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tom is all messed up and do not know about his past. but when he recalls the memories he kills himself. what was his past that he had to kill himself.....

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a man is walking past the streets of Manhattan.
He lives here in Manhattan, but where is his house, he donot know himself. he knows he had a wife and a son but somehow he can't recall their faces, their names. "what the hell i am doing here. what is my past ." thinks tom the bearded man. it is layered with dark fog due to which his future is also covered under his dark past.
he do not know where he is going but he surely remember those neon signboards and that route. where this will lead tom is unpredictable.
now he is infront of a broad road with heavy traffic. he tries to cross the road and near misses the cars. and he looked back on the police cars chasing a stolen car and his head is pierced with the sirens. he feels like his head is going to burst into flames. the guns, the cops are somewhere related to him, he thinks.
he walks in a dark alleyway. he looks down on his clothes, he was wearing white lower and white oversized upper. he wonders where he got that from. he enters a familiar looking residential area. with a lot of confusion he recognizes one of the houses and murmured " that's my house." he pushed open the door and the stairs the lobby seems so familiar. finally he found something that he owns. it was a cold night. he thought that his wife and his son would be sleeping upstairs and he starts to climbup the stairs. he pushed open his bedroom door and found it empty. he swithced on the lights and the walls were splattered with blood, the bedsheet was torn and the lamp was on the floor, broken.
and with a sudden jolt everything, every blurred part of his past came into focus.
' he started seeing things. things that others didn't saw. they called it hallucination but he called them the messengers. they told him to do things, the uncanny things, the evil things.
his wife was afraid of him and what he sees. his wife kept their son away from tom and tom was really angry. she rang up the phone of 'the homage for mad and tortured'. the assylum people came and took tom to the mental assylum. but somehow he managed to escape and came back. he stole the guards gun. he walked towards his home. in freezing night his blood was boiling. he checked the gun and there were four bullets in there. and kicked the door and it burst open and he ran upstairs and pushed open his bedroom door. he pointed the gun towards his wife. his hands shaking and sweat flowing down his chin. his eyes were red and revengful and the things he saw ( as they call it hallucinations) asked him to kill his wife, to revenge her.
and his wife lay dead on the floor and his son saw every scene of the crime commited. his hallucinations asked him to perform another murder GUNSHOT...and the very second his son lay dead on the floor too. he dragged the two bodies to the basement and opened the trapdoor.
he dragged the bodies down the hidden trapdoor and there lay an old cupboard. he locked the dead bodies in that cupboard and threw the gun on the floor. and laughed madly. his mouth full open his throat streched and tears prickling from his eyes, but he was laughing. Then only sound he could hear was of police sirens and he could make out that it was right outside hishouse. he ran up and locked the trapdoor and asked those hallucinations ( messengers, what he calls them) to guide him. but they vanished, evaporated in thin air. and he realized that he was wrong. what he did was wrong, he killed his own wife and his own son. he cried and screamed and banged his head over the walls. darkness covered his eyes and he got fainted in no time. '
three months later he woke up in the same mental assylum. he ran from there, and now he was standing in his own house. now it all made sense, it fits in. why he was wearing those clothes, why he couldn't remember. He was burdened with guilty, he wanted to scream, wanted to shout. he realized that he killed his wife and his son. he killed two person whom he loved so much. his tear full eyes moved all around the room. he fell on his knees and cried. and now he knew what he has to do. he slowly went down the stairs, sobbing and moaning. he balanced himself with great difficulty. he passed his lobby and went down to his basement. his eyes unfocused. he fell with a thud and crawled towards that trapdoor. and swing it open. and slided down the door. there was the cupboard. and there on floor was a gun. covered with dust. he looked up at the dusty cupboard. covered with dust and web. his eyes were fixed upon the cupboard and he bent down and picked up the gun. wiped it with his oversized shirt and there was a single bullet inside. he opened the cupboard and he gasped. his wife and son's body was there inside as he left them 3 months ago but a very foul smell was spreading in the whole room but tom was not aware of that he just stared his son and his wife and stepped inside the cupboard. the two dead bodies were beside his own mortal body. tears rushed of his eyes as he kept gun on his temple.
Police cars were outside the house, the neighbors heard the gunshots. The bedroom was similar like the night other gunshots were heard. It was similar to the last time, murder was performed but the bodies were not found. The neighbors called it the haunted house but in the basement was the buried truth.


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