasonably and had intense emotions inside him like a gushing hot wind. Sometimes it was like heavy rain in the vast desert. What she expected has flowered.

Fantasies drifted like clouds evoking powerful dreams for fulfillment. She compelled him and led to the graveyard,.Like a small child he followed her through the pitch darkness leading to graveyard. There a body of woman was buried a while ago. His dreamy state led him to the doors of pleasure as plotted by her own will. Later, he entered her coffin,his face was reddish and his eyes was glowing like a fire. His body jerked wildly, he could not hold for long, he took the body of woman in his arms, kissed her lips, softly and gently moving his fingers all around approaching her erotic zones, caressed, kissed and crawled like a snake,he was wildly aroused moving slowly within her, started to stroke wildly; the graveyard was echoed with strange music until he had a climax. Her desire was fulfilled in the darkness. The red roses turned black in moon light. Whenever any deadbody of woman was cremated in the graveyard she possessed him, took him with her, after visiting the coffin, she led back. The grave yard was mystified with strange nights.

The morning sunlight were never brighter for him, but he never thought of a lantern that was lit before him every night by her, unfortunately he felt unusual and bizarre feelings of anxiety; he noticed that his body had a strange smell and feeling of a dead. Thought fragments shifted one by one strangely, opening the doors leading to dark caves. In the depth of his heart she was living digging his heart creating uncertainity. He sat blindly thinking of her. Thousands and thousands of stars twinkled inside his mind. Tears blurred his eyes.

Fantasies formed its shape like a rainbow. Its colors were vivid and beautiful. It is her will to haunt him, because she keeps love for him unchanged. She possessed him and led him again to her coffin. He was experiencing wild pleasure touching her body, then holding her in his arms, the strange music once heard around graveyard was repeated; (in reality her body was rottening and just skelton exposed. Bugs , flies and fleas were of plenty carving the rottened flesh on her decomposed body). before climax she took back him to consciousness. Unfortunately he was horrified. He could see her smiling face, so beautiful with her murmuring voice of love and the voice appeared too soft and melodious for his ears. Can he deny her? He was pushed between Dream and Reality, without knowing the truth he screamed louder and louder, but his voice was trapped inside his own vocal chord, Later he never returned, he slept with her ever after. There was an old saying " Curse follows a person like a shadow, until it is dissolved".


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