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A detective confidently attempting to assist in solving a case, until it hits home.

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My name is Curtis Jackson. I was a detective working for the Chicago police department, and it ain't nothing like the shows. The work was tirelessly tedious, and the hours were long. Back then i was the new kid, just learning the ropes. The first case i was assigned to i was designated a partner. His name was Leroy Portman. Only two years of age older than me, being 29. He's quiet, and strict with the rules when it comes down to law and working on a case. At first, working with him was quite a setback, being that he only spoke when it was crucial to the case. He was a big guy, and always felt he needed to get everything done asap. I had always attempted to make small talk, and no matter how persistent i was he would constantly push me away. I ignored it, and decided to continue with the job.
One morning, he approached me while i was at my desk looking through some case files. He pulled a chair over and blankly stared at the floor with his hands clasped. He let out a large sigh and spoke.

"Listen" he said. "I'm sorry i ain't too social with you. It's just that.." He stopped and scratched the back of his head. "I have depression...and anxiety. The only reason i wanted to be a detective was because.." He stopped speaking. "Because of what?" I asked. "I was an only child. And when i was nine, our house was broken in to. I can't remember what time it was. I think.. 11:00 o'clock? Yeah." I saw sweat coming down his forehead and cheek. "I heard my mother scream, and my father yell. I ran to their room as fast as i could but by the time i got there...both their throats were slit. They were still in bed, and it was stained with the dark thick blood. There was a knife in the middle of the floor...and the person who murdered them had um...escaped.."

I could see tears streaming down his face. I have never seen a man of his size get that upset before. I comforted him, and talked with him. I probably spoke to him more that day than all the other times prior.
I didn't own a vehicle, so that night when i finished packing up, i headed to the bus stop just outside the building. It was raining pretty hard, and a fog covered most of the street making it extremely difficult to see anything. When the bus arrived and i headed on, a man swiftly came behind me on to the bus.

"Woo! It's cold out there. Thanks for waiting up."
He showed the bus driver his ticket. I proceeded to a seat stationed around the middle section of the bus. The man was average height, and balding. He looked maybe in his early thirties, had a long nose, and big eyes. He was wearing a large black trench coat. Halfway through the ride, he pulled the sting ordering the driver to stop. "This is my stop!" He exclaimed. He ran off the bus to 53rd street, and saw the figure of him fade into the darkness of the street.

When i arrived home, i walked in the door, set my stuff down and got on the computer. I couldn't stop thinking about what Leroy's story. About how his parents were murdered, and that the suspects got away. Since it was nagging me all day, i looked online in to the Chicago police records and archives. I searched the name 'Leroy Portman' into the search bar. Numerous results appeared, all basically the same just reworded. It explained everything Leroy had told me. He was found in the corner of his bedroom curled into a ball, phone in hand. He had called the police and told them everything. After about three weeks of searching, investigating and collecting evidence, no suspect was found. I checked the address of where it took place. 9576, 53rd Street.

It felt like a strange coincidence that i had just passed by that street on my way home. It is also where that creepy looking man got off. I thought about checking it out, but seeing that it was already passed midnight, and that this happened around twenty years ago, i just headed to sleep. When i awoke, there seemed to be a foul stench coming from somewhere in my house. I searched all around and couldn't find the origin of it. Smelled so sickening and terrible. I thought maybe it was some food i had left out or something. Right at that moment, i heard my house phone ring. I rushed downstairs and picked it up.

"Hello?" I answered. "You need to come in, now. We've got a new case." It was Leroy. Been a while since we had a case, and it was great to finally get back in the game. "Sure thing" i complied. I wasn't hesitant and quickly got dressed and drove to the office. When getting through the doors, everyone was gathered in a circle facing toward the white board. Lieutenant Broker was standing in front.

"Hurry up, Jackson. You're late."
"Sorry sir. There was a lot of traffic backed up." I replied. "No worries." He turned to everyone. There was a street name, and a victim's name.
"Alright, last night at around 4:30 am, someone on 52nd street heard what sounded like screaming coming from the alleyway behind their house. They saw someone getting beaten over the head on the back lawn. When we were informed we arrived about fifteen minutes after. The suspect was gone, but we have a mountain of evidence. We need you guys to search the building and ask around the street if anyone knows anything related to the residence."

He then dismissed us and everyone hurriedly ran to the exit. He then stopped me on my way out.

"Hey Jackson!" I turned around quickly, almost losing my footing. "Yeah?" He looked at me. "Remember. 53rd street. Know where that is?" As i began to walk out i replied. "Yes sir...i know where it is."

I arrived to the street and saw this house. Two stories. Large and wooden and seemed to be pretty aged. Police line was set up around the perimeter with officers asking questions to the gathering crowd. I stepped out of my car and walked up the steps into the house. There were five detectives searching through the house. One approached me and handed a pair of rubber gloves, a ziplock bag, some tape, and five swabs.

"We got all evidence from the first floor. I need you to head upstairs and check the hallways and rooms."
"Sure thing" i replied. I quickly. Headed upstairs and checked the bathroom for fingerprints and evidence. I did so with the rest of the upstairs. Nothing but a few fingerprints, hair strands and small drops of blood in the bathtub. Later in the day, most of the crew were packing up and leaving. I was still upstairs swabbing and collecting any suspecting evidence. One of the officers approached me and told me it was time to go. I insisted i stayed and argued with him, and luckily after much disproval, i was allowed to stay. I continued searching through the house in all the areas i felt were overlooked. I found a couch leaned against an empty wall. At the bottom left i could see a small crevice, like a hole or something. I pushed the couch over to its side, and to my surprise the hole led to the basement. I looked at the window and could see the sun heading down on the horizon. I pulled out a small flashlight from my pocket. It always comes in handy, and its quite durable too. When switching it on and viewing inside the dark hole, i saw a massive drop into darkness, and against the wall was a ladder. I wasn't sure if i was dumb or brave, but i headed in.

As i was climbing down the old wooden ladder, cobwebs occasionally fell on my face , startling me half to death. It was a good twenty seconds climbing down, and when i got to the bottom, the floor was of sand. I saw a wooden doorway with no door, and a faint light emitting through. As i entered, it was small, but the place looked like an 1800 coal mine. The supports were wooden, floor was all of sand because of the foundations and a small lantern was lit in the corner. How was it lit? I asked myself. Someone had obviously been down here recently. I pondered to maybe it was just another officer, but they would have notified everyone. I then heard something fall to the ground with a thump, and i pulled out my gun alongside my flashlight.

"Who's there? Come out now this is the police!" I waited a moment, nothing but silence. Then, murmuring coming from behind a curtain. I approached it quickly and pulled it back without hesitation. There in the corner, was the man i saw on the bus yesterday. He was wearing a white t-shirt, and dark red blood was riddled all over it. His hands were solid and a bloody crowbar beside him. He looked up at me, and smiled. His teeth were yellow with black spots, and his gaze felt as if the devil himself had been peering back.

"Get up!" I yelled. "You're under arrest for the murder of a man last night." His smile grew into a grin, and he replied. "A man? Do you not know who it was? Did you blindly walk into this investigation without ever asking what you were up against?" I then stopped, and thought. This sick twisted man had a point, but i wasn't listening to any of his nonsense. He then opened his mouth one last time. "The man's name was Albert Portman." I then felt a cold chill down my spine.

"Portman?" I asked him, still at gunpoint. "Would he be in any relation to Leroy Portman?" He then let out a small chuckle. "Why yes, of course. And thanks for asking, but my name is Connor." My fists clenched around the handle of my gun and i raised it up higher with the light shining in his eyes, making him squint. "CONNOR WHO?!" I screamed, sweat seeping down my forehead. "What? Why with all the god damn anger? But it's Portman."
By this time i had fucking had it with this bald headed freak. "Don't bullshit me. That would mean you and Albert are both related to Leroy Portman, and he's my partner." He then stood up, and his voice became more hoarse and serious. "And he...is my brother." I shook violently, backing away. "No...no! He never had a brother.. I don't think..." I saw him cracking his neck. "Why are you so devastated, detective? Do you secretly admire him?" I had had it. I did not hesitate and i aimed the barrel to his leg and pulled the trigger. The gush of blood from his knee followed by his unexpected scream oddly satisfied me. He was now on the floor , blood oozing from his leg. An hour later i had already called for an escort to transport him, and another couple of officers to Search the hidden basement. They had found two bodies, wrapped in duct tape, and considering they could not take it off without removing any human tissue, they've been extracted to the morgue. We had Connor in the interrogation room, and Leroy and i sat outside of it, watching him. I peered over to Leroy, and i could see his face was red, and sweat was coming down his face. I then spoke out.

"He says he's you're brother, Leroy. Do you know him?" He put his head down, let out a large sigh and nodded twice. "He was found in your childhood home, and two bodies have been found wrapped in duct taped and are being verified at the morgue now." He then simply replied back with, "Okay. Thank you for the information." He then headed into the room, and stared blankly at Connor. It was a few moments of silence, and as a few other officers gathered around, he finally spoke out.

"What the fuck is wrong with you, Connor? I thought you said we were done with that! I thought it was only gonna be mom and dad who had to go, not the rest of our fucking family as well!" He then stood up and slammed his hands on the table, snapping back. "I did what had to be done! Mother and father were abusive, so we killed them. But what about our grandparents and uncle Albert? They would have suspected something." He stomped over toward him, we could see this was escalating pretty fast and we were ready to breach. "You know what Connor? You're done. They found the basement. They found the bodies of our parents. Now, i have one final thing i wanna ask you." Connor looked away and crossed his arms. "The fuck is it now?" "Where are the other bodies? Of our grandparents. Of our uncle." He then smiled, and looked at the one way glass, and although it appears as a mirror to him, it was as if he was looking right at me. He then replied. "They're home. Home sweet home..."

Leroy then punched him square across the face, making him stumble back and breaking his nose, letting blood flow out. He then started choking him, then slammed his face repeatedly on the hard table. Blood gushed out with each time he did and he began screaming at him. Cursing him. We finally ran in, two officers tased him, and he collapsed on his back. As for Connor, it was already too late. His left eye hung loose from the socket and nose busted almost clean off. His jaw dislocated and numerous teeth scattered the table and floor, along with blood. When Leroy woke up, we had him with cuffs on. We were gonna send him to a nearby prison, after trial of course.

In court he confirmed everything, and told the whole story of what happened. I did my part and the judge sentenced him guilty. I went home that night, alone. I sat at my desk, playing with a pencil, pondering one question. "Where did he hide the other bodies?" In frustration, i glanced down at the floor, and noticed a few loose floorboards. They were spaced out, and it seems they had been recently removed. I moved in closer, and there, once again...was the vile, disgusting smell. There was a small note on the floor, size of my pinky. On it, it read, "i guess you've found your answer, detective."


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