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Mask of Darkness Part 2

Short story By: LordofDarkness
Mystery and crime

Continuing on from Mask of Darkness.

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The next morning, the police had begun working on the case. They had zero leads.

"It just doesn't add up, Frank," Officer Greg had told Officer Frank. "Family man, spoiled his kid, no previous charges, who'd want to kill him?"

"Not only killed him, shot him twice in the head. Now he can't even get an open coffin funeral," Frank added. "Damn shame."
The two police officers were partners. They'd been partners for over 4 years. They were the first response to the scence of the murder.

Laura and her son Billy wait at the staition for anything. Billy was devistated. Steven spent most of his free time with Billy. Buying him that, taking him there. Laura and Stephen were married for eight years. Billy was six. The image of pieces of his father's face would be in his memory for the rest of his life.

"Nothing? There has to be something!" Laura cried to Officer Frank.

"Ma'am, we are working hard on this case. If we find anything, you'll be notified right away. We want to catch this guy as much as you do," Frank said, trying to calm her down. She was crying and yelling at the same time.

"Who would want do this?! Is my son safe? Am I safe? Tell us something!"
"Ms Palmer, we do not know anything. However, we reccomend you leave your house for a few days. Do you have any family you can stay with?"

"No, most of them are out of state. We can stay at a hotel," she said. She began sobbing once more. Billy hugged his mother. By one p.m. they had gone home to pack.

3 hours after the murder.

The man who had murdered Steven Palmer disappeared behind the house. He stayed off the sidewalks on main roads. The rain was still crashing and the thunder was still raging. He spotted the convienient store ahead. The murderer removed his metallic mask with a skull embedded on it. He took of his gloves and threw them in the trash behind the convievient store. He sat the mask down beside the trash can. He then entered the store. "Good evening, sir," the clerk said. The killer nodded his head. He got a Coka-Cola and a Snickers.

"Will this be all?" the clerk asked.

"Yes," he said. He walked out of the store and picked up his mask and put it in his plastic bag. He took a key out of his pocket and opened the lock to a car parked outside. He started the car, and drove away.

To be continued.


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