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A girls ex-boyfriend is looking to seek revenge on her and her current boyfriend(who was a former friend)

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She lay there still and motionless unable to sleep. Thinking. A sudden breeze came from her open window. Suddenly a hand from out of nowere grabbed her mouth making her pass out. The person quikly slipped her out the window and into their truck that was as black as the night. The truck slipped away and the crime scene left as if nothing had happened.
She woke up in a hair surrounded in blackness. She dared not move for she was afraid of what might be lurking through the dark. All of a sudden a single light from infront of her came on. She saw a table and on the other side, a figure.
She spoke. "Who are you and what am I to you?"
The figure just smiled a sly smile. She gave a puzzled look.
"Who are you?" she asked once more.
Still no answer.The figure shifted ever so slitely and then spoke.
"Don't tell me you have forgotten who I am." It was a males voice.
She looked down while thinking. After a moment she looked up slowly with a look of horror on her face. He laughed.
"Logan?" she managed to get out.
"Is that how you greet your ex-boyfriend?" he asked with the most unpeasent smile. She wanted to sream out but didn't afraid of what he might do to her.
"What do you want with me?" she asked more stern in her voice now.
"oh nothing." He said looking at her with his sarcastic smile.
An akward silence took place. She looked down.
"We are going to be together." He said with anger in his voice.
She looked u confused.
"What?" she wimpered.
"Your going to go out with me." He stared into her eyes.
"NO!" she yelled. "I hate you!"
"Break up with your stupid little boyfriend and go out with me or else!" he yelled back. She sat up in the chair.
"Or else what?" she dared him. He smiled a devil smile and took out a gun from his back pocket.
"you wouldn't." she stared at him squinting her eyes as if she knew what he was thinking.
"No your right" she gave a sigh of releif. "but I will kill your little boyfriend." He finished. He grined at her. Tears started to fill her eyes. He pulled a phone out of his pocket and slide it across the table to her.
"Its better to hurt his heart than his life." He wispered to her. She looked at the phone then at him. She slowly reached for it and buying some time slowly dialed his number. She hoped he wouldn't answer. It rang once,twice,three times.
"Hello?" the voice on the other end picked up.
She tried to stop crying so it wouldn't sound as if she was doing so.
"Lucas?" she sobbed.
"Yea. Jane is that you?" he said with curiosity.
"um yea. I have to tell you something."
"its um…" she looked up and logan gave her a motion to go on.
"yea its what?" lucas asked.
"Its over. Im sorry." She could hear him starting to cry and hung up. She started crying softly.
"How did it go?" logan asked shining his gun up. He gave her an evil smile.
She stood knocking over her chair and raised her arm to throw the phone. Logan shot her that you don't want to do that look. Instead she put the phone down and slide it back to him.
"That's a girl." He said picking up the phone. She sat on the ground.
"Awww no need to cry." He went over to her side of the table. "you have me." He started laughing continuesly. She took a swing at him. He started laughing again backing off. The phone rang. She looked up as he laughed again.
"Hello?" logan answered.
"Is jane there?" Lucas asked.
"Oh im so sorry. Shes too busy with her boyfriend." Logan stared at jane signiling her not to say a word.
"Her boyfriend?" he asked in confusion and tears.
"Oh yes. Whats that be right there sweetie." Logan said and hung up laughing.
"Why?!" she asked sreaming in tears now.
"because." He replied.
"Because why?!" she yelled at him.
"because you went for him! You left me for that no good midget! You crushed me so now im going to crush you and him! You were mine and you will always be mine!" his face was stern and red. She was sobbing even harder now. He walked toward the big meteal door.
"were are you going?" she asked him her voice shaking.
He didn't look back and said "to kill that midget." She yelled "NO PLZ!" over and over. He only said "yes" and left her in the room cold and hopeless.


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