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Murder on Melrose

By: LovelyUndead1220

Chapter 1, Melanie Danbrook is a detective in present day London. Her family is poor and her dad is dead. When put on a crime with the show-off of the office Sam Hamilton she discovers that the victim is her best friend Bethany Sampson who is a millionaire. As she gets closer to finding the killer everything around her begins to unravel.


Murder on Melrose

By: Kaylea Hawks


            The moonlight glimmered over the Sampson mansion rooftop with no one insight but the two lovers. They stood by the rooftops balcony edge looking out over the city.

            “You know my dad can never know about us,” Bethany said. She clenched onto the man’s arm beside her.

            “He won’t,” Danny said. He brushed a few strands of blonde hair out of Bethany’s face.

            “How do you know? My dad has spies everywhere; watching Nick and I. He doesn’t understand us like he thinks he does,” She said.

            “You’re right he does have spies everywhere. But I can guarantee that he won’t find out about us,” Danny said with a smile.

            “How,” Bethany asked, she looked up into Danny’s eyes. He sat her up on the balcony’s edge and kissed her lightly on the neck. Bethany kissed Danny back starting at his neck and then making her way up to his lips. What started as one kiss, turned into a make out session for Bethany and Danny. After a few minutes Danny stopped and stared at Bethany.

            “What,” She asked.

            “I have to go.”

            “Already, but you never leave this early.”

            “I know, but I really have to go.”

            “Okay, see you whenever we meet again.” Bethany let out a sad sigh as Danny walked away. She hopped down off of the balcony railing; her high-heeled shoes clacking onto the concrete. She turned to face over the edge again; hanging her head low in disappointment. But she leaned over the edge just a little too far and she went over.

          The young girl's body lay cold and still on the asphalt ground. Her blonde hair was whipped across her face with blood all around it; tangled between the strands. Her limbs were broken and her eyes were frozen in fear. A pool of blood gathered around her as her body bled out. On the top of the building behind her a man looked down at the girl’s broken body. Her straight blonde hair with her shimmery blue eyes both lifeless.

            The sweet smell of Hazelnut coffee filled the air. Melanie Danbrook tossed in her white iron framed bed. The sun’s rays glimmered through her violet cloths that covered her open window in her bedroom. She yawned while stretching out her muscles; the bed creaked as she moved around. "Melanie!" A woman called. "Time for breakfast," Melanie smiled and sat up in her bed throwing the covers off of her. She stretched some more but stood to her feet and walked over to her dresser.

            Melanie stood in front of her dresser facing her oval shaped mirror on top. Just another day, she thought. In the mirror Melanie saw a tall, lean woman. Her dark brown curls bouncing around her face when she moved and her dark brown eyes that almost everyone mistook to be black with her big lashes and her light caramel colored skin. Melanie looked down in the corner of her mirror and stared for a slight moment before saying, "Love you Daddy,". She pressed her index finger and second finger to her lips and then to the picture of her father. She sighed holding her head low, and then she opened up her dresser drawer.

            She ran down the concrete stairs to the kitchen. She was dressed in a pair of black denim jeans and a pink V-neck shirt. She wore black boots, a black jacket, and her hair in tight curls. Her gun strap was around her waist with her gun hid on her side under the jacket. Downstairs her mom was at the table in a light blue long-sleeved V-neck shirt with brown dress pants and brown boots. Beside her was Melanie's little brother Jack; who was seven years old. He had brown short hair and dark brown eyes that matched Melanie's. Beside Jack was their little sister Hailey. She was a young five year old girl with brown wavy hair and dark brown eyes that were big and round.

            Melanie walked over to get her breakfast off the stove while kissing Jack and Hailey lightly on the forehead.

            "Good morning, how are you guys?" Melanie asked with a smile.

            "Good morning, Melanie," Maria, her mom said.

            "Morning mom," Melanie said with a weak smile.

            "I'm good Melanie," Jack said.

            "Me too," Hailey exclaimed.

            "That's good," Melanie said while getting her breakfast. She sat down beside her mom on the opposite side of Jack and Hailey.

            "Melanie..." Maria began. Melanie looked up from her food while still eating. Her mom just stared at her with a smile that no one else had. Her eyes a dark brown with just a golden tint in them and her long lashes curled up from black mascara. "Melanie, don't you think it's time for you to...start a life of your own. I want grandchildren you know." Melanie stopped eating and looked away from her mom.

            "Mom thanks but you know I can't do that," Melanie said.

            "And why not," She asked.

            "You know i have to save money for Jack and Hailey. They have to go to college." Melanie said. Jack and Hailey were cleaning their dishes just a short distance away from the conversation.

            "Melanie..." Maria began. Melanie looked at her watch. It was already 7:50 and she needed to be at work by 8:00 or she would be late like she was last week.

            "Mom, I’ll talk to you about this later," Melanie said as she stood up. She kissed her mom on the cheek and then  said her goodbye's to Jack and Hailey.

            It was Saturday the busiest day to be a detective in London. Melanie walked through the alleys in the slums where she lived. The street was just ahead with the sun shining brightly over it. Double-decker busses drove by with tourist and people of all sorts. She crossed the road and walked onto the sidewalk. As she turned the corner next to the Kitty-Cafe, she bumped into someone. It was a tall, dark-skinned woman with tight black curls and brown eyes. She smiled at Melanie.

            "Melanie, you're going to be late again if you keep it up like this," She said.

            "Sorry Daisy, mom issues," Melanie said hugging Daisy.

            "I was on my way to get you but looks like I found you," Daisy said smiling.

            "We better go."

            "You're right." They set off down the crowded streets when they finally made it to the station. As they walked in Detective Willmer was giving a speech. They tried quietly to walk in the doors but he looked over and stared at them followed by everyone else.

            "Nice to see that you could make it Danbrook," He said. His face was as blank as a white piece of paper.

            "Hey boss..." She said.

            "My office now Danbrook, dismissed!" He yelled. Melanie went to follow him to his office followed by Daisy. "Not you Umbridge!" He barked. He pushed Melanie inside the door and slammed it in Daisy's face.

            Daisy heard a low chuckle come from the corner of the office room. She turned to see  a tall average shaped man standing with his hand propped against the wall. He smiled a charming smile at her.

            "What's so funny Hamilton?" She asked.

            "Haven't you learned that he's always this way in the morning?" He asked.

            "He's like this every morning," Daisy answered with a smile.

            The man laughed and said, "Yeah, I guess you’re right." They both laughed and walked away from the boss’s room.

            Inside, Melanie sat down quietly while Willmer circled around her like a hungry shark; he paced back and forth at times staring at her and then back at his moving feet.

            “Boss I’m sorry if I haven’t been at work on time all the time this week it’s just that I-” Melanie began but Willmer interrupted her.

            “Danbrook I’m partnering you with Hamilton on a case.” He stopped and looked at Melanie. Her face was frozen with her mouth open. She starred at him with a blank face.

            “What,” She said. “Wait, did you just say Hamilton?”

            “That’s right; he has the file with the address and victim. You’re going out to see the crime scene this morning. You’ll have to work with him,” Willmer said. “Is that a problem?”

            Melanie let out sigh, “No problem boss.”

            “Good, now go and catch this killer.” Melanie stood up and walked out the door. Outside the door she leaned up against the door and threw back her head. Daisy leaned up against the wall a few feet away from Melanie laughing. Melanie turned her head and gave Daisy a mean look, Daisy walked closer hugging Melanie and laughing.

            “It’s not funny,” Melanie yelled.

            “What’s not funny?” Daisy asked.

            “Boss partnered me with….” Melanie’s words trailed off. Daisy began to laugh hysterically at Melanie. “It’s not funny Daisy, he’s a show off!”

            “Wait, what? Sam? You got partnered with Sam?” Daisy said.

            “Wait, you didn’t know?”

            “I thought you got partnered with someone else!”

            “Well, I didn’t so I better go find my partner.” Melanie stood up straight and walked down into the detective lounge where their desks and supplies were. A few ways down Sam was sitting at his desk scanning through the file. Melanie walked up to Sam’s desk and crossed her arms. But Sam continued looking through the file ignoring Melanie who was right in front of him.

            “Sam,” Melanie said. He looked up at Melanie and smiled.

            “Yeah,” He asked.

            “Hand over the file.”

            He set the file down on his desk, leaned back in his chair, and crossed his arms. “And why should I give the file to you?” Melanie rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

            “You know because we’re…” Her words trailed off as she turned her head away from Sam.

            “We’re?” He looked at Melanie confused.

            “Partners and we need to go to the scene now!” Melanie blurted out. Sam let out a small laugh and stood up while grabbing the file. He began walking away when Melanie stopped him. “And where are you going?”

            “You said we needed to go to the crime scene now,” He said with a charming smile. He turned and headed for the front door.

            Outside Sam hopped into his Silver Ford Fusion followed by Melanie on the passenger side. Once she was buckled in Melanie reached for the file but Sam snatched quickly from her hands.

            “Hey, if we’re going to be partners on this case you’re going to have to let me see the file,” Melanie said holding her hand out, ready to take the file.

            “And if we’re going to work on this case I do everything first,” Sam said with a charming smile. Melanie crossed her arms and fell back into the seat with her head turned looking out the window. 

            They drove down the crowded streets of London until they reached the Downton Springs sign. Downton Springs was the neighborhood that everyone who was someone lived; only the richest lived there.  The entrance was lined with tulips of all colors and different shapes and sizes of bushes that made the entrance look spectacular. As they drove down the street to the crime scene Melanie could tell that some of the houses looked familiar to her in small ways; like maybe the yellow mansion had the only apple tree on the block or the grand mansion was owned by an old lady who had cat statues in her yard. Those small things stood out to Melanie and she didn’t know why to her it was like a dream from a dream. While still gazing out the window Melanie had barely noticed that Sam had stopped until he tapped her shoulder.

            “Melanie, we’re here,” Sam said. They both stepped out of the car and looked up to the mansion. It was a dove white mansion with a beautiful garden in the front and stone steps that led up to the door. Beautiful windows all perfectly shaped filled the outer walls of the house.

            “Here we go,” Melanie said. Melanie walked up to the door and Sam followed close behind as if watching her to see her make a mistake. After walking a few staircases they reached the door and Melanie knocked on the door. After a few minutes a young teen came to the door. He was around seventeen and had blondish brown hair and hazel eyes with freckles scattered across his face. Melanie flashed her badge at the teen. But he stood at the door with his arm propped up on the door frame, showing no expression to Melanie’s badge.

            “You guys here to check out the scene?” He asked.

            “What’s your name kid?” Sam asked.

            “Nick, what’s yours?” He said finally standing up straight.

            “Detective Sam Hamilton, L.A.P.D,” Sam said.

            “Cool, who’s the chick?” Nick asked.

            “De-“Melanie began but Sam cut her off.

            “Hey, don’t speak to her like that. She is Detective-“

            “I’m Detective Melanie Danbrook,” Melanie said cutting Sam off.

            “Melanie,” Nick said. He stopped for a moment to think about what he was about to say.

            “Nick, are you Nick Sampson?” Melanie asked.

            “Wait, do you guys know each other?” Sam asked.

            “Oh my god Nick, who’s….” Melanie began.

            “It’s her… we don’t know who even got close to her that night,” Nick said with tears filling up in his eyes. Melanie froze and her face went blank. She slowly stumbled onto the outside frame of the door and tears filled her face.

            “Sam….” Melanie cried.

            “Yeah,” Sam said. He had a worried look on his face seeing a head-strong girl tear up and fall to pieces in front of him.

            “What happened to the Beth –“Melanie began but she stopped herself. “What happened to the victim?” Sam quickly opened up the file in his hands. He read a short paragraph and then turned to face Melanie again.

            “She…. fell off of the balcony and broke all of her bones,” Sam said slowly. Melanie didn’t move; frozen in shock, fear, and sadness.

            “Where is the body?”

            “Behind the alley,”

            “I’ll take you guys if you want,” Nick said. “That is what you’re here for.” Melanie nodded and Nick led Sam and Melanie to the alley way behind the mansion. On the ground the young twenty year old woman who was the daughter of a millionaire lay still on the ground with a pool of blood around her. Sam took out his camera to take pictures of the crime scene while Melanie walked over to the woman. She bent do next to the girl and the tears rushed back to her eyes. She slowly wiped a blonde strand of hair from the woman’s face.

            “What happened to you Bethany?” Melanie cried.

            “Okay, seems like the victim fell from the top of the roof and ended up like…well, she ended up like this,” Sam said. Sam snapped a photo of Bethany on the ground.

            “Bethany couldn’t have just “fell” from her roof,” Melanie said with tears still in her eyes.

            “Suicide then, maybe pressure from family or friends; maybe even a boyfriend.”

            “Sam, Bethany’s not the type to commit suicide. She loved her life, money, love, guys… someone must have done this to her.”

            “Well, then we need suspects like we do on every other case. First the father, brother’s next the little freak, mother….”

            “She doesn’t have one. Bethany’s mother died when she was younger,” Melanie said standing to her feet.

            “Sister then-“

            “No, she never did have one just her and her brother.”

            “So, father and brother are the suspects then,” Sam said lacing his pen behind his ear. He circled Bethany looking for any clue to find the killer. 

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