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Watching the door

By: Charles Dick

Page 1, Story about a miserable man.


Watching the door

A man woke up at Sunday morning. He got a fucking worst hangover ever. He does not remember shit about last night. Last thing he remembers from last night, is when he was walking in a pub with two gypsies. There could be few other people too. Can’t really tell.
                             Where the hell is he? Room is full of empty and half-full beer cans, the place is pretty messy and filthy as it is. Ceiling fan is humming. There sleeps a some fat bum on the floor right next to couch. Man finally got himself up from under the table, where he woke up. He then steals a box of cigarettes from the fat bum’s chest pocket. Red Marlboro, soft pack. There’s a little bit of Tullamore D.E.W. still left in the bottom of the bottle at the kitchen table. Man drinks whisky right away. He found himself some pair of shoes, take his own denim jacket and goes outside. He lights his first cig and started to think where he should go now. “Seems like this is again one of those fucking ugly row houses what this town is full of.” He thinks. Now he has decided to go to the road which he can see on his left side and started hitchhiking. Not surprisingly, nobody wants to pick him up.  He walked for like 40 minutes or so. He finally sees some gas station in about 500 meters away. He goes there and decides to go to take a piss. At the men’s room some long haired kid started to squawk. Kid had an Aerosmith t-shirt on.  “Hey, dickhead, give me a smoke or I’ll kill you!” the kid said. Man hit this kid a straight in the face. “The poor thing, probably broke his nose. “ he says and pees on him, washes his hands and goes away.

In the end he finally found in home. There he found his wife sucking another man’s dick at his own bed. Nobody says nothing. Man turns away and go to the garage to get his pistol. Then he go to kitchen and get a fucking large knife and walks in the bedroom. His wife’s secret lover has dressed and is going to climb out of the window. A man then points his gun at him and blasts 4 or 5 shots in his back. This guy fell down to concrete from the second floor and dies right away. After that, man grabs his screaming wife in the chokehold. He takes the big-ass knife and cuts slowly straight line from her cunt to her neck and finally cuts her throat laughing out loud. Man leaves the body, knife and gun at the bedroom floor. He then walks at the fridge and grabs a 6-pack of beer and drags his chair at the hallway facing towards the front door. He sat down, opens a beer, lights a cigarette of red Marlboro and just sit there watching the door.

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