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Tags: Crime, Patrol

Mysterious tales and stories hidden in a famous hotel which turns out to be a broken and destroyed factory. Later on, three friends actually discover what had happened.

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In the bus, there were three boys, gathering, singing and laughing at their jokes. "I heard that Coxes Bazar is a beautiful place" said the middle of the two boys named Rafid. He was an US born Bangladeshi and he lived in Bangladesh for five years and tries to explore. "Yes bro, really beautiful" said the right side of the other two boys named Jamal. The left side named Tausif was listening to a song on his cell phone and humming.

They reached in a handsome hotel. They were tired and booked their room. When they went upstairs, the three boys saw there was a man with a mustache, healthy physique and he wore a formal shirt with a brown pant. The man gave a pleasant smile. "Well, Good Morning! I am Mr. Hasif. I am the owner of the hotel. I shall guide you to Coxes Bazar and be careful, many strange things would happen in the hotel beside ours" said the man. They took it lightly because they did not believe in supernatural things.

In the lovely afternoon, they went to the beach. Suddenly, Tausif saw an advertisement, written as:


Tausif called Rafid and Jamal. "Hey look, there is an advertisement" said Tausif. When they read it, they were surprised. Rafid said "There is no factory in Coxes Bazar. Why they put it?" Tausif said "I have no idea. Whether there was a factory or not, I just have to go to the hotel beside the hotel they were staying. Rafid went to the reception and asked the accountants about the hotel. "What happened in this hotel?" asked Rafid. The young lady in the accounts replied "there used to be a shoe factory. It was destroyed when the owner of the shoe factory came from Australia but he suddenly disappeared and no one knows and everyone got scared and killed". Rafid expressed his suspicious face and he went near Tausif and Rafid. They asked about the happenings at the hotel but when they took it seriously, they got rid of their vacation and thought about it. They were amateur detectives.

At night, they went to the hotel and suddenly saw that lights were flashing in their glass windows. They went downstairs and saw that those lights were flashing and it was pointing to the beach. They split up and Rafid went through front. The seas were waving in the front of the beach. He saw a white smoke and he went to the left side of the beach. Then he saw a black figure ran. Rafid ran and went to the tree side of the beach. "HEY!" he shouted. Suddenly, Tausif and Jamal came and Rafid asked "Have you seen a shadow man?" Jamal replied "no, I just saw the white smoke, honest!"

Next Morning, they went to the neighboring hotel and saw all the dead bodies and flood of blood. When the young lady from the accounts came, she was shocked. She asked Rafid about the killings that happened now. Suddenly, he saw a golden locket. The locket was expensive and made with real gold. They looked for the owners of the locket. No one admitted it. In the locket, it was written 'R'. They had looked for the names listed in 'R's.

Then at night, they went to the beach, Rafid saw a man who has long beard and long hair with a brown blanket sat on a bench. Rafid went near him and he asked "How did the owner of the shoe factory disappear? You are the eldest and wisest, you can tell me what had happened in the hotel?" The old man replied "Yes, that happened in 1999, when I was 124 years old, I was old but I was tall and looked like 24 years old and I was an English Language Professor. It was a shoe factory before it was a hotel. The owner and I were friends. She had a daughter named Reshma. She was 16 that time. She was in love with a man named Armaan Karim. He was the hero of the college. Armaan was also in love with her. Her father also liked him but when Armaan's cousin, Yasin came to the hotel, he hired some terrorists.Before that, Yasin came to know that Armaan loved Reshma. When Armaan and Reshma encountered with the terrorists in the corridor, the terrorists shot Armaan's spine. After Armaan accidentally pushed Reshma aside, they became unconscious. The two lovers were separated, not knowing their conditions. The Shoe factory had been destroyed and the father had been committed suicide due to the shoe factory was destroyed. The killings were done by the owner of the hotel". Rafid was shocked.

When Rafid went to the hotel, he, Jamal and Tausif were discussing about it. Next day, Rafid saw that the neighboring hotel was empty. The young lady accountant came behind. "Sir" said the lady. Rafid looked back. He said "Reshma, is that your name?"

"How do you know sir?" asked the young lady. Then Rafid said "Oh, you haven't seen Armaan for 11 years. He once saved my life from an accident and told me all the emotional stories about you two. He was non other than Tausif. His face surely changed but he told a lot about you. The shadow man was Tausif. He wrote you a letter, right? When you were sleeping? I knew it all because I saw it very clearly and the killer wanted you to trap us was non other than Yasin and he had a plastic surgery and changed his name. I am Detective Rafid Al Musharaf". Jamal was surprised and young lady was very surprised. Suddenly, a man came. "Mr. Yasin, you are arrested" said Tausif and Rafid. The police came and behind Yasin and took him. He was acting like he was staggering. Rafid and Jamal went to the bus and bid Tausif (Armaan) and Reshma goodbye.

A Year later, Tausif and Reshma got married and they had a baby. Rafid stayed with them forever.


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