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Cameron thought he could save everyone turns out he was wrong.

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Words of wisdom

'You can't save everyone' that's what they told him at the academy. Cameron never agreed with this statement. He believed that every person had a bit of good in them and no matter how awful their situation a part of them wanted to live. So Cameron felt this saying 'you can't save everyone' didn't apply to him. He was going to become a police officer and no-one was going to die on his watch.

Once Cameron graduated and joined the New York Police Department he began his mission to save everyone he came into contact with. His partner Officer Reynolds thought Cameron's ideals to be naive and idiotic but that didn't stop him. For three years Cameron arrested criminals and saved victims without a single death. Even his partner had to admit it was impressive. It wasn't until just after his third year in NYPD that he couldn't save someone. And that day left him a broke man.

"Faster Reynolds faster, he' getting away!" Cameron shouted.

"I'm running as fast as I can kid but I'm old and I'm getting tired." Reynolds shouted back.

They were chasing a young man by the name of David Crocker who had hit an old woman with a car and drove off leaving her to die on the street. The police wanted him on murder charges for the hit and run but he wasn't about to comply. When Cameron and Reynolds had arrived at Crocker's apartment to arrest him he ran like the wind like the coward he was. Cameron and Reynolds were chasing him through allies in Manhattan. Cameron could no longer hear his partner's loud footsteps and heavy breathing behind him, he must have stopped to catch his breath but Cameron ploughed on. Crocker turned a corner leading to a dead end and knowing he was trapped took out his gun. As Cameron turned the corner he also drew his gun. In unison both Crocker and Cameron raised their guns to aim at each other.

"David Crocker, NYPD put down your weapon."

"I can't do that officer. I can't go to prison." Crocker replied.

Most officers would have shot him right there, Cameron's partner certainly would have but he hesitated. The man was scared. Scared of what would happen to him, scared to go to prison.

"David I know you didn't mean to hurt that woman. I know that it was an accident. And I know you ran because you were sacred. But you can make it better if you just put down the gun. You don't need to hurt anyone else, please."

David stared at Cameron for a minute and then slowly lowered the gun. Cameron knew that he could find the good in David. He knew he had succeeded.

"I'm sorry, I can't go to prison."

Cameron's face fell. David raised the gun again aiming it at Cameron. And Cameron had no choice.

"I'm sorry David."


The coroner pushed the body into the van. He acted like it was no big deal. Cameron could hardly watch, David was dead because of him. How could he get over that? How was he supposed to deal with the guilt?

"You'll get over this eventually kid." Reynolds told him.

"How Reynolds?"

"Just takes time."

"I failed him. I failed myself."

"Look kid things like this happen and it's going to happen to you again so I suggest you suck it up and be a man. You can't save everyone."

Those words again only this time Cameron knew they were true. These were the words Cameron thought didn't apply to him. He was wrong. Not everybody has good in them, David would have shot him. Not everyone wants to live. Like they say 'you can't save everyone.'


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