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Doris is a professional assassin and has accepted a contract to strangulate two girls at a night-club.

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At closing time

Doris was a professional assassin. She had received an anonymous contract to strangulate 2 girls who worked inside a nightclub.

It was close to midnight, pitch-black outside, when she entered the club through the backside door. She had received the key from her contractor, who she believed to be the owner of the club.

Her information told her that the first girl, Rebecca, was relaxing in the couch in the rest-room.

The room was dark. Only the TV was on. She crawled upon Rebecca from behind. She quickly wrapped her black chain around Rebecca's throat. Rebecca gasped and slapped behind her. She missed. Doris pulled her down on the ground. Rebecca coughed. Doris squeezed her throat with all force. Rebecca slapped around wildly with her arms, wasting energy, missing Doris. Doris ripped Rebecca's shirt up, revealing her belly. Rebecca was an athletic girl and Doris enjoyed her muscles trembling in the soft light of the TV.

Doris enjoyed working against Rebecca's force. The girl was warm and it was a pleasure to feel her body working.

Rebecca's fighting was harmless. Before she had organized herself, she had already lost her energy.

Her arms now fell to the ground, her hands scratching the carpet, her feet slipped around on the carpet. Doris started playing around with her. She turned the girl's head to the left, then to the right, and so on. She enjoyed squeezing her throat as much as she could. Then she caressed the soft belly.

Finally, Rebecca stopped twitching. Doris strangled her for another minute, then released her.

Part One of the deal was completed.

Doris pulled Rebecca into a dark corner, and went into the bathroom, where Anna, the second girl was.

Anna was busy with make-up. Doris stormed in from the side, kicked her over, wrapped her chain around Anna's neck, then pulled her up straight in front of the mirror. The contract said that Anna had to look at herself as she was dying.

Anna's eyes were wide open. She gasped and ripped on the chain. Doris had her in a safe lock-in. She pressed her arms against the girl's shoulders, squeezing her against the chain.

Anna tripped slightly on her feet. Doris pulled her up.

The waltz went for a few moments, then Anna collapsed. Doris let her down on her knees, forcing her to look into the mirror.

Anna's hands scratched the mirror. She looked desperately. Doris had to fix her position, otherwise Anna would have fallen to the ground.

Finally, Anna gave her last breath, her tongue sticking out. Doris let her corpse fall to the ground, pulled her into a dark corner and left.

The next morning, she received her payment with the mail.


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