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Officer Brown is a respected officer at the Williamsburg Virginia Police Department. When the police station receives an untraceable over-the-phone bomb threat, he is the first to get onto the crime. In the one week he has before Virginia's highest rated tourist destination explodes, he finds himself shot at, tricked, and betrayed...

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DAY 01


THE MAN IN THE BLACK COAT STARTED TO RUN. He looked nervous. Nobody knew why, but some believed that he was afraid of thunder when a storm was coming. Well, a storm was coming but no, he wasn't afraid of that. He was afraid of getting caught. He had just planted a bomb in the middle of the Capitol Building at the end of Duke of Gloucester Street in Colonial Williamsburg.

He then rushed over to the Governor's Palace. He showed his pass and went in. He took the soonest tour of the inside of the Palace. From the front right pocket of his jacket, he brought out a bomb about the size of a Gatorade bottle. He kneeled down and placed it behind a doorway where tourists wouldn't notice it. Quickly, he broke away from the tour group and ran out of the Palace when it started to downpour. He was extremely glad that he hadn't gotten caught, but he was still nervous. He knew that in a week's time, his employer would arm the bombs. He was nervous that his employer would either say he didn't do a good enough job of placing the bombs or even shoot him. Well he found out only a couple of minutes later when he entered the secret passage beneath the Mound and locked the door behind him.

Five yards inside the tunnel, a .44 caliber revolver had been programmed to shoot anything that crossed its path. The man in the black coat never saw daylight again.


THE PHONE RANG. It seemed to ring louder than usual. Officer Brown answered the phone. "Hello, you have called the City of Williamsburg Police station, what is your emergency?" he asked.

"I'm afraid to say that this is not my emergency, but yours," the man on the other side of the line said.

"Excuse me?" asked Officer Brown.

"Located in Colonial Williamsburg are two high explosive bombs. In one week, as of two hours ago, they will explode. Unless, you give me one million dollars," the man said.

"WHAT! You can't do that!" Officer Brown yelled.

"Too late, I already did."


"Officer, I suggest you start collecting that dough. Or several tourists will lose their lives, and two buildings will be reduced to rubble. Money will arrive by the gate on the trail to the Clubhouse of the Golden Horseshoe."

"We can't do that in one week, and we can't take the money from innocent citizens!"

But the caller had already hung up.


OFFICER CHARLES BROWN HAD TALKED TO OFFICER ROBERT WASHINGTON WHO CONSIDERED THE CALL A PRANK. "Sir, I really don't think so. He sounded so serious," said Officer Brown.

"Trust me. It's a prank," said Officer Washington.

"He didn't block the number. We could call him and find out," Officer Brown suggested.

"Officer Brown, I suggest that you leave this alone, because it isn't true," said Officer Washington.


"Charles, unless you don't want your job anymore, you leave this case alone."

And with that, Officer Brown left Officer Washington's office.


EVEN THOUGH OFFICER WASHINGTON TOLD HIM SPECIFICALLY NOT TO, OFFICER BROWN STARTED TO INVESTIGATE THE BOMBER'S CALL. First thing he did was get a plain clothes man to search for anything out of the ordinary. Second, he sent a team of investigators to the gate on the Clubhouse hiking trail. And third, he ate a donut.

Whenever Officer Washington entered the room, he would minimize anything that was happening on his computer and pretend to be doing nothing. One time, Officer Washington came over to him and asked "What are you doing?"

Officer Brown just replied "Waiting for someone to call 9-1-1 as usual."

Officer Washington nodded and walked to his office. For some reason, he was looking bored. That's weird. Officer Washington never looks bored, thought Officer Brown.


THE PLAIN CLOTHES MAN SAW NOTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. The only thing he saw was a couple of Gatorade Bottles in peculiar places.




THE PLAIN CLOTHES MAN REPORTED TO OFFICER BROWN. "There just isn't anything that could be a bomb!" shouted the plain clothes man.

"There has to be!" Officer Brown shot back.

"Look, the only thing that is out of line is the Gatorade bottles! I picked them up and threw them away!"

"Where?" asked Officer Brown.

"I put them in a trash bin in Merchant's Square."

"Did you by any chance look inside the bottles? Were they somehow heavy?" asked Officer Brown.

"No. I didn't look inside. It was heavy though."

"I think we found our bombs. Bring them to me. Officer Washington just has to see them," Officer Brown told the plain clothes man.

When the plain clothes man got to the trash bin that he had placed the bombs in, he searched inside. But the bombs simply weren't there.

Five minutes before the plain clothes man arrived in Colonial Williamsburg, a man in a black coat left Merchant's Square with two Gatorade bottles in his pockets.



"They aren't there anymore."

"Well then, WHERE ARE THEY?!"

"I don't know."

The phone rang again.

"Hello, you have called the City of Williamsburg Police Station, what is your emergency?" Officer Brown asked.

"Once again Officer, this is your emergency. Your day one is up. Only six to go and you still haven't collected any of my money. Oh, and don't move my bombs or your plain clothes man will have his pieces spread out all over the Eastern Seaboard."

And with that, he hung up again.



THE INSPECTORS HAD FOUND NOTHING. They had even stayed overnight looking for anything from a boot track, to a fingerprint. They hiked back down the trail, disappointed that they hadn't seen anything. Officer Brown was not going to be happy with this.


OFFICER BROWN SIGHED WHEN THE INSPECTORS BROUGHT HIM NOTHING FROM THE TRAIL. One of the inspectors gave him the overview of what had happened that night. "There wasn't anything on the trail," the inspector said.

"I know."

Although he was disappointed, he knew what he had to do.

He was going to find the bomber himself.


OFFICER BROWN CALLED THE BOMBER. Although he was nervous that the bomber would pull the plug on the bombs, he called. "Hello?" Officer Brown asked.

"What is it Officer? Do you have my money?"

"No. I want to talk to you in person."


Officer Brown was nervous that he would ask that.

"I need to talk to you."

"Fine, but you have to come unprotected. No guards, no snipers, no funny business."

"That will have to do," Officer Brown said

"Meet me in the secret passage beneath the mound in the Governor's Palace in two hours. If you arrive one minute late, or one minute early, I won't be there."

He hung up. Officer Brown had just made one of the worst decisions of his life.


ZACHARY WEBB WAS SURPRISED THAT THE OFFICER ARRIVED ON TIME. So was Officer Brown for that matter. His car had gotten stuck in a very rare traffic jam. It was no coincidence that Zachary was behind it all. Zachary had hacked into the traffic control center and made Officer Brown's trip all red lights. If the Officer didn't arrive on time, Zachary was going to pull the .44 caliber revolver trick again.

When Officer Brown reached the gate to the secret passage, he found it locked. He yelled in for someone to open the gate. Fortunately, someone came in a matter of seconds. He opened the door, led Officer Brown in, and locked the door behind him.

They walked down the passage about fifteen paces and then entered a chamber on the left of the tunnel. "What do you want?" the bomber asked Officer Brown.

"First, I want your first name so I know what to call you."

"Todd," Zachary lied. "What is your last name?"

"Brown," Officer Brown said truthfully.

"So all this time, I have called you right?"

"Yes, you should know that," said Officer Brown said suspiciously.

"I just wanted to know if anyone has heard my voice. If anyone else hears it, the person who does hear it will be killed," said Zachary.

"So Todd, why do you want the one million dollars anyway?" Officer Brown asked.

"Mind your own beeswax Brown!" Zachary yelled.

"In other words, you just said 'to be rich'," said Officer Brown.

Officer Brown had been in the force long enough to know what people like Todd want when they say "Mind your own beeswax". "I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" Zachary yelled.

"You pretty much did."


"Ok, ok, ok! Jeez. I realize that you want your money. Doesn't matter why, you just want it," said Officer Brown.

"Leave. Now," said Zachary.

"No. I'm the one in the higher boots now and I give the commands."

"Well then you're stupid because you came without a gun and I have one in my hand right now."

Officer Brown's eyes opened wide. Zachary pulled out his .44 caliber Magnum revolver. "Like I said, leave. Now," said Zachary.

Officer Brown left. But not empty handed. He had taken the bomb detonator.


WHEN OFFICER BROWN GOT BACK TO THE POLICE STATION, HE PUT THE DETONATOR ON HIS DESK. He couldn't wait until Officer Washington asked what it was. It didn't take long. Not even an hour after Officer Brown arrived back from the Mound, the question was asked.

After Officer Washington asked, Officer Brown said "Remember that call that we got yesterday?"

"The one I told you to stay away from otherwise you lost your job?"


"You're fired."

"No! That is a detonator box to the two bombs that the bomber was talking about," said Officer Brown.

"You're fired until you can demonstrate the bomb exploding in the test chamber."

"That's the problem. The bomber, (who said his name was Todd) took them and hid them again."

"What do you mean by again?"

"I sent a plain clothes man to retrieve anything out of the ordinary. He only found two Gatorade bottles. So he threw them away. When I sent him back to get them, Todd had taken them away and hid them away again."

Officer Washington didn't look convinced. "Send out the plain clothes man again."

"Todd said that if I did, he would blow up our agent."

"We have the detonator," said Officer Washington.

Officer looked at his hand. The silver box with the red button reflected his face. "I'll get the plain clothes man again."

Officer Washington rolled his eyes and left.


The plain clothes man also rolled his eyes when he was told to find the bombs. AGAIN! He thought. Once again, he left.


YES! Zachary thought. He took the bait and took the false detonator!


THE PLAIN CLOTHES MAN FOUND THE BOMBS IN THE SAME PLACE AS BEFORE. He brought them back to the police station and showed them to Officer Brown who said "That's great! I'm going to go home and sleep until Officer Washington gets to work tomorrow."

Officer Brown left the office, for the last time.


ZACHARY MADE SURE THAT THE BOMB WAS REALLY IN THE POLICE STATION WITH THE BUILT IN G.P.S. It was sitting on the desk of Officer Brown for a couple of hours. Zachary pulled out the real detonator and pushed the red button. The plain clothes man and several other Officers died that night.


CHARLES BROWN'S PHONE RANG. He picked it up and gave the usual greeting. "Hello?"

"I'm sorry to tell you that the police station exploded last night," said the caller.

Charles dashed to his TV and saw the rubble of the only City of Williamsburg Police Station. He got dressed quickly and grabbed his car keys as he headed out the door.

When he arrived at what once was the Police Station, someone rushed up to him and said "Thank goodness you're alive. People have been looking for you in the rubble."

"Has anyone seen Officer Washington?" asked Officer Brown.

"Nobody has seen him sir."

Where could Officer Washington be? He would swarm this place like bees on a bear stealing honey. Officer Brown thought.



ZACHARY HAD WONDERED ONCE WHY HE WAS DOING THIS FOR HIS EMPLOYER. He just left it at he was getting a fair share of that million buck stampede coming his way. "Zachary, open this darn door!"

CRAP! Zachary thought. His employer was standing at the gate. He was always nervous when the man was at the gate.

"Zachary, I know you're in there. OPEN THIS DOOR OR YOU WON'T GET PAID!"

"I was coming I just needed a second," said Zachary calmly.

"Why did you blow up the darn Police Station?"

"I was keeping a promise. I told Officer Brown not to send out the plain clothes man again or his guts would be scattered all over the Eastern Seaboard."

"That's strike one. With me, you only get two."

Zachary's employer left him alone in the tunnel again.


OFFICER BROWN DIDN'T LIKE THIS. It was already day 3, no money ready, no bomber accused. Where is Officer Washington? Officer Brown thought.

He should be here.

Officer Brown would have called but Officer Washington had recently gotten a new phone. New phone: new number: no luck. Officer Brown was troubled. How was he going to find out how to get rid of the bomb without getting himself hurt?


ZACHARY WEBB HAD HIS MISSION ALL IN CONTROLL. The bombs were in position (the Gatorade bottles were not the real bombs). Two tourist suitcases filled with C4 in the Lost & Found. It's a little hard to find something when you don't know what you're really looking for. Zachary thought.



OFFICER BROWN SIGHED. Todd had refused to give him the slightest bit of information and Todd had the real detonator and he had the fake. This was a dangerous game of cat and mouse. He paused, thinking of what he could do. Then he got an idea. He picked up the phone and called Todd.


ZACHARY WAS HAVING A SHOWER WHEN HIS PHONE RANG. Since he knew that his employer would kill him if he didn't answer him. "Hello?" he asked.

"It's Officer Brown; you made your first mistake. You blew up the Gatorade bottles. You don't have any more bombs."

"Wow. I'm not that stupid. Those aren't the real bombs. The other ones will make a crater the size of Virginia. So don't think of just evacuating Colonial Williamsburg because it's not going to be enough this time."

He hung up. Officer Brown had played into his cards again.


AFTER ANOTHER HOUR OF THINKING, A CALL TO THE BOMB SQUAD, AND AN INTERNET SEARCH, HE THOUGHT HE COULD FIND THE SOLUTION. The thinking came after the call to the Bomb Squad that said that if someone wanted a crater the size of Virginia, he would have to fill two suitcases with C4. The Internet search was for a pearl necklace for his wife.

How to move them? Take off the positioning system that Todd had most likely placed so that he wouldn't know that the actual bomb had been moved. Who could operate? The plain clothes man had died in the explosion and so had the investigators. He was the only one left.



CHARLIE HAD BEGUN TO THINK MORE ABOUT THE GPSs AS SOON AS HE THOUGHT ABOUT THEM. The thing that worried him was that if he took out the GPS, it might explode. There was only one way to find out. And that was to test it out.


SURE ENOUGH, TWO SUIT CASES WERE SITTING ON THE TABLE. It couldn't get any easier. He looked around the outside for a GPS. He saw nothing. This was getting a little hard. He had to unzip them. After unzipping one, someone screamed "BOMB!"

"I'm defusing it!" said Officer Brown.

He looked in and saw a GPS. The GPS was hooked up to a wire that was inserted into a small satellite dish. He closed his eyes, and pulled the wire out.


NOTHING HAPPENED. With a sigh, he took the GPS out of the suit case and zipped it up. He repeated these steps with the second bomb. Then he took both suit cases, left the GPSs with DO NOT TOUCH signs on them, and left for home. He called the bomb squad and said to come and defuse the bombs.


THE BOMB SQUAD SUCCESSFULLY DEFUSED THE BOMBS AND TOOK THE EXTRA C4 INTO THEIR OWN CUSTODY. Then Officer Brown called Todd. He had made the mistake of making the GPS removable. The two phones connected. Then Todd said "Hello Officer Washington. What's my next assignment?" Officer Brown hung up. His boss was going to blow up Virginia.


ZACHARY HAD FORGOTTEN TO CHECK THE CALLER I.D. AND ACCIDENTALY GAVE THE NAME OF HIS EMPLOYER TO HIS ENEMY. That was strike two. If Officer Washington found that out, Zachary would be killed instantly.

The phone rang. It was Officer Brown. "Hello Todd."

"What do you want now? First you get the name of my employer then you want to socialize?" Zachary yelled.

"Not socializing."

"Then what are you calling for?"

"The game is over Zachary. The bombs are disarmed. No harm can be done."

"My GPSs though, they are still at the Lost and Found. You couldn't disarm them there!"

"I took off the GPS and took the suit cases to the bomb squad. Really, it's pretty simple," Officer Brown bragged.

"I'm going to have to kill you."

Zachary hung up.



THE DOORBELL RANG. Officer Brown looked out the peephole. There stood Todd looking quite passive. Officer Brown noticed a gun in his pants though. This wasn't a pleasant visit. This was going to be a massacre. Officer Brown ran upstairs and grabbed his gun. A double barrel 20 gauge shotgun.

He opened the front door. Todd whipped out his pistol and fired at the same time as Officer Brown fired his. Todd fell back. Apparently he was dead. Officer Brown had taken a bullet wound to the foot. He was lucky he fired a hundredth of a second first.



THE MISSION HAD FAILED AND ZACHARY "TODD" HAD DIED. Officer Brown had two broken bones and a hole about the size of a dime in his foot. He was recovering well. He would be ready for work again (with a small limp) in about a month. As for Officer Washington, no one has seen him since. He seemed to have disappeared off the planet.


"SO YOU'RE ZACHARY'S COUSIN?" Officer Washington asked.


"You'll be perfect."

THE END……For now.


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