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Irina's cat Mr.Muffins has just passed away. She is desperate to see him again so she holds a Seance to bring him back. But she doesn't know that all he wants is her Blood!

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"Mr. Muffins was a good cat. He ate all is food….. He slept in his basket and he …." Irina burst into tears.
"Oh, Irina it's okay. We know you loved him. It was just his time to go." said Kate looking down at the tiny grave she and her friend made for the cat.
"I know, I know, it's just…." Irina ran away into the house. She flew up the flight of stairs to her room. She fell onto her soft, yellow quilt and cried. Irina loved Mr. Muffins to death. Ever since he had died she was mopey and upset all the time.
She was extremely tired but she didn't want to sleep. Irina slowly lifted herself off her bed, and wondered over to her bookshelf. There was one book that she had not read before. It was called 'Life and Death'. She picked it up and plopped herself on her bed yet again. Irina skipped a few pages and went to one page. Its title was 'Hold a Séance'. She began to read.
'If one of your loved ones has passed, and you're desperate to talk to them again, a Séance can help you. A Séance is a spiritual meeting to receive spirit communications. All you need is some candles, a dark room and incense. Speak the words of your loved one while closing your eyes. The spirits will reunite you……'
A fantastic idea! Irina would hold a Séance to bring Mr. Muffins back to her one more time.
She grabbed the phone and telephoned Kate who had probably gone home.
"Hello?" asked Kate.
"Hi, it's me. Come over I want to tell you something!" answered Irina excitedly.
Irina wondered around her house impatiently waiting for Kate to arrive. After ten minutes she heard the doorbell ring. Irina ran over to the door and immediately opened it. Kate walked in. Irina was almost jumping around in happiness.
"What is it?" Kate asked curiously.
Irina told her all about what she had read in her book. Kate agreed to hold the Séance, so they went to find what they needed to hold it. They found the candles and the incense and went over to the Laundry where it was dark.
"Mr. Muffins, Mr. Muffins come to us, speak to us…" spoke Irina in the dark. They waited fifteen minutes for something to happen but nothing appeared.
"Oh, nothing happened! Now I'll never see him again." said Irina sadly. She leant over to grab the incense, and cut herself on the paper packet.
"Ouch! That hurt!" said Irina looking at her cut. Blood was leaking from her hand.
"Oh I'll get a tissue!" said Kate running out of the Laundry. It was still dark so Irina went to put on the light. As she was turning around, she saw her cat staring at her. He was standing on the washing basket-the place he always slept when he was alive. Mr. Muffins was pale and looked strange. Irina froze.
"M-Mr.Mu-uf-ffins?" stuttered Irina.
The brown, green eyed cat moved closer to Irina. He leant over to her hand and started licking her blood. Irina had no idea what was happening. She stayed still.
When Mr. Muffins had licked every spot of scarlet on her hand he moved back.


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