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It's one of the best story that I have wrote

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One night Jack stopped with his wife, Katie, and son, Luke, at a convenience store. As Katie and Luke were walking in the store Jack dropped his keys on the floor in the car. When he finally found his keys he walked into the store. Walking up and down the isles he began to get nervous and had an uneasy feeling, because he didn't see his family anywhere. Frantic, he walked up to cashier and asked the cashier if he saw a little boy and a woman walk in the store. The cashier looking confused the cashier shook his head and Jack realized that his wife and child were kidnapped. He asked the cashier to call 911. When the police arrived they asked the him when the last time he saw his wife and child was. Jack told the policeman that they were walking in the store ahead of him, and just as he was about to get out the car he dropped his key in the car and walked in as soon as he found them. The policeman asked the cashier for suvillence footage. Watching the footage, they saw three masked guys in a black van grab them, put them in the van,and drive off. The van didn't have a license plate so the policeman used the description they could pull from the footage and searched for them all that night. The next day Jack received a call from his wife. He could tell in her voice how scared they were as she pleaded with her husband to come get them. He asked her where they were and before she could say anything the kidnapper hung the phone up. Angry and scared Jack hits the wall and two minutes later he got another call from one of the kidnapers. He tells Jack that if he wants to see his family again he has to follow his rules and do what they tell him. Jack asks what he has to do; I'll do what I have to to get my family back. The kidnaper tells him that they are going to play a little game called "One Strike." Confused, Jack asks the kidnapper what he meant by one strike. The kidnapper says, "If you fail one course your family dies.; No second chances. Your first test is to call the police and tell them your family is ok and you found them thirty miles away. Call me back when you have done this." Jack called the police and told them his family was fine then called the kidnapper back. The kidnapper told him just wait on his next phone call and hung up. Two days later the kidnapper called back and told him to go and rob a bank for a hundred thousands dollars and drop it off at a specified location, but to make sure not to be seen or his family would die. Jack went to the bank, got the money, and took it to the location. Now wanted by the police, he's got to worry about his family and himself. Two days later the kidnapper called back and told him that he have to go relocate the money and pick up some drugs. Jack went to the location and did what the kidnapper asked him to. The next day the kidnapper called back and told him to break into a house and steal some passports. After he stole the passports, Jack was told to kill someone. Without thinking, Jack immediately said he couldn't do that. The kidnapper hung up the phone and a few second later he send him a text saying, "One strike." Attached was a picture of his family shot to death.


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