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Tags: His, Body, Took, Control, Of, Him., He, Started, Shaking, Uncontrollably., Eyes, Half, Closed, And, Shifted, Out, Focus., They, Boy, Next, To, Him, Let, A, Gasp, That, Dragged, Attention, From, The, Audience, Within, Vicinity., Girl’s, Scream, Cut, Off, Performance., Thick, Trickle, Blood, Oozed, Its, Way, Disturbed, Young, Man., Hysterical, Sent, Few, Drops, Around, Was, Able, Slip, Back, Into, Felt, As, If, Someone, Were, Compressing, Chest., On, Verge, Vomiting., Could, Feel, Heartbeat, Grow, Louder, Enter, Such, Rapid, Rate, Sure, Above, Normal., Feelings, Nausea, Got, Edge, Fainting, When, Opened, Sightless, Wide., Wanted, Fall., Faint., Sleep, Never, Wake, Up. He, Couldn’t, Hold, It, Any, Longer;, Allowed, Emotions, Take, Full, Ascendancy, Traumatized, Throbbing, Shrilling, Painful, Caged, In, Chest, For, So, Long, Seemed, With, Each, Passing, Second., He, Stared, Wide-eyed, Surroundings, Just, Realizing, Was., Heaving, Breathing, Eased., All, People, Fearfully, Watching, Had, Unknowingly, Gotten, Feet, Knees, Jaws, Caused, Teeth, Clatter, Against, Other., Bathed, Icy, Sweat, Be, Crawling, Bones., Gently, Hand, Touched, Shoulder, Making, Frantic, Man, Jump., Acting, Instinct, Moved, Trembling, Fear, Distress, Forced, Through, Line, Seats., Headed, Door., Jumped, Up, Soft, Carpeted, Stairs, Auditorium., Hands, Uncontrollably, Open, Doors, Allowing, Brilliant, Bright, Sunlight, Bathe, Him. The, Auditorium, Door, Loud, Thud, Cautiously, Toilet., Step, Drain, Much, Energy., Why, This, Happening, Him?, Second, Time, One, Week., Three, Days, Earlier, Enjoying, Sandwich, While, Favourite, Cartoons;, Finished, Happened., However;, Wasn’t, Concentrated, Began, Shake, Drowsy, But, Over, 10, Seconds., Didn’t, Pay, Notice, Thought, Stayed, Sitting, Place, Too, Suffering, Symptoms, Insomnia. The, Toilet, Creaked, Stepped, In. The, Floor, Covered, Puddles, Mucky, Water. There, Faint, Eerie, Sound, Water, Dripping, Floor., Sinks, Faced, Cracked, Mirror. But, What, Saw, Then, There, Made, Cower. For, Facing, Another.

He didn't know what happened to him.
Are you truly you ?
Do you actually know ?

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His body took control of him. He started shaking uncontrollably. His eyes half closed and shifted out of focus. They boy next to him let out a gasp, that dragged attention from the audience within the vicinity. A girl's scream cut off the performance. A thick trickle of blood oozed its way out of the disturbed young man. His hysterical shaking sent few drops of blood around him. He was able to slip his eyes back into focus. He felt as if someone were compressing his chest. He felt as if he was on the verge of vomiting. He could feel his heartbeat grow louder and enter such a rapid rate his was sure was above normal. The feelings of nausea got to him, he was on the edge of fainting when he opened his sightless eyes wide. He wanted to fall. He wanted to faint. He wanted to sleep and never wake up. He couldn't hold it any longer; he allowed his emotions to take full ascendancy of his traumatized throbbing body, and let out a shrilling painful scream, a scream that was caged in his chest for so long, that it seemed to grow louder with each passing second. He stared wide-eyed to his surroundings, as if just realizing were he was. His chest was heaving as his breathing eased. All around him people were fearfully and watching him. He had unknowingly gotten to his feet, his knees were shaking uncontrollably. His jaws caused his teeth to clatter against each other. He was bathed in icy sweat that seemed to be crawling into his bones. A gently hand touched his shoulder making the frantic young man jump. Acting on instinct, his feet moved for him. Trembling with fear, sweat and distress, he forced his way through the line of seats. He headed for the door. He jumped up the soft carpeted stairs of the auditorium. With his hands shaking uncontrollably he forced open the doors, allowing brilliant bright sunlight to bathe him. The Auditorium door closed with a loud thud as he moved cautiously to the toilet. Each step he took seemed to drain so much of his energy. Why was this happening to him? It was the second time in one week. Three days earlier, he was enjoying a sandwich while watching his favourite cartoons; he had just finished his sandwich, when it happened. However; it wasn't as concentrated as this time, he just began to shake and felt drowsy, but it was over in around 10 seconds. He didn't pay it much notice, he thought he had just stayed sitting in one place for too long and was suffering from the symptoms of insomnia. The toilet door creaked open as he stepped in. The floor was covered with puddles of mucky water. There was a faint eerie sound of water dripping on the floor. He moved to one of the sinks and faced a cracked mirror. But what he saw then and there made him gasp and cower. For he was facing the eyes of another.


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