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Murder in the East Side Jungle

Short story By: conman15
Mystery and crime

A crime mystery about a wondering private detective looking for the truth in a messy situation, when the truth is revealed will he want justice or just walk away

Submitted:Nov 28, 2008    Reads: 100    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Three days ago a woman came to me with a missing persons report. The missing person was her husband; I am a private detective, I deal with issues so the cops don't have too so soon. If it becomes too excessive for my team and I too handle we will then go to the police to alert them of the situation, and give them our notes and information. I immediately got on the case and started to question friends, co-workers, and other business associates of this John Doe. I call him John Doe because if I get attached to the case and/or victim I will lose my concentration.

Two days ago I had an anonymous call saying "Go down to 4th street, look for a restaurant named Valentino's. There you will find more on your recent case. Good luck Daniel." I waited 35 min. before I left for the restaurant. If it was a setup I figured that if I didn't show at first they would just leave. I figured it was a setup because they knew my name, or it could have just been a helpful tip from one of my old friends at the precinct. Then I realized I didn't have any friends at the precinct, too them stealing business is a slap in the face and a spit on the badge. I arrived at the restaurant and went in the front door. I ask the immigrant worker if the place had a bathroom, "yes go back there and make a right." I quickly strolled back there and saw the bathroom door and the back exit. I opened the bathroom door and then turned into the back exit. I saw the dumpster and a black cat roaming around looking for scraps of food. I walked up to the dumpster and pushed the cover up. I leaned my head over the dumpster and saw a body. I took out the picture of my John Doe that his wife gave me. It was hard to tell if it was him. His face was cut up, clearly by a small blade. Dry blood had covered his face and his clothes were nearly all torn up, and in his dismantled jacket pocket there was a fake red rose. I sighed and turned around to look for a pay phone. To my surprise there was a phone not ten feet away, as I walked towards it and saw a tall Negro man strolling around with a cart that held at least three dozen plastic roses. I then called my assistant's to inform them of my recent discoveries. I told them to call Ms. Doe and tell her the recent news. After hanging up I walked over the Negro selling plastic roses and asked how much they were, and if anyone had bought any today. He responded by saying "three dollars my man, and as a matter a fact yes, a goofy-looking cracker did" I then asked "What else can you tell me about this man?" "Shit, I don't know man. I mean he was a well dressed guy, pretty tall, curly black hair, kind of looked like a fag; but that's just my opinion, why you ask?" "I just wanted to see if you knew." I gave him three dollars, smiled, and walked back to my car. I started to see the cop cars fly through the streets; clearly she had taken matters to the police. I drove back to my office and called the woman to ask if she had called the cops. She said "I didn't call the cops. I assumed you had." I chuckled and said "I haven't called the cops in over twelve years." I hung up and sat in my chair as pondered this situation. Someone clearly wanted me to find the body then they called the cops themselves. I didn't quite understand it, someone wants to be caught, and they are playing with me. A murderer is out there waiting for me to find them.
Two days ago another anonymous call was made to me. The person said "As we venture into the second stage of this case, remorse immediately follows. He left me no choice; our actions are only as strong as are will to do them." "Who the hell is this? I've had enough of this psycho babble-bullshit!" He hung up. I had frightened him because he was looking for a person to explain his story too, and I had rejected him out of anger and desperation for the true answer to the murder of John Doe.
Yesterday I met with Ms. Doe to discuss the lifestyle of her late husband. Her response was brief yet insightful "My husband wasn't home a lot, nor was he wanted." That began my investigation of her late husband's life. If I could discover his secret lifestyle and affairs I can dig further into the investigation. I started by questioning his co-workers, some said he was quite the recluse, some said he was barely in the office, most of them said he was very close to his boss. They were apparently good friends and spent a lot outside of work together. I then went to question him about their friendship. When let into his office by his secretary I was put into a feeling of freight, I had gotten chills all over my body. The man was tall, very large with a deep voice that sounded strangely familiar, slicked back black hair. "Hello! Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable" To me it sounded like he was shouting. "Thanks." I replied, "Listen I don't want to take up a lot of your time as I don't want to waste my own, if I seem curt it is because I am not a pleasant person. So how well did you know the victim?" His face had turned from a cheery smile, to a wide-mouthed frown. "I was very good friends with him, he was a good friend." "Would he ever speak of an affair with you?" "No, we mostly talked about business; our personal lives were not much involved in our conversations." I saw his eyes shift to a photo on his desk; it was a photo of him and Mr. Doe. His facial expression turned from a sad look to an angry stare. "That's all I needed to know, thank you very much sir." I walked out quickly because I had some investigating to do. I heard that the two would play tennis after work; I went to the nearest tennis court resort where both were members and asked if they were seen there often? No one had recognized either of them. This was strange, and then I went to a hotel near their office, showed the manager a picture and asked him. His response was "Are you investigating homosexuals in the city or something?" At first I hadn't realized what he was talking about, but then it hit me. "Those two would stay here and have homosexual intercourse?" I asked. "As far as I know they were, I found all kind of weird shit in their rooms after they left. Fucking faggots, they disgust me."
Today I am going to visit Ms. Doe once again to inform her of the news. "Hello ma'am. We have a lot to talk about." I told her my recent discoveries, and she broke into tears. "I knew! I followed him one day to the hotel and saw them together!" I couldn't imagine her pain, but in spite of this I had to ask her if she had murdered her husband because of this. She slapped me and said "I may be an upset house-wife, but I am not a goddamn murderer!" I got up and walked to the door. "Then who is?" I got to my car drove back to the office only to find it empty and dark. "Hello?" I asked as I walked into the office. I flipped the light switch and had a dark figure attack me and stab me in the gut. "Ahhh" I yelled. The blood was flowing out of me; I hadn't seen anything because it had happened in a flash.

"Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lewis? Are you awake yet?" "Wha- what's going on? Where am I!?" "Whoa Mr. Lewis, it is okay. You're at the hospital; you were dropped off here by anonymously apparently, all bloody and passed out. You were rushed to the emergency room immediately though." "Where's my stuff? I have to go now, and I need information on what kind of car dropped me off." I walked out of the room and noticed all the stares to me. I saw my stuff in a plastic box and picked it up; as I walked towards the hospital exit I saw Ms. Doe standing near it and she greeted me. "Hello Mr. Lewis, once I heard of your incident I had to come see how you were." "Something tells me that I dug too deep into this investigation, I don't think I will continue my work on it." "Well then everything went as planned. Good day Mr. Lewis" "Wait. Wait. What? How did this go as planned?" "Listen Mr. Lewis, once I found out that he was having a homosexual affair with his boss I knew that our marriage was over, I then confronted his boss about this and he had told me that their relationship was over because he was using him to extort money so he could divorce me and still have money to move away. We were both very angry with him, we decided to hire someone to murder him brutally, because if he passed on then I inherited all of his money, and I agreed to give his boss the money that he had lost back to him. To keep us from getting caught we hired you to keep the police away and us safe, because you would never suspect a beautiful women like me to plan this. I'm sorry that you had to be involved but I had to make sure I would be safe." I was astonished, baffled, and felt raped. "How- How could you just do this me; how do you know that I won't go to the cops!?" "Haha, because you're just a dirty spick P.I. living on the east side, who has no friends on the police force; who in their right-minds is going to believe you.."


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