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A man searching for a killer has a twist at the end of the trail. Will he find him or will it go the other way around?

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Long strides is what I kept thinking as I was chasing him. Long strides. He seemed to be much faster than me. Suddenly, he ran into an alleyway. I run around the corner and see nothing, but an old rusty car. I walk closer to the vehicle to get a better look at it. BOOM!! Flames and sharp pieces of metal flew everywhere. I flew backwards landing on my back. My vision is blurry, but I can see a human-like figure behind me. I blink once; it disappears. I wake up hearing constant beeping. After a few minutes my vision comes back and i realize I'm in the hospital. I yell for a doctor. "Hello, I'm Dr. J. Johnson. How may I help you?" "How did I get here?" "A man that was jogging late lastnight found you in an alleyway in front of a blown up car." "Did the man see anything?" "I don't know. Actually, to think about it. He did talk to a cop." "Do you know the cop's name?" "I think he left his card. I will get it for you." I look at the card and it belongs to my old partner before I got promoted. I walk up to his house and know he's home because his car is in the driveway. I knock on the door twice and ring the doorbell. Glass shatters. Someone runs past the window. I knock again, no answer. I break the door down and check all the corners. I run into the dining room. On the ground, lying there dead, is my old partner. I walk up closer and notice red marks around his neck as if he was strangled to death. I see a note in his shirt pocket. It says,"Catch me if you can!" I tried thinking to myself how this man found my old partner's house and knew I was coming here. I tried putting two and two together, but couldn't come to a conclusion. Who was this man? Where did he come from? What does he have to do with me? My mind was blank. I go to my office and get on the computer. I check my email and there is a notification about my old partner's funeral. It would be Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I get an I.M. IT reads,"See you later." I reply,"Who is this?" I get no response. After two hours of waiting there is still no response. I get another detective to trace the email address and it leads to nothing. How is this possible? Frustration is setting in. A little bit of fear is too. I think to myself. "Is this a ghost?", as I'm sitting at my computer looking at the message. I get home and I take a shower. After my shower I went in the kitchen to make something to eat. I usually watch television when I eat, but tonight I decided to just eat in the kitchen. I hear a banging at the door. I look through the peep hole and nothing is there. I go to walk back to my food, and the banging on the door started again. I look through the peep hole and once again, nothing. I open up the door and walk outside. I look to the right side of my house, then the left side. No one to be seen. I go back inside and lock the door. I go back to to finish my food. I look at the refridgerator and see a note saying,"Look behind you!" Before I can look, I get knocked on the back of the head and blackout. I wake up. The winds passing through my hair like a fan is blowing on me. They had clear blue water and sharp pointy rocks at the end of the bottom of the cliff. The tight rope around my wrist and ankles is brushing my skin. The chair I'm sitting in is from my house. I hear footsteps, then a laughter. He was behind me. And then, I felt a push.


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