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the case of a stolen sword

Short story By: ashwin vijay
Mystery and crime

the A team are in action again. This time they are after the person who stole the sword of the Great Tipu Sultan.. How they deal with this case without the media involvement is the story and Steve is introduced here.

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It was early December and the baseball season was on, its generally a huge thing especially when the New York Yankees are playing. They were playing their leagues final game against the Phillies. Yankess had an up and down season, it wasn't their regular season which witnessed majority of wins. This time it was 50-50. It was the final inning and the their trademark 3rd base player Alex Rodrigues was on the field, he hits the final home run and gets the win for the Yankees. The entire stadium erupted and the teammates carried rodrigues away in happiness. Steve and Jenny who recently got engaged witnessed the game, Steve was a 28 year old who was finishing his course in journalism and was looking for a job in the New York times. Whereas, Jenny was 29 and already had a full time job as a sales manager at At&T. Steve was excited about his new assignment as an intern where he would get to report the entry of a new sword of Tipu sultan in the museum. The sword was around 500 years old and not many would get a chance to see it live at a press conference. There were 4 interns selected and Steve was one of them. He was very excited and he kept telling Jenny about it, she was very happy for him and wanted it to be a turning point in his life.

The next morning at 9 Steve was ready to leave as they were supposed to report at 10.15 at the Amelia cottage Museum , which recently became famous due to the great Sword of Tipu Sultan. He was the first to arrive there and was really looking forward for the conference to start and, he had his questions ready to the owner and the donator so he frequently practiced it. At 10am most of the people were there which included the reporters, photographers etc. At 10.30 the truck which carried the Great Tipu Sultans sword arrived. The cameramen were right on their ready to capture the best snaps. As soon as the truck opened its upper bunk the crane was used to get the sword out, it was inside a big case wrapped up and it was taken inside the museum. It was time to take all the covers out so that the press conference could begin , the covers and the clean wraps were being removed the whole media including Steve were ready for it. As it was opened the owner Mr. Jonathan was shocked and he yelled " what the hell is this, this isn't the original sword." Everyone in the room was shocked. The original sword was replaced with some other kind of sword. That was a master piece which was stolen. Mr.Jonathan was speechless and was almost in tears as it was a big loss. The media was all over it, Steve felt this would be a great news to cover. But, at that time the donator Mr. Carl came and he had a chat with Jonathan, after a while they ame to the media and said " Hello all, i know this was an important day for all of you but unfortunately we cannot let this news go out since it would bring the museum and the owner a bad name, if its reported then we may have to take serious action on you people. So please stay away and we will contact you very soon. " Steve spoke to his peers and they didn't want to take a chance against a big business tycoon like Carl or Jonathan. Steve wasn't convinced and he wanted to take this case forward but he had no support. He went back home and called his fiancee, " honey i need to talk can you come home or doi come to your office?" , Jenny replied " Is everything ok? " Steve said "not really". "ok i am coming home" Jenny said. After Jenny got back she saw Steve upset, she ran towards him and gave him a tight hug. Then Steve told her everything that happened. "What do i do now? , This would have been a big break, but they don't want us to cover it." Jenny thought for a while and then spoke, " See Steve you took up this job knowing its risky , this is just a stepping stone. I think you should cover it or inform someone who will support you. " "Who will help me in this case" Steve asked. " Well, we have the most trusted people , the A Team, they have helped many people. I know Aj well so let me call her. " Jenny called Aj and they both had a good talk for 30 minutes in which she told her everything about her fiancées problem. Aj said " I will talk to Adam and Amy about this, we will meet you in a few hours."

Aj along with Adam come to Steve and Jenny's place. Aj and Jenny hug as they are meeting each other after 6 months, both of them went to the same college in Kentucky and were good friends since then. Steve sat down next to them and told his whole situation, Adam was listening silently and in his eyes you could see excitement and enthusiasm . After Steve finished Adam stood up and walked a few steps towards the dining table " Exciting stuff" he said. He patted Steve on his right shoulder and told him he did the right thing on calling the A team as this case needs to be handled differently. He promised Steve that this case would be the case which could change his life. But at first he tells Steve that he should not tell anyone that the A team is involved in this case. "Lets go Aj" Adam said and they walk out of the door."

Back in the office, Amy was interviewing few people who could work in the A team. She came across several people who were young middle aged and old. She didn't find anyone interesting, constantly her boss Adam would tell her " find someone who is another Adam". Those words were still ringing on her head. Adam walks in and greets Amy, " Any success with the interviews?" he asked, no she said. He asked her to stop that work for a while and told her about the new case involving hte sword. " Its a complicated case Adam, but where do you think we should start? " He said " We have to start from where it left for the museum, which is the gallery close to New Jersey. But we shouldn't reveal our identity." They go there as tourists and examine the place. Adam looks at the place where the Truck took off from he examines the tyre marks and gives it a stare for a close 6 minutes. Aj walks up to him and tells him " there is nothing which gives us a clue here", Adam says " Yes your right." Amy walks up to him and says the same thing. They go to meet the manager and start questioning him . The managers name was Philip Mayer who has been part of the gallery for 8 years. " Hello Mr. Philip congrats on your new sale." Thank you he said. " We wanted to know what way did they take to reach the Museum?" Philip was confused and asked them " Why would you want to know that?" Adam just coolly answered " Since we need to find the way to get there and wanted a faster way ." Philip told them to take Highway no.7 which is in between Manhattan and New Jersey. They reached that road and this was one of the first time Adam had no clue, since he could not involve the media and the whole city thinks The Tipu Sultan Sword is safely in the Museum. The team started looking for clues. " Aj ,Amy lets search this place clearly and see what we can find, any small finger print or any kind of clue, get it." They were searching the place for atleast an hour but they were not very lucky. While searching Aj came across a person sitting in the forest who was clearing dirt. Aj went up to him and started talking " Hey there, you work here everyday?" Yes said the worker. " Did you work this morning at around 8:45?" "Yes i was here, as i work almost all day here" said the worker ." Briiliant " said Aj. " So tell us did you see a truck pass this way and they were guarded by two jeeps in front and two more behind?" " I think so, but i just cannot recollect, actually yes, i did see it, they stopped here for around 20 minutes as i was sweeping the road." " Wait the truck along with jeeps stopped?" "yes". Aj called Adam and Amy. Then Adam asked the worker " Did you see anything strange out there during those 20 minutes?" The worker replied " No , i didn't pay that much attention . " Adam looked at his two trusted people Aj and Amy and said " I think this is our first clue, in these 20 minutes i assume something must have happened. " Amy told Adam 20 minutes may be too less to replace a sword. But Adam felt there was something else in the road which they have missed. So he asked his team to search again. They check the road and the sides and they were still unable to find anything. Amy walks up to him and nods her head saying there is nothing here. The team get back to the office. Adam takes a big board and writes down the incidents " The Truck goes through highway no.7 which is not very crowded and it reaches the museum, where it disappears." Then Amy says " There was a 20 minute stop in between, definitely something happened there." Aj says " we need to find out who was the truck driver and who were the security people inside the truck, that will definitely give us an idea." But the question was how can they do it without getting the media involved. Then Adam had an idea, he called Steve and asked him to meet them at the office the next day.

Next day at 10 am " Good morning" said Steve. " Good morning young man,take a seat," said Adam. " You want this news to change your life right?" Steve replied " Yes but without any problems," Adam said " Don't worry about that , just trust us and do as we say." So Adam called Aj. Amy wasn't at the office yet as she had to meet some recruits outside office hours. Adam and Aj explain Steve the plan of action. Their plan was to send Steve to the gallery as a guard and find out how many security guards worked there and who all were present when the Sword was being delivered. It was a risky job and Steve was aware of it, but he was ready for the challenge. Amy waks into the office with a smile. Aj noticed this and asked her why she was happy and Amy replied " I think we have one guy who will be a good fit to our group." They spoke about it for a while till Adam interrupted them, "ladies lets go get lunch we have a lot of work ahead of us."

Meanwhile Steve needed a card which would accept him into the gallery as all the guards and cleaners have a coded card which could get them and in and have access to few rooms. He meets one of his friends who works as a security guard and requests him to be allowed to cover up for him for a day or two. His friend agreed and gave him the card and explained how to get in etc. Steve goes to the gallery and at the entrance his card is swiped by the watchman and he enters. He goes to the store room to check the whereabouts, he had to do it extremely slowly as there were people walking around. He couldn't find anything suspecting there. He managed to find the security guards register, and there was also a page of who drove the truck and how many guards where in the truck . He carefully went over it and saved all the names on his phone. There where totally 5 guards in the truck guarding the sword and one driver which made it six. 2 in each jeep which is 10. So a total of 10 guards in the jeep and 5 guards which made it 15. He took the list and after work he went to give the card, clothes etc to his friend. He asked him about these guards. His friend was surprised to see one name on that list which read Irving. He told him Irving didn't come to work that day, its surprising to see his name. Steve asked his friend whether he was sure, he told him yes. Steve called Adam and told him what he found out. Adam asked him to come to the office.

At the office " Good job, Steve" said Adam. Steve thanked him and told him about how Irving wasn't work and for sure someone replaced him. Adam's face lit up he clearly saw an opening and looked at his two trusted people Aj and Amy. "Team time for the next move, let's go to Irving's address. Steve you should join us." They find Irving's house which is in a small locality around 45 minutes from the gallery. The house was locked. Aj starts asking people about Irving , and the reply she got was that he hasn't come home since yesterday. Then Amy asked an old man sitting in the corner whether Irving was seen with someone else the previous night, the old man answered yes and he said the other person left after some time from Irving's house. They broke into the house and there was nothing really special in that house which could fetch them a clue as the house wasn't in a mess. They still kept searching until Aj comes across a room which is closed . She calls Adam , they open the door and they are amazed to see the room had a map with directions of the gallery. Adam looked at it then he tells Steve to call his friend who works in this gallery. His fried arrives and they ask him to study the map , he says " this is the map which has every room covered. Wait, what's this? This is one extra room. This one is an addition which is connected to the drainage that opens close to Highway 7. But that one is closed. " Adam clapped his hand and said " That's it this is how the sword was stolen." A clear master plan said Amy. "ok team its time now, we are getting close." Said Adam. " Lets find Irving. Amy call the cell phone department and ask them to trace Irving's phone." After 15 minutes Amy gets a call and the information she got was , Irving's cell phone was tracked near New York Airport. They rush to the New York airport and the phone was still there around that area. Amy called the phone and they heard it ringing somewhere near the bridge and when they go to that spot they saw a scene which silenced them. It was a dead body, Steve's friend yelled out " Oh lord, that's Irving."

Irving's death foiled A team's investigation a bit, but it was clear that he was used as a path to get the map. This was being planned for a while. " Send the body to the forensic department" said Adam. "we will get our information from there about when he died and how he died. Aj , Amy did you find any bullet out here? " No they said. So the body was sent to the forensic expert Mr. Nelsen.

Nelsen was a tall dark man, who has been a forensic doctor for more than 25 years and he has helped the A team in several cases. He was considered the best. He had his way of examining dead bodies, he was a very cocky but a confident man. He examined Irving's body and he declared that he was shot. " The bullet should be somewhere inside, as the bullet hasn't made a whole." He said. Then he takes the bullet out from his upper part of the chest, he told the team that he was shot from around 13 to 14 steps away. He had 2 dummies and he demonstrated the action. Again Adam started thinking. As this case was taking too many twists. One more thing Dr.Nelsen told them , he said the murder took place somewhere else and the body was thrown here. Amy asked " Why would someone throe the body near the airport?" Adam immediately told Aj " Aj check Irving's phone and see who all he has contacted, get his call records from the department. That will be the main clue ." An hour later they get a fax to the office and it was from the telephone department, they sent them Irving's call records. "Interesting he has made a call several times to this number , 212 548 199." Amy makes a call to this number and there was no response. Adam told them to get this numbers address etc. The no. Was registered on Mr. Carlson. They go to his house and his house was empty. The A team begins its search, and they found out that Carlson was the owner of the museum and the trustee for the gallery. He was a rich man. Another question popped up, why would this man be behind this, he is already well recognized, " Guys get as much information about this Carlson." Said Adam. Sometime later Amy runs into the office and says " Adam Carlson is one of the most respected guys , but he wasn't happy with the movement of the sword to the Museum. " Adam asked why . Then Aj walked in and said " Since he felt it would be good for the gallery, but they didn't listen to him." Adam was thinking could that be a reason for him to take necessary actions?? " Who is his close associate?" asked Adam. "A person names Michael said Aj." "Let's find him." They saw Michael in his farm house. He was smoking his cigar as it was his vacation. "Hello Mr.Michael" Said Adam. He said Hi back. " We are the A team and we wanted to ask you a few questions. " " I haven't heard of any news which is that serious " said Michael jokingly. Amy replied " This may surprise you, but we want to know more about the Tipu Sultan Sword." "It was Carlson's master piece which didn't give him any recognition. They didn't credit him for the idea, which made him really unhappy. " said Michael. " Mr.Michael , do you know the Sword was stolen the other day when it was being sold to the museum." Michael looked surprised. " How did that happen, and there was no news about it." Mr jonathan didn't want it leaked out since it was a prestigious sword and bad for their image. " They ruined my bosses image" said Michael. "thanks a lot for your time Mr.Michael," said Adam. Before the team got into the car, Adam told Aj to keep an eye on Michael and see who all he calls. As they felt Michael may be helping Carlson also.

Aj calls Adam sometime later and informs him about Carlsons whereabouts. He was in New Jersey in his other apartment , which no one knew about. And Michael was going to meet him there today. Adam asks Aj to follow Michael. Michael reaches the apartment, and Aj was following him slowly. Michael walks into the house and in the couch Mr.Carlson is seated watching television. "Sir, we have danger, The A team has a doubt on us. I think they know we are behind the robbery." Michael said. Carlson replied saying " They will never find this address. So relax." "What if we did?" a voice came from the hall, Carlson ran towards the hall and saw the A team. He tried to escape but he was trapped on all sides. He was arrested. So was his associate Michael. Adam asked him why would he want to do such a thing after being so well respected. The Carlson said" I was very famous and i wanted to expand the gallery so I decided to introduce the sword of Tipu sultan. After introducing it the owner of the museum Jonathan offered the owner of the gallery a lot of money to buy the sword and he was willing to sell it. I told him it would better off in the gallery, but he didn't listen to me and went against me. They took my name off the trustee list since i wasn't part of their meeting. I planned a revenge along with Michael and paid one robber to replace Irving, as Irving had the map of the route to the museum. He replaced him and when the truck was stopped at Highway number 7 , a gas was released by the robber and his gang members who he had arranged, which made all the other guards unconscious. Then they robbed it through a passage which they had made through the truck. " Where are the robbers asked Adam. " I made Michael kill them right after they had got us the sword to our personal gallery. " Why did you kill Irving asked Aj. " He was blackmailing us, saying he would go to the cops. So we had to get him out of the way. " All this was being recorded by Steve which was going to be a big big break for him. Then Adam said " Mr. Carlson you may have been disrespected but that doesn't give you license to steal or kill. So you will be punished severely , but before that kindly give us the information about the sword. " Carlson gave them every detail and where it was hidden. Adam patted Steve and said well done. The A team walked out in style and they did it once again.

The next morning it was all over the news and it was covered by Steve. His wife was very happy and she was literally in tears. Steve got his desired job. It clearly shows if you want to achieve something you have to be willing to take risks, it may not be in your favour but its worth a try.


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