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Ellie has a plan. kill a person a day for one year. she has killed many in various ways, then her friend joins in. will her friend stay loyal to her and not report her to the police?

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I wipe my hands on the white hand towel, another one down, 360 more to go. I smile in satisfaction as the towel is stained with the deep red, the result of a violent death.

She didn't struggle as much as the other four girls, it was slightly boring…I love hearing their agony.

I wander over to the metal table that I had placed in the middle of the room and scan the area. I had moved my furniture upstairs, bought a metal table on eBay, removed the rug so it wouldn't get bloodstained and converted my bookshelf into a place to keep weapons. I have a lot of connections so it was simple to get some material. So now my basement is a cozy location to torture people.

I see the girl through my binoculars; she walks down the stairs of the local library carrying about six books. She looks confident, it will be amusing to hear her beg and struggle.

I wait until she is by her car and walk out smiling.

"Hey! Long time no see!" she looks at me puzzled, because we have never met in our lives. I throw my arms around her in a warm embrace and pull the jackknife out of my sleeve; pressing it just below her ribs.

"I will kill you here if you don't my rules." I mutter in her ear. She tenses, feeling the knife poking her. I pull back and move my hand with the knife so it is resting on her shoulder, no one can see it in the dark of the night.

Her breathing quickens and I casually wrap my arm around her shoulders, keeping the weapon against her neck.

"So, deal?" I say happily. She gives the tiniest nod and I grin triumphantly. "Great! You can take your books with you, though you probably won't have time to read them." I shrug and press the knife deeper, drawing a little bead of red that slowly trickles down her neck.

I begin walking to my Jeep, pulling her beside me as she shuffles along. A small whimper breaks from her throat when we get to my car. I roughly push her in the back and tie her arms behind her, and then I put a gag in her mouth to muffle her cries for help.

Once we get to my house, I take her to my basement and trap her to the cold table. She struggles and thrashes in vain. She settles down to a sobbing mess. I take one of my favourite tools, my branding iron. I had heated the tool that is supposed to brand cattle to a scorching temperature.

When my victim sees the item in my hands, her eyes filled with terror as she lets out a scream. My adrenaline is pumping now and I can't hold a straight face, I'm grinning like a child in a candy shop.

When I bring the object to her skin, her face scrunches up in pain. I giggle as she screeches and observe the mark I made. 'Property Of E' is embedded into her flesh. I'm hysterical with glee, I continue to torment her and make burns on her arms, legs , and face. Her cries motivate me to do even more.

"Now for the finale of the show!" I cry out between my laughter. Her face is contorted in agony as I raise the branding iron and shove it with all my strength and shove it down her throat. The iron is now wedged deep and blood comes pouring up like a fountain. I give a last chuckle and sit back in a chair, listening to the music of the blood gurgling from the burns; I'm mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

The next day, after I disposed of the body by storing it in the locked shed in my backyard, my phone rings.

"Hey Ellie?" The voice of my best friend Evelyn asks after I pick up.


"Come over, I have nothing to do." Evelyn is the most laid back girl I know. We had a lot in common also.

When I was small, kids played hopscotch while I discovered my thirst for death and gore. I remember finding a bird that was half dead and dissecting it with a sharp rock that I had found. Other children shunned me, but not Evelyn; she thought I was cool that I cut things open and such.

I've thought about telling her, asking her to be my "helper". Each day, I come closer to telling her, even now, I want to tell her everything, maybe I will.

"I'll be right over." I hang the phone up, tingling with nerves. I'm going to tell her.

At the moment the door closes and I'm inside her doorway, it all comes out. I tell her about my plan to kill a person a day for one year, and about how I love torturing and listening to their shouts. She just listens, eyes wide while she stares. I feel light headed, because if she doesn't want any part of this, I know I will have to kill her. I manage to squeak,

"Want to help me with it?" her face is covered in disbelief; my knees are shaking so badly I'm worried they're going to buckle. Usually I'm so confident, but right now I'm on the verge of tears. A long pause drones on between us, to my utter shock, she grins and nods eagerly.

"Yeah! It will be awesome!" Evelyn and I are now partners in crime.

A few weeks later we had uncovered Evelyn's knowledge of killing. She found out where to stab to cause the utmost pain without killing them, and that she was an expert at teasing our victims. It is beginning to warm up here in Texas, and the March sun begins to radiate the heat.

Evelyn and I have killed about fifty people, both male and female, using many techniques. We have stabbed, sliced, burned, cut off limns, fingers, ears, and much more. We have come across a new and exciting way to kill someone - grating them with a cheese grater! The thought is exciting really, taking of bits of flesh, their screams inaudible by anyone in the middle of country, in a small house, miles away from help.

We have not tried the cheese grater technique yet; Evelyn said we have to save that for a special occasion, so we are sticking to our usual ones.

Evelyn leaves later to get the next victim, so I turn the television on and check the new to see if any of our prey have a search party yet. Yep, the tenth girl we murdered, the dark haired one, she was strong, I remember we had to knock her out before stabbing her to death, which was a shame because we love seeing their eyes fill with terror and listen to their pleads.

I listen to the news for a while and there's a knock at the door, I get up thinking its Evelyn and she's forgotten her key, by I open the door to a police officer. I quickly look over his shoulder to check if he has any backup. I try to hide the surprise off my face as he explains that someone reported somebody by the name of Eleanor, which is my full name, had bought excessive amounts of weaponry. I think back to Jake, the beginner that had sold me a revolver cheap. I knew I couldn't trust him, I think bitterly.

"Miss? Is there anybody here named Eleanor?" he asks politely.

"N-no." I mentally chide myself for stuttering.

"Well, may I have your permission to search the place?"

"No! I mean, no..." he raises an eyebrow.

"Sorry miss, I need to." He brushes past me into my home and begins to look around. I nervously glance at the door that leads downstairs and keep shifting feet as he searches. He starts to make his way to the basement door, I'm a nervous wreck. His hand touches the doorknob, his other hand by his belt. He pauses and turns.

"What's your name miss?" my heart is pounding so loudly I'm afraid he'll hear it.

"J-Janeya." I tell him the name of my childhood friend. He just nods and keeps his hand hovering by his gun. He twists the doorknob and swings open the door. I panic and leap towards him, clutching his head between my hands and twisting sharply to the right. His body falls down the stairs, a slow smile creeps onto my face. I stand there shaking, surprised by my own actions. Ha! No one can beat Ellie! I congratulate myself silently.

Barely a moment later, Evelyn bursts through the door with a struggling blond girl. We have tried to kill men before, but they are usually too strong to be worth it. Her expression is worried and questioning. Before she can say anything, I launch into my story about the police officer, when I see the blond girls eyes fill with hope of the police's back up, I quickly add,

"No, there's no backup." Evelyn is chuckling as she roughly pulls the girl downstairs, shaking her head with amusement when she sees the dead police officer with his head at an ugly angle. once I get a better look at the girl, she looks slightly familiar. I shrug it off, I see a lot people.

We strap her to the table and I feel my heart racing, the usual feeling of strength empowers me. Evelyn turns to me and asks me to go upstairs to get the cheese grater in the kitchen. My eyes light up even though I am slightly puzzled why and how this is a special occasion but I head upstairs anyway. I walk into the kitchen and grab the deadly kitchen tool, my insides feel like pudding, I'm ecstatic! I almost run downstairs, I've never been this giddy for torture time before. When I hit the bottom of the stairs, I see there isn't anyone on the table anymore.

"How did…" I don't have a chance to finish my sentence as hands close around my throat. I yelp in shock and I try to pull the hands off, they're locked tight. My thoughts are racing, the hands are cutting off circulation, consciousness is slipping away, I feebly grab at the hands before being enveloped into darkness.

I wake up on the very metal table where I had killed so many people. My sight is fuzzy as I test out all my limbs… my legs and arms are restricted by straps, very tightly. My eyesight clears up a bit and I wince away once I see Evelyn with her back turned to me. She betrayed me, I think, as I take a sharp intake of air. She turns, holding an object in her hand, oh no, I scream in my mind, she's going to use it.

"Hello, Ellie." She smiles and gestures to the grater. "See this? I told you I was using it for a special occasion!" I must look like those people we killed, frightened, horrified, and disgusted.

"Well, I'm not going to waste time talking," she comes to the table, cheese grater in hand, I brace for the pain of my skin getting shaved off, but nothing comes. Instead, she pulls a knife out of her pocket with her free hand and sits right beside me, so close I can feel the heat radiating off of her. Evelyn brings the knife to the bare skin of my arm and begins her torture. She starts by tracing my veins with the tip, the goes up my arm, making scratches, not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause pain. Slowly and deliberately, she digs it deeper and deeper, scraping and pushing it in the most excruciating manner. I let out a cry and struggle, but that only causes her to push in harder.

I look over and find my arms read, blood flowing freely. I meet Evelyn's eyes and I see hate, I have never seen this much despising hate in my life. I look over her shoulder to see the blond girl that she had brought home walking in.

"Awww, you started without me!" she walks over and leans on the table. "Hmmm, you don't remember me huh?"

I don't.

I have no idea who this is until she says, "I'm Lorie, the girl who you tried to kill first but I had gotten away?" I try to ignore the throbbing in my left arm. She continues, "I found Evelyn, we became friends, I told her about you, we found out we both also love blood and such." I was inexperienced when she got away, I didn't plan it out well enough, I had tried to get her in her own house, which wasn't smart because she screamed so loud she alerted the neighbors. Thankfully, I got away, moved to a different state, dyed my hair, and got coloured contacts. I didn't think I would see her again… boy, was I wrong.

She leans in close and whispers, "You are our next victim." I look over at Evelyn with pleading eyes. She meets my gaze and shrugs,

"I just want to kill you Ellie." She shrugs and picks up the cheese grater. "Time for karma!" she grins and expertly brings it down to my face and swipes sharply downward. A scream is ripped from my throat as Evelyn works feverishly on distorting my face, blood running down my neck and shoulder then off the table, a waterfall of blood splashing to the ground. I moan, hoping I would go unconscious. Evelyn is grinning at my agony and nods to Lorie. A sharp stinging pain sears up my leg and she starts stabbing what seem to be pins into my skin, very deeply. Once she has about fifty pins jammed into my skin, I hear walking. Evelyn is still scraping at my face and I know I'm not getting out of this alive. The walking comes close to my legs again; I feel something burning the palms of my feet. She had taken my branding iron. I let out a piercing scream, cursing this world, cursing Evelyn, cursing myself. My breathing becomes shallow and I know this is it. The devil is waiting for me down in hell.

I decide not to give Evelyn and her accomplice any satisfaction so I give them my best winning smile as I drift into death, the devil greeting me with everlasting agony…


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