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Trial of Tribulation. 1

Short story By: Factxzrx
Mystery and crime

Quiet Riot.

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"ALRIGHT, alright quiet." Said the Judge; already annoyed from the indecency that this case consisted of and now being provoked of, in and from in the crowds of people sitting in observing it.
Lone Star a young attorney in his second appearance before the great and honorable Judge Stone. Lone Star has been and is quite the fan of Stone, sitting in his court room during his academic years, writing his essay on him and for the second time he is now warned about his practice, the means of speech and his way of sharing a dialect from in the vocabulary of his clients. A vocabulary the Judge is not too well fond of.
"Would you like me to rephrase that your honor?" Asked Star, clearing the grin he had earned from in the crowd seated in the benches from behind and standing tall from in behind his defendant's desk as his suit crisped from out of its wrinkle. His client an African American women, She like the very few other models from in the inner city was caught and arrested with possession of crack cocaine. She sits in along side of Star, her hair weaves back, braided deeply and tight along her skull as her shoulders wear the braids like a knitted scarf giving the pitch black cotton cat suit she's wearing a fill from above her large bumptious breasts.
"Yes." Said Star, standing in under Stone in front of his mount from after stepping in, reading Stone by his hand as he pin point his finger to him then redirected him in.
"Do you plan on calling her up to the stand?" Stone asked mumbling it out as if its time was now being a regard from in the courtrooms record. Star looks over his shoulder, Lacey looks back smiling then she catches eye with stone and adds a wink from in the same smile she has been offering him since she had made her self present in behind the defendants desk of his courtroom.
"This is absurd." Said Wryly the Crown's attorney as he stepped in beside Star, feeling the hostility Stone has now granted to Star and his client and says. "Your Honor, I've been here all morning, she's our third case." Looks onto Star, growls, smirks over on to his client and the "Oohs." And "Ohws." Begin to rise from in the crowds, setting a tight twitching nerve in around Stones eye.
"The lady has a right to council." Said Stone, shaking the stress from off his face.
"She's under the influence." Said Wryly.
"How do you know?" Star asked then before he could take in his next breath Stone swiveled his mallet out in front of them, looking onto Star and reminding him that his court wasn't a means for illegal activity or its language. Star knew exactly what the Judge was referring to, he could sent its every sense as that mallet spun from in front of his face and sending its twirling trance in around his mouth.
"My Client is totally aware of her charges your Honor." Explained Star.
"Yes I see that." Said Stone looking on to her as she continues to break a smile for him as she did and does wile Star and Wryly step on back to their desk.
"Mr. Star you may proceed." Said Stone. Star steps out from in behind his desk, looks over on to Wryly and smirks at his over worn played out dress shirt and pants then looks away saying. "My client your Honor is in this field yet yes it is illegal to posses or be involved in an activity concerning illegal drugs. The drug was their, its activity was exercised. Unfortunately my client was one of the few people their- the party- that was not involved…"
"Objection your honor." Asked Wryly as he stood to his feet, capturing the moment and holding it in place from in his every breath. Stone leans back in his chair, hums, and nods his head. Wryly turns, looks on to Star and rolls his eyes, crossing them and puffing his cheeks as he continued to step on out from in behind his desk.
"Is this charge clearly not being heard?" Wryly asked. "It's clearly put; Possession of crack cocaine." He stated before the court then turned back and stared in to the defendants eyes, getting in on one more good look as he had before Star had been called on and warned of the terms of language that were to be used in his court room by Stone. "It seems to have been simply put. Bagged and tagged your Honor."
"Are you asking to set a date for a trial Mr. Star?" Stone asked him, leaning back over his desk then looks on to Wryly as he begins to step back into his desk. Wryly smiling, looking on to Star as he stands there and with out a breath to be accounted for then seen the vile in his clients hand, the white powder in and around her noise, and tumbling off her shirt.
"Mr. Star?" Stoned asked again. Star looks over on to his client, she smiles then stands up, standing her self in along him as he stood there before the Judge.
"No. I'm ready to go now." She said smiling on to Judge Stone.
"Mr. Star?" Stone asked and yet again.
"No you're your Honor not a trial. I was wanting to explain the facts and the position it held my client in." Star said then turned his head on to hers and whispered for her take her seat. "My client claims she has been wrongfully accused as were some of the other's." He said then looked down on to her from after hearing the snort, now watching as she's quenched and about to sneeze. Wryly steps out from in his desk, stands in next to Star and as he's about to blow his clients cover as he had intended to from in the beginning, saying their defendant is under the influence of the drug its self as they hold it before the court. The sneeze set its explosion, blowing what cocaine she had from in her noise, on her breast and anywhere else out in to the court along with the papers Star had on his desk.
"You're Honor a conclusion to my case." Wryly said, stepped out from in his stand next to Star.
"Excuse me." Stone said bringing that look in to his face, the same look he had possessed before telling his courtroom to maintain quit.
"The defendant is not fit to attend this hearing. Clearly she is and indeed under the influence." Wryly said, steps in over Stars papers as they begin to settle in on the floor.
"Young lady please stand." Requested Judge Stone, looking on to her as Star sets her with a drink. She sets the water aside, sliding the glass away from in front of her then stands to her feet and breaks for yet again another smile for the man who sits high up under the shield and crest of its law.
"What is it you plan to do here today?" He asked then quickly reached for his mallet and raises his brows, signaling Star to remain in his chair. "In my court room?"
"I was looking forward to please a handsome man such as your self." She said smiling then set a wink in silence on to her judge.
"Thank you." Said Stone. "Now you stand here before my court charged with possession of drugs. You have and seems like you have been maintaining a clean record. Would you like to deal with this charge today? In my court?" Stone asked then looked on to Star and said. "In a matter of minutes." Star nods then whispers "Yes" up on to his client.
"Yes." She said smiling as she did.
Wryly looks on to Star as Star walks in to his desk from after quickly retrieving his papers from off the floor.
"I've taken note of the guilty plea. You may now sit down." Stone said and Star and Wryly take their seats. Wryly steps out from in behind his desk, stares on to Stone, debates whether or not he should make point that he is convinced that Star's client is in fact high on drugs.
Star feels a hand rubbing in to his gut, he looks down and its hers. She shushes him then hands him a breath mint. The same mint as the one she had problems chewing and taking down her throat as it ended up blown from out of her noise as its crumbs made scene for a substance from on her breast.
"May I approach the bench?" Asked Wryly. Stone stares down on to him, hums a growl, and knows exactly what the over worked, slick headed Italian attorney wanted to say.
"Shall we." Said Star stepping in behind him, the breath mint already chewed, crumbs of it on his tie and shoulder and for kicks he had some set in under his nose knowing exactly what Wryly was up too and as being a African American him self he decided to have a little fun as his client has seemed to have hers in pleasing the judge with her and her smiling.
Wryly turns his head matching eyes with Star then shook from in his stand.
"What is it.?" Asked stone then looks on to Star and asks, "Is that candy, a breath mint."
"Yes." Star said then turned back and looked over his client. She stands up, holds out her pack of breath mints.
"Very tasty." Said Star. The Judge lifted his hand up off his desk and waved Stars client to sit down. He looks on to Star once again, back on to his client then for once; his smile broke thru that old wrinkling face of his.
"Let's get on with it." Said Wryly, mumbling it up on to Stone as the crowd in behind them was set in to a blushing stir of giggles.
"Fine." Said Star.
"Ya Fine." Wryly said.
"For its value, being the little sum that it is." Stone said beginning his justifying speech. He looks on to the smiling exotic model and continues by saying. "As it was stated." And gives her a wink from himself then tells the court, "A fine of one thousand dollars to be paid in full and today. Case dismissed." The mallet bangs in its place and Stone try's not to get in any eye contact with the lovely model, knowing she's stepping out, looking at him and smiling as is the crowd who is also well aware of the smiling relation of The judge and his courtroom and especially the one with the wink.


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